Selena Gomez Reveals Reasons for Spending Time at Rehab: Lupus, Break Up with Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez revealed her reasons for spending time at a rehabilitation center voluntarily during January 2014. She was diagnosed with Lupus and was undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Moreover, she added that the breakup with her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber also created a lot of mental stress and she needed professional help.


In January 2014, the ‘Heart Wants What it Wants’ singer had checked into a rehab center after being diagnosed for lupus and to get help to sort out some personal issues. She recently confirmed this news and said that she had to undergone chemotherapy too for the lupus.

Such a traumatic phase combined with plenty of personal issues including a bitter breakup with Justin Bieber compelled her to take professional help and that is why she checked in for rehabilitation and not for rumored substance abuse.

The ‘Revival’ singer voluntarily admitted herself to a rehab center at Arizona called Meadows. She was dealing with the painful effects of chemotherapy for lupus treatment and was batting a lot of personal issues.

During that time, she was in the midst of a breakup with her longtime beau and teenage sensation, Justin Bieber. Being the fighter she is, she refused to give up and decided to take on her woes head-on.

She revealed to, ‘I’ve been working in therapy and this is the best I’ve ever felt’. This transparent acceptance of pain and struggle delighted her fans and friends as it could serve as a lending hand to other quietly struggling celebrities who can benefit by coming out in the open.


The 23-year-old pop star-actress from Texas has been a celebrity since her childhood. Not many child stars have done very well. Gomez, on the contrary, has managed to stay afloat by making correct choices, by not getting bogged down by stress and personal issues and focusing on the right amount and type of work at each growth level.

Her latest album, Revival, is already doing well and is headed for the top of the charts. Her open acceptance of her struggles has made her fans (and some of them are diehard fans since Disney days) feel more connected to her.

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