Selena Gomez Admitted to Undergoing Therapy to Get Over Body Shaming Insults

Selena Gomez, the actress-turned-pop star, admitted to undergoing therapy to overcome the pain of being at the receiving end of body shaming insults.

She said that wherever she went; walking on the ramp, or on the beach, or on the red carpet, she was the butt of insults regarding her body, especially the ‘weighty’ aspect.


If strangers constantly jeered and called someone fat, it is very likely that the target person would very soon begin to think it was true. This was the situation that Selena Gomez also went through, she claimed in an interview, wherein she said that she struggled hard with these negative feelings.

The ‘Heart Wants What it Wants’ singer told US Weekly, ‘This was the first year I ever dealt with anyone talking about my body’. She added that she would land at an airport and some unknown person from the crowd would yell that she is fat and it was an awful feeling.

The insults and her own insecurities driven by this constant scrutiny by both fans and critics got so bad that she had to consult a professional to help her handle her emotions. This, she claimed, helped a lot and she found the courage to accept herself the way she was and that is when she did not hesitate to pose in the nude for ‘Revival’, her new album’s cover.

She further added that after therapy, even if she has put on weight she is OK with it and now she has accepted herself the way she is. Reflecting her new found confidence, she posted an Instagram picture in a swimsuit with the caption, ‘I love being happy with me yall’.

The confidence is seen not only on the cover of her new album, which features the hit number ‘Good For You’, but also in her songs. In some of the songs in the ‘Revival’ album, she has written about these ‘fat-shaming’ comments that she had endured and put up with.

Selena Gomez Body Shaming

She said that with each year she is becoming more aware of herself and who she actually is. She added that she feels more confident and free and she will not hide in her room and feel depressed by the comments of others.

This is great news not only for the actress-singer but also for her fans who adore any star unafraid to admit that he/she needs help when they are going through a difficult phase.

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