SEAT Ibiza Cupra is Coming to UK, Pricing Confirmed

SEAT is going to launch the new 2017 Ibiza Cupra hatchback in the United Kingdom and has confirmed the official pricing for the vehicle. The baseline variant of the car will cost £18,100 which is similarly priced to match cars in the same segment.

The model is a direct contender to the Ford Fiesta ST and is priced slightly higher but given the right features, it might just attract buyers.


Compared to the earlier model, the new Cupra is 880 pounds less making it an ideal pick for those who have already owned the vehicle and love its architecture. Such a solid price reduction has been made possible because the engineers decided to stop using the DSG automatic gearbox which contributed a lot to the increased price tag.

Another model, the SEAT Ibiza Cupra black is priced at £18,900. While it is bit higher, the company has actually added £1000 worth of exclusive components and features making it a worthy investment to make. By paying additional costs, buyers can get an amazing black colored variant of the Cupra. It uses black alloys, and contrasting red brake callipers. For buyers who are conscious of color combination, this should be a good pick.

The particular variant is also equipped with a 6.5-inch navigation system. It makes it easier for frequent travelers and those who need directions to cruise new areas. Both these models from SEAT are equipped with 1.8 TSI engine which delivers 189 horsepower. The older models used 1.4 turbo engine which has received a significant upgrade in the revamped model.


With better boost and performance, the new Cupra is capable of accelerating from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 6.7 seconds. The models are equipped with larger brakes for better control over the car at its top speed. There is a new Drive Plus driving mode in which one can choose to alter between a sports and a comfort mode. It changes the way the throttle and the steering responds allowing for a smooth or a speedier drive, as you want it to.

The new SEAT Ibiza Cupra is equipped with improved air vents, revised instrument panel, and a new infotainment system with support for connectivity technologies. The steering wheel is modified while the car uses 17-inch wheels. It also features tinted glass, auto lights, racer central exhaust and is available for purchase in the UK. The car will go head to head against the Ford Fiesta ST with a clear winner expected to emerge in the following months.

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