Special Edition Ferrari F12 Caballeria Unveiled by Bengala

Ferrari is a luxury brand known for its high performance cars but that’s just the beginning as there are plenty of companies that tweak them for more output like never before.

Ferrari F12 Caballeria

Bengala is one such tuning firm that hails from Spain and have designed some iconic cars in the past. This time, they have come up with an extremely limited edition Ferrari F12 Caballeria that stays true to its tradition. When it comes to supercar modifications, very few elite people who have excessive cash to spare are the ones who actually go for such tweaked editions.

Some of these modifications could include larger spoilers, exhaust system with high octane sound and most importantly increased horsepower from a model that already breaks record in race tracks. The Bengala is a relatively new name in this segment but their work stands proof to their expertise in the new F12.

The brand has revealed very little information about the modified version of the Ferrari F12 Caballeria. Obviously, when it comes from a tweaking garage the car will undergosome major modifications in its looks as well as overall performance. The upcoming Caballeria is a more powerful version of the base F12. It is still powered by the same engine, chassis and other components.

Majority of the car is manufactured using carbon fiber material. It is found in almost all latest models as it reduces overall weight yet is sturdy and gives that robust finish to the car. Under the hood, the Caballeria is powered by the 6.3-liter V12 engine which already produces about 731 horsepower with 509 lb feet of torque. The car can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 3 seconds or less. It has a top speed of 211 miles per hour.

Ferrari F12 Caballeria by Bengala

Bengala didn’t confirmed technical specifications for the modified version of the F12 they offer. It will play an important role in allowing buyers to decide whether they should give their Ferrari model to an independent company to add more features to it and tweak its performance. Designed for the crowd that doesn’t mind spending more on their already expensive super car, we can confirm that the special edition model is going to be cheap.

And, the team will take up only ten cars per year making it an extremely limited edition service to go for. People who have purchased a Ferrari F12 can consider Bengala as their choice.

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