Skoda Adds Umbrella Compartment For Octavia, Fabia and Citigo

The add-on might sound meager for most people but it makes a whole of difference when the monsoon is about to set in. 

Skoda Citigo

Skoda has bid goodbye to summer and announced a new feature.

The dedicated umbrella compartment will now be added to all future models of Octavia, Fabia and Citigo. The company has announced that the particular feature which has been part of the Superb variants for more than a decade now is finding its way into other models. This is one cool feature which Skoda shares with the Rolls Royce Phantom.

The automobile company has been offering people the option to have a built-in umbrella holder in the Superb for over fifteen years now. The same is now being provided for customers who own different models from the Skoda family. While the flagship model has it integrated into the doors, a new under seat brolly storage system has been developed specifically for this purpose.

Such an innovative idea allows the auto brand to allow people to store umbrellas in the compact spot without compromising on the available legroom space. If you are planning to buy the Fabia or Citigo SE edition, it includes the brolly system. The storage area will have one umbrella as part of the package and you don’t have to buy it separately.

Besides, the umbrella provided with the car is coated with anti-bacterial materials. It ensures that it doesn’t cause any itching or corrosion when it is stored inside the compartment in wet condition. There is a dedicated ventilation spot below the seat. It makes sure the umbrella gets dried within a few minutes and doesn’t accumulate water which may have diverse effects on the floor of the storage box.

Skoda Adds Umbrella Compartment For Octavia, Fabia and Citigo

Buyers who are interested in preparing themselves for the upcoming downpour can order the Brolly equipped SE variant of the car from the first week of August. Those who choose a lower trimline variant will have to pay an additional charge in order to receive it. Octavia owners have to shell out £25to get the feature.

The pricing is specific to the UK region and the feature will be rolled out to Skoda cars in the particular area. It may be introduced in other parts based on the climatic conditions and buyer requirement. If you happen to live in an extremely cold or moderate temperatures, Skoda may skip introducing the Brolly system as it may not find too many potential buyers there.

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