Honda Launches Neowing: Concept Three-Wheel Motorcycle to be Showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show


Honda, the Japanese automobile giant and one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world, launched Neowing, its concept tilting three-wheel motorcycle.

Neowing is expected to be showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show during October 30 – November 8. Honda will also reveal other 2- and 4-wheeled concept vehicles at this 44th Tokyo Motor Show.

The Neowing moniker seems to have been inspired by Goldwing Honda’s touring icon. Neowing would be powered by a hybrid combination of a secondary electric motor and a primary 4-cylinder gasoline boxer unit similar to the Goldwing’s 6-cylinder motor. Honda claims, ‘Neowing offers the cornering feel and sporty ride equivalent to a large-size motorcycle while realizing excellent stability’.

The new Neowing tilting tricycle features one rear wheel and two front wheels similar to the Polaris Slingshot. This configuration is the opposite of Harley-Davidson TriGlide and Trike which feature two rear wheels and one front wheel. Noewing’s hybrid engines are designed to transmit the output to the back wheel through a shaft.

The tilting front suspension system offers enhanced stability and safety for riders. The launch of the new three-wheel motorcycle is expected to help Honda participate in the growing powersports market comprising of three-wheeled motorcycles and other motorcycle vehicles. Reflecting the popularity of this segment is the TriGlide which is the third most favorite among Harley-Davidson bikes. Harley is the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the US.

Other Honda vehicles to be showcased at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show include a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle unimaginatively dubbed ‘FCV’, the Civic Type R which is a racing model of the Honda Civic (to be marketed only in Japan) and a new NSX supercar. The Odyssey Hybrid minivan is also expected to be displayed at the event.

Honda is also expected to display it’s the EV-Cub, the latest versions of its Super Cub scooter. The company claimed that the electric battery of the Super Cub can be recharged very quickly via the standard socket at home.

David Beckham Shifts Gears from Soccer to Cinema: Fans Pitch Him for the Next 007

David Beckham, the football hero, seems quite excited to shift career gears from soccer to cinema as his news of his next movie venture goes public.

His fans took to social media exhorting him to try his hand at playing the next James Bond.

His earlier cinematic attempts included a cameo role in the short film ‘Outlaws’. He has got another offering to play a role in Guy Ritchie’s period film, ‘Knight of the Round Table: King Arthur’ where he essays the role of a Blackleg leader. Although he enjoyed his cameo performances, he wants to tread cautiously, knowing how a few sports people and other celebrities have plunged headlong and failed.

The 40-year-old ex-footballer told the interviewer from The Times; I am very aware that many sportsmen and other celebrities have turned their hand to acting and failed. But what I have done so far I have loved. He added that he understands acting is a tough profession that demands lots of skill and a disciplined approach. He wishes to learn the tricks of the trade and practice a lot before he ventures in too deep.

However, his confidence in his acting skills seemed quite high when he admitted that Guy Ritchie, Madonna’s ex-husband, would not have cast him if he thought him incapable of doing well in the role or that he could ruin the act. His role in ‘Knights of the Round Table’ had 13 lines, and Guy sent an expert over to help the ex-soccer hunk with his daily rehearsals. These rehearsals lasted an hour every day before the actual scene was shot.

He admitted his nervousness while he delivered his lines, but he was happy that it went off quite well. The former Real Madrid and Manchester United footballer compared acting to playing sports as both gets the heart beating faster and one has to focus the mind to deliver. However, he chose caution over mere brashness when he admitted that he would love to do more roles, and yet he will not take on something that is too big for him. He wished to build slow experience and see where the way will lead him.

His fans were ecstatic with the news of their idol getting into movies and quickly took to the social media urging him to be the next James Bond. One fan tweeted. ‘People talking about Idris Elba. But for me, David Beckham is the perfect role to be a James Bond 007. Another fan wrote that it would be an awesome thing for David Beckham to be the next James Bond.

David Beckham and Family Back Home in the UK after Their Summer Sojourn in LA

David Beckham, the soccer legend, with his family in tow headed back home to the UK after their summer sojourn in Los Angeles ended.

The Beckhams’ summer holiday at LA included a Disneyland trip, a family celebratory meal at the high-end Nobu restaurant, gorging on frozen yoghurt and lots of SoulCycle classes.

The close-knit celebrity family seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed an action-packed summer break and never failed to keep their fans updated on all their fun activities through posts and pictures on the social media. Now the celebrity clan was seen walking together into the Los Angeles International Airport to catch a flight back home to Blighty. David, looking cool as ever in a plain white T-shirt worn over black denim jeans, suede moccasins and a camel hat, was seen cuddling his youngest child, daughter Harper, who was sleepily clutching a doll and a blanket.

