Sleek Audi A6 Set To Arrive In 2018, Big Upgrades Expected

The latest version of the Audi A6 is ready to roll into the market by the year 2018. When it does, it is going to be quite sleek in appearance but being practical at the same time.

Audi A6 2018

Inside sources claimed that the car is going to be high in terms of performance, styling and most importantly a slew of technical upgrades can be expected. Most expect a svelte interior while autonomous technology is definitely not out of the quotient. However, it might take some time before one can allow their cars to drive on its own as they rest in the backseat. Talks are on to introduce hybrid powertrains with the new Audi A6 but it is not going to be fully electric for the convenience of the passengers.

The next big auto expo is the Frankfurt motor show scheduled to take place in Germany next year. Audi might most probably pick the spot for their new A6 and to showcase the highlights of the car before prepping for the 2018 launch. Car enthusiasts opined that the A6 is going to be truly next gen in every respect, be it performance, power boost or the level of comfort it offers to its buyers.

Audi is already building a versatile platform specifically for the A6 sedan and other cars in the series. It is expected to be highly versatile with enough space for the company to mount their batteries in the hybrid models. On-board technology will include a host of safety features to ensure a safe travel along with connectivity add-ons. There could be more new additions which Audi cannot confirm at the moment due to lack of apps and new announcements which will be decided close to launch.

Audi A6

Instead of focusing on creating the same models over and over again, the automobile manufacturer has decided to adopt a new strategy which will enable them to create a distinct identity for each one of their models. The front fascia of the car features the proprietary day time running lights found in most Audi cars. The new A6 will derive a lot of design terms from the original Audi A8. However, designers are keen to make it look distinct and give a whole new feel so that it can be carried out in all future versions.

The wait is long as the Frankfurt motor show doesn’t take place for another year but it could be exciting when the time finally arrives.

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