Spy Photos Reveal BMW X3 to be Lighter and Weigh at least 200 Pounds Less

The BMW X3 is a compact luxury crossover, popular with buyers who want a SUV that isn’t heavy or space hogging.

The brand manufacturers are probably working on making it even lighter and sleeker than its predecessors, according to the recently captured spy photos.


Whenever it comes to spy photos, it is not easy to make out the exact shape and change made to the car. However, by seeing through the ones released for the BMW X3 we can easily confirm that it doesn’t have any major overhaul in terms of design. The car looks a bit boring, to be honest, but it is much lighter than its earlier model.

Earlier, we came to know that the latest version of the BMW X3 will be mounted on a modular platform. The company has named it as the 35up which made it possible for the luxury crossover to lose at least 200 pounds. When it is lighter and occupies less space on the platform, it made it easier for the designers to increase the headroom and the legroom inside the vehicle. The SUV is expected to be powered by a smaller 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder engine and a more powerful 3.0-liter turbo-six gasoline engine.

In terms of exterior design, the X3 uses headlamps and taillights that sync with the range of cars released by BWM. They are modern and have a sharper finish, but with the camouflage on, it is tough to make out its exact design. Apart from the basic variants, a performance variant of the SUV might be announced. Based on sources, it will be powered by a twin turbo six-cylinder engine that delivers a massive 425 horsepower. For users who love that extra speed, this probably is the model to go for if they are ready to spend some extra cash.

BMW X3 2

The spy shots are the ones that we have at the moment but it won’t be long before BMW starts talking about the redesigned version of their popular X3 SUV. Being built on a brand new platform, the company may have plenty of things to talk about and how they have managed to make it lighter leading to better performance and fuel efficiency. Meanwhile, the brand is also getting ready to show some new models at the upcoming Los Angeles auto expo scheduled to take place next week. It’s a good week for car lovers with plenty rolling in!

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