SsangYong is Heading to UK with Five New Models

SsangYong confirmed their plans to storm the UK market with five new models scheduled to get launched before 2021.

They have added that these cars will be rolled out one every year and will have wide range of powertrain choices to satisfy their customers.

Mahindra Group owns the brand SsangYong. The company’s head Anand Mahindra confirmed that the brand has been doing really well in recent times. Sales record stand proof to their claim and they are delighted to have come up with such a pipeline. “We are targeting the next five years to achieve a substantial place in the market and there will be at least one new model every year being rolled out.”

Ssangyong New Model

He added that the Tivoli SUV played an important role in helping the company gain traction in the United Kingdom. The particular model sold way more than expected breaking sales predictions and Mahindra said that they are now in a position to make sure the brand value created by the SUV remains. In order to achieve it, they are going to come up with the best vehicles with great features, performance and most importantly choice of powertrains to cope up with the changes in the automobile industry.

The people at SsangYong are also discussing the possibility of creating a convertible version of the Tivoli SUV. A three-cylinder turbocharged powertrain for the SUV is heading to the UK region. At the same time, they are also experiencing the possibility of building fully electric cars. Mahindra is investing a lot into this new brand which they secured when it was about to be closed down and ever since the acquisition things have been going good.

While they are building a new customer base in different countries, the Mahindra boss said that they are obliged to ensure the Pininfarina integrity should be preserved. It is not known whether the logo of the company be retained in the newer models or if they will be changed to showcase that the cars are now being made by Mahindra. It is a business decision to be made.

Tivoli SUV

SsangYong has a relatively small market in the UK but it is growing at a steady pace and has a strong start giving hope for Mahindra which purchased the company recently for 132 million GBP. With more choices, buyers will obviously find themselves in a tough position to make the right choice but it leads to versatility in the automobile sector.

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