Spider Web Engulfs a Small Town’s Tree in Texas, Citizens are Petrified

When you choose to take a first look at this mysterious and scary tree in a Texas town, be prepared, because the spider web could easily scare the hell out of you.

Filled with long strands of spider webs in its every corner, it looks like a set readied for a horror movie. The fact is that no one is filming in the region and it is actually real.

Spider Web

While researchers and people who study spiders are joking that Frodo should be there to save the town’s people, the actual residents are petrified. Some people who are new to the region try to stop their car and take a closer look at this tree. But, when they catch a glimpse of hundreds of spiders crawling around, all hell breaks loose and they almost run for their lives.

The intriguing incident is taking place in a tree in Rowlett, which is a Dallas suburban region. Even though, it looks out of the world and scary, Mike Merchant, an entomologist has a completely different perspective of this incident. He clarified that such occurrences happen from time to time around the world. People find it amusing and prefer to call it as the “Spider Rain”. In some regions, they are popularly known as the “Angel Hair”.

Merchant assures that these are friendly species and will cause no harm to humans. “They have been taking over the tree and the area in a sequential manner. However, they won’t spread further, once they have enough space for the entire community to leave”, he said.

He also added that there are thousands of spiders living within the tree and the suburban region. Their web is a continuous chain, built by a specific type of spider and these are commonly known as communal webs.

Spider Web Texas

The research specialist clarified that the webs extend only in regions where the spiders could thrive easily. When they have found a perfect spot, they start building webs and make it as a hub. The task is being handled by a species named Tetragnatha Guatemalensis. They are considered to be friendly spiders, that don’t bite or carry venom. Such types of spiders even allow other spiders to use their nest and live.

Merchant wants people to take a look at this natural beauty when they pass by, but he adds that people are not supposed to touch the setup. It’s better to enjoy it from a distance.

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