Spyker C8 Preliator Specifications and Design Revealed

The company named Spyker is little known in the sports car segment even though they entered the market in 2000. The brand has launched only three different cars so far and the last out of the three is the new C8 Preliator.

They had some financial difficulties in the past but it looks like the people are back to work.

Spyker C8

The sports car looks visually appealing and the crew proudly calls it as a plane without wings or a road jet. The word Preliator stands for fighter/ warrior in Latin and in this scenario, the brand addresses it as a fighter jet than actual warfare. Audi has supplied the engine for the particular model.

Spyker C8 Preliator is powered by a 4.2-liter V8 engine which is supercharged to deliver a total of 518 horsepower and 442 lb feet of torque. For maximum power, the engine uses a DOHC design equipped with five valves per cylinder and there’s also a stainless steel exhaust. The vehicle has a six-speed manual transmission system. A buyer can choose to opt for a ZF supplied six-speed automatic transmission for an additional cost.

The entire chassis of the sports car is quite robust and made to withstand any type of collision. It is a combination of aluminum, carbon fiber and folded sheet aluminum. They are all quite lightweight yet ten percent stiffer than the older model. The decreased weight leads to better acceleration, stability and fuel efficiency.

AP Racing brakes are used to pull the 19-inch wheels to a halt and there is also an option to opt for carbon ceramic brakes. The overall aerodynamics of the car has been improved by making multiple changes including the NACA duct, winglets, ailerons and a rear diffuser which is altered to allow easy pass through.


There are 16 different color variants to choose from. While this is plenty, the Satin Jet Grey is considered the official color of the car and it obviously looks the best in this one. The interiors are all leather clad and a standard heads up display adorns the center. It is even equipped with chronoswiss dials and switches for that nostalgic feel. Apart from a standard stereo system, the car also supports Apple iPhone and has bluetooth features.

The Spyker C8 Preliator will be extremely limited in numbers and just 50 of them will be produced in their factory in UK. Pricing of the vehicle is not known.

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