Skoda Vision S Concept Car is a SUV Named Kodiak Set for Geneva Show

Skoda has confirmed that their Vision S concept car is a SUV named Kodiak which is slated for an official launch at the Geneva Motor Show to be held in March.

People who love the brand have been looking forward to their family friendly large car for a long time, but Skoda had to delay the 7-seater SUV due to various years. The engineers at the company created a concept design long time ago which has finally taken shape and is ready to be unveiled as a concept car at the Geneva expo.


While the vehicle will probably be called the Kodiak when it goes on sale in the US, UK and other parts of the world, it will be known as the Skoda Vision S concept car during the show. The images released by the company showcase an amazingly sleek car that could hold seven people at once, but at the same time has enough cargo space and head room for all of them.

Skoda is keen on taking down its long time competitor Land Rover Discovery Sport and the Kodiak is the answer for them all. While the company has multiple SUVs lined up for the year, this one is probably the biggest in their collection and will make its way to dealership stores before any other model does.

They have not released any pictures of the car, but rather have shown sketches of how the concept car may look like. It will be at least 2017 before a production version is ready for launch and hits the dealership stores. The car features a really big grille, has slim headlights, which is contrasting to its large body, yet makes it look compact overall.

The clamshell bonnet found in the Vision S concept car from Skoda is expected to be used in all its future models so as to maintain uniformity. The length of the SUV is 4.7 meter in length but we can’t confirm the same immediately because everything is in a concept stage now. Skoda designers may make last minute changes in order to accommodate various components or to achieve the best performance from the SUV.


There is no word on the powertrain variants that will be offered, but when the Geneva Motor Show takes places in March’2016, we will know them all and bring them to you as soon as the press meet gets done. It’s a treat for Skoda fans.

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