Selena Gomez’s Birthday Wishes for Ex-Bff Demi Lovato Wins Fans’ Hearts

Selena Gomez, the ‘Kiss and Tell’ singer, wished her ex-best friend, Demi Lovato, on her 23rd birthday on August 20, and the sweet Instagram message seems to have won their fans’ hearts who are hoping the two singers will put their enmity behind and become friends again.

The Instagram message from Selena Gomez read, ‘IM so grateful you were born, #nomatterwhat, #forever, #have the best day’. Although the two singers are not the best of friends anymore, the precious birthday message made Demi Lovato feel extra special on a day which was going wonderfully for her already.


The two ex-best friends broke up sometime in July 2014, apparently because of Gomez’s ceaseless drama regarding her stressful relationship with Justin Bieber, the ‘As Long as you love me’ singer, which seemed to be going off-again and on-again. Chortled by the unending theatrics, Demi un-followed her long-time friend on Twitter with the message, ‘Swimming away from your bullsh*t, bye, b*tch,’ which left little doubt on the status of their friendship. However, the fairly nasty message came with a peace sign emoji too.

But now with this beautiful and loving birthday message from Gomez to her old-time BFF, it seems that bygones will be bygones and all the nastiness of the past may be forgotten and forgiven. This patch-up news seems to be spreading some cheer in the celebrity social media circle and making the mood of fans upbeat, especially since a lot of celebrity feuds are rumbling, including the recent Calvin Harris v/s Zayn Malik Twitter bout regarding Taylor Swift.


The fact that Demi Lovato, the ‘Heart Attack’ singer, is again following the ‘Love will remember’ singer on Instagram is making their fans very happy and they are hoping the frosty break-up period between their two of their favorite singer-celebrities will be a thing of the forgotten past. Although there were no public nastiness between the two friends during the drifting away time, when quizzed by Andy Cohen, the ‘Watch what happens’ host, regarding her un-following Selena on Twitter, the ‘Cool for the summer’ singer had claimed that it is normal for things to change and people to change.

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