Skoda is Building a 7-Seater SUV, Slated for Launch this Year

Skoda has released a teaser image to get people on their hype bandwagon before the 7-seater SUV launches. Spy shots have emerged confirming the vehicle’s design even though its camouflaged as usual.

There is no shortage for number of SUVs because almost every company has plenty of their models lined up both in the showrooms and under production. But, there aren’t many that could actually boast to easily accommodate seven passengers at once. Skoda is aiming to comfortably seat all of them while leaving enough space for cargo and provide headroom for each passenger. While it sounds like a tough task to accomplish on paper at the moment, it won’t be long before we could actually see the car in action.


The company has confirmed that they are getting ready to launch the SUV before the end of 2016. In the teaser image, Skoda has gone with an entirely new approach. It might sound annoying to some because instead of featuring some of the exterior design aspects of the car, they show a closed garage door instead. The caption ‘something big’ is written on the image.

While the brand didn’t officially announce it, it is easy to assume that they are going to talk and probably officially launch the SUV at the Geneva motor show. The expo is slated to take place in the month of March and with just a month to go, it is obvious that they have started teasing buyers with images. A video might hit YouTube real soon.

Spy shots that emerged earlier gave us a glimpse into the design of the Skoda. It looked like a stretched version of the Yeti. Production of the seven seater model was confirmed in 2014 and it took plenty of time before it could reach the hands of buyers. While they have confirmed that it should be out before the end of this year, it may be postponed if production doesn’t complete in time.


Audi’s boss confirmed to the press that by launching a powerful and family friendly SUV, they will find it much easier to touch their goal of 1.8 billion cars around the world by 2018. The upcoming sports utility vehicle will play a crucial role in helping them achieve what they need to. He added that production of the seven seater has not kicked off, but it is really close and will be done in time in the next few months.

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