Spyker is Working on an Electric SUV, Set for 2017 Launch

Electric cars are still evolving while SUVs are simply out of the question for most automobile manufacturers except for Tesla. The company has its own Model X SUV which may soon get a competitor from Spyker.

The Dutch automaker confirmed that they are going to build an all-electric SUV and it is scheduled to get launched to the general public by next year. It is still in its concept stages while Spyker is already gearing up to launch a powerful SUV at the 2016 Los Angeles auto show. It will be powered by the V12 engine making it an amazing model for those who love to adventure travel and cruise some of the demanding terrains in the world.

Spyker C8

Confirming their plans to come up with an all-electric SUV, Spyker added that the 2017 model draws inspiration from the upcoming gasoline powered car. Replacing the V12 engine and its performance with an electric car is no easy task but it looks like the engineering team is going to work at its full potential to set a new benchmark. In order to create powerful batteries and the electrical system, the company is going to partner with Volta Volare. The latter is an electric aviation company.

D12 Peking to Paris is a concept car showcased by Spyker in the year 2006. After nearly a decade, the crew is looking forward to use many of the ideas used in the model. Victor Muller, CEO of the company said that he always had the idea to bring that concept car into production.

“When we launched the D12 concept, it was way ahead of its time. In the period, there were hardly any luxury SUVs in the market and ours was quite innovative besides being futuristic. However, things didn’t work out because Spyker was early to the race. Now, there are plenty of such SUVs available and it is the right time to bring those ideas back into production,” said Muller.


He added that even though the gasoline version of the SUV is going to be powered by a V12 engine, it is possible to incorporate them in an electric car because it is not as demanding as a sports car. Muller opined that SUVs are more favorable electric motors as they are less noisy and can provide best performance while being efficient at the same time. It gives a complete package for buyers. The EV SUV will be produced in limited quantities on launch to avoid competition.

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