Skoda VisionS Concept Showcases Large yet Sleek Kodiaq SUV

Skoda is going to have a close preview of their upcoming VisionS SUV. It has been tentatively titled as Kodiaq for the moment, but the name may or may not be changed when the vehicle is close to an official launch.

From a traveler’s perspective, it is a delightful experience to drive in this new SUV, which has three different rows of seats designed to accommodate six passengers in a comfortable style. The spacing not only offers headroom for those seated inside, but also has enough cargo space for them all. Skoda is looking forward to create a large car that doesn’t look bulky and from the concept sketch, it is evident that they have kept the overall design as sleek as possible.

Skoda VisionS

The VisionS concept features a large grille in the front, long bonnet and the headlights raked back. It is seamlessly combined with dual rear exhausts, a dipping roofline and lip spoiler which are usually not part of many SUVs in the market. While the VisionS shares a couple of similarities with the VisionC, it has is unique in its own way.

It measures 4700mm in length and has 1910mm width. On paper, the car is much longer and wider with great headroom. It could easily beat the likes of Hyundai Santa Fe and the Kia Sorento. Skoda has named their larger SUV as Kodiaq for the moment and obviously they will come up with a brand new name for the upcoming lineup.

Official pricing cannot be obtained at the moment because the SUV is still in its early concept stage and a lot of factors should be taken into account when pricing it for the buyers. However, it is evident that Skoda is keen on beating its rivals by offering better features, space at a price point that is much cheaper than what other manufacturers offer. Based on this factor, it is assumed that it could cost £24,000 in the UK which is a couple a thousand Pounds less than its competitors.

The concept model is built on the MQB platform and is powered by a 1.6-liter turbodiesel engine. Apart from the base models, a plugin hybrid variant will also be offered. The company is expected to provide four-wheel drive system on majority of the models so as to give people versatile buying solutions.


Once the base model is out, Skoda has revealed that it has plans to launch a five door coupe variant of the SUV and another sportier version which will be much smaller and probably faster.

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