His wife, Victoria Beckham, the ex-Spice Girl, was seen sporting a tailored navy jumpsuit living up to stylish couture. Her jumpsuit featured a thick sash belt and plunging neckline making the fashion entrepreneur look her youthful best with the one-piece showing off her slim frame. Her other accessories included a matching clutch, pointed black stilettos and her signature oversized sunglasses. She was seen strutting along with her sons, Cruz, 10, Romeo, 12 and Brooklyn, 16.

For Brooklyn Beckham, the fitting finale to his summer break was his dapper appearance at the VMAs over the weekend. The aspiring model shared his black and white images of his holiday adventures with his Instagram followers. He deserved this break after completing his GCSEs and prior to continuing with his studies. From hanging out with The Vamps, the British boy band to hover boarding with Jack, Gordon Ramsay’s son, Brooklyn’s various high-points throughout the LA holiday season has increased his already long-list of showbiz friends from across the US.

It was quite obvious that the eldest Beckham sibling was busy practicing his photography skills during his LA break. He shared a candid portrait shot of a man, known simply as Brian and followed it up with a close-up shot of his grubby hands. He also clicked a landscape image covering the setting sun over the mountains in the horizon. His mother, Victoria Beckham, recently spoke to Vogue about his keenness on developing his photography skills and his passion for the art. She told the interviewer, ‘Brooklyn is an incredible photographer, he is really talented and he has a really great eye’.

David and Brooklyn Beckham Share Candid Father-Son Affectionate Hug Moment

David Beckham, the former soccer star, and his 16-year-old son, Brooklyn Beckham shared a candid father-son affectionate hug moment on Instagram.

The father-son duo had recently gone hiking together and the snap showed father Beckham with his arms tightly around his son and planting an affectionate kiss on Brooklyn. The son looks on happily with a smirk on his face and without any evident discomfort that is normally seen among adolescents when there is too much of public show of love from their parents.

The touching caption on the former LA Galaxy player’s Instagram post said, ‘Something tells me I love this not-so-little man so much. Growing fast into a perfect gentleman and hiking buddy, I love you, big boy’. The soccer stud’s model-son also uploaded the melting-your-heart shot on his popular Instagram account with the caption, ‘like father like son’. Despite being the famous celebrity-star that Beckham is, this picture clearly showed that above all, he is a loving father first.

It seems that the doting father not only shares quality time with Brooklyn during workouts and hikes; he also accompanied his son on his first date. According to a report published on E! News, in an appearance on ‘Late Late Show’ in March last year, the soccer stud shared this interesting anecdote about his son’s first date. Brooklyn Beckham was then about 14 years and wanted to take a girl out on a date on Valentine’s Day.

As his mother, the ex-Spice Girl, Victoria, was not in town, the father decided to go along with Brooklyn. They all went to a small sushi restaurant and while his handsome teen son and his date sat at the sushi bar, the father sat about five tables away stealing glances unobtrusively.

The Beckham’s family bonding is an open secret with pictures of various loving-affectionate scenarios galore on social media. Whether it be that of Brooklyn-Harper making a pizza together or the star coupe taking their younger sons, Romeo and Cruz, out to watch a dance recital of their daughter Harper, these snaps seem to touch the hearts of all their fans and their popularity never seems to fade.

Serena Williams Gets Sixth Wimbledon Win

Serena Williams has defeated Garbine Muguruza to clinch the sixth Wimbledon win of her career. The hugely entertaining 123-minute match ended 6-4, 6-4. After her women’s singles final victory, Williams held the winner’s trophy, the Venus Rosewater Dish, high overhead as she beamed at her cheering fans.

As Williams clasped her hands to a face alternating between relief and delight, her opponent, the 21-year-old Muguruza, dissolved into tears. Williams told her, “Don’t be sad. You’ll be holding this trophy soon.” Later, Muguruza elaborated on her emotions at the end of the match, saying, “I couldn’t stop crying. So many people are clapping. I made all these people feel like this, in a tennis court? I feel special.”

It was Muguruza’s first-ever Grand Slam final. Muguruza commented, “It’s hard to concentrate on a final because you have Serena in front of you. You’re thinking, she won five times this. You’re like, okay, every point, every point, don’t lose this point. But. I just learned that all the people are nervous, even Serena, in a final, because I saw it.” Muguruza beat Williams at the French Open 14 months ago.

Williams said afterwards of her opponent, “She really stepped up to the plate today. She came out there to win. She wasn’t out there just to play a final. That says a lot about her and her future. She never gave up, literally, ever.” When asked about her nerves during the match, Williams said she copes with the tension by singing a song in her head. She said, “If I stop singing it, I usually start losing, then I go back to singing.”

The 33-year-old Williams is now in possession of all the major titles simultaneously: Wimbledon, Australian, French and U.S. Open. She has won 21 major tennis titles to date. Many are now looking towards Williams surpassing Steffi Graf’s seven Wimbledon titles and Martina Navratilova’s nine. When asked about the future, Williams said, “Oh gosh, I’m just living for the moment. Obviously I’ll be here next year, God willing, to try to defend my title. But we’ll see.”