Skoda Reveals Atero, A Racy Rapid Coupe With Fast Performance

Skoda is starting a new line of bespoke cars and they are making it for the sake of their dedicated engineers.

Instead of trying to bring them to dealership stores, these models are going to be showcased to prove the prowess of their team.

Skoda Atero

Skoda earlier built the Citijet which is extremely wacky and had no way to get launched as a production version. They did a similar job with the Citigo hatch and the Fabia Funstar. Each one of these models were designed to entertain the crowd. Their design and build will ensure that they never get approved by the associations so as to be mass produced. However, it is fun to keep exploring such models now and then. For 2016, Skoda has launched the Atero which is a racy rapid coupe.

The two door version coupe model is designed by a young team of 26 students. They are hardly eighteen which allows them to think out of the box and never worry about logistics or the practicality of the models they design. They envision cars unlike designers and engineers which is why the company launched the Skoda Apprentice Car III also known as the Atero. It is comprised of parts from the brand and also has their crew working on it, to help the students achieve what they dream.

In their statement, the company confirmed that they had to spend over 1,700 hours in order to achieve the end result for the Atero. The car was a result of a competition between multiple teams. They were provided the resources required and had to build the most desirable concept ever. The Car III made it out of the factor gates and witnessed an official reveal.

Skoda Atero Front

Major share of the Atero rapid coupe is inspired by the Rapid Spaceback model. The rear body was improved with bespoke materials while they removed the rear doors as well as the B-pillar. The modifications ensured that it received a coupe profile. The apprentices who worked on the project admitted that they were heavily inspired by the design aspects found in the original Skoda Rapid.

Atero also stands for black in Latin which encouraged the students to go for a black magic paint job. The car is equipped with 18-inch alloy wheels, LED lights in the front as well as the under body besides a 1.4 TSI engine capable of delivering 123 horsepower. It was tested on a small track at a speed of 30 mph.

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