Skoda Yeti SUV Next Model Features Sharper Looks and Bigger Body

Skoda is working on a new Yeti SUV which is said to feature a sharp exterior design and mounted on a new platform that increases overall space available.

Yeti is a popular offering from the brand and the revamped model could satisfy the needs of its buyers with elan.


The model is in its early concept stage and will go into production next year. Skoda has confirmed the SUV will be available for purchase in 2018. The pricing of the next gen Yeti is expected to start at £16,000 and will go upwards based on the variant the buyer chooses. While it shares a lot of design aspects with the existing SEAT Ateca and the Tiguan series from Volkswagen, the designers have given it a touch of variation in a subtle manner. The car is being built on the MQB platform designed by Volkswagen.

Apart from a conventional gasoline variant, the Skoda Yeti SUV will sport a hybrid model for the eco-conscious customers. Instead of going for the big bodied design most sports utility vehicles use, the automobile manufacturer has opted for sleeker look. Heavy inspirations are driven from the Vision S concept car. The concept was showcased at the last Geneva auto show.

“Yeti is a successful launch from our brand. It is no surprise that we are looking forward to refresh the line up with a more powerful and spacious car which looks sleeker than before. The model which is under development looks beautiful. The design aspects are on par with what the brand has developed over the years. We had to go through intense discussions in order to achieve the design,” said Bernhard Maier of Skoda.


The earlier version of the car featured a rear hatch which was in the upright position. It has been changed into a more comfortable design so as to give the vehicle a sleek finish. The taillights now look much slimmer while the four-light headlamp is cramped into the space available to make it look sleeker than the outgoing model. The headlights are slim and the overall design compliments the changes.

It’s not just the outer design which has undergone a major overhaul but the designers have made the next gen Skoda Yeti SUV offer better cargo space. It could now accommodate the belongings of all passengers with over 510 liters of storage space. A hybrid version has also been confirmed by the makers.

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