Startup Company Techrules Will Launch Electric Car with 1,242 Mile Range

Startups that directly jump into the concept of creating electric cars is such a new trend kick started by Tesla and other companies.Techrules is one such company from China which is going to make its way to the Geneva motor show with a EV that could easily run 1,242 miles on a single charge.


For now, this is unbelievable news because even a behemoth like Tesla with billions of dollars of investment and engineering work is yet to cross the coveted 500 mile-range. There are a lot of technological factors which determine the overall range. It includes the engine’s horsepower and the battery used to power the electric motor.

Techrules is really confident of what they have to offer. The concept car is still in its early stages of design and all the claims made so far is good on paper. Tentatively named the TREV 2016 concept, the turbine-recharged electric car is set to rival the biggest automaker, the Bugatti. It has a total of 1,030 horsepower, not a common claim in electric vehicles and distance coverage of over 1,242 miles.

Geneva Motor Show has gained exponential importance this year because of the changing technology in the world of automobiles. Every manufacturer is looking forward to launch electric cars of their own so as to stay ahead of competition. With imminent launches scheduled in 2018, this year, they are all set to showcase concepts or production versions of the upcoming plug-in hybrids and Evs.

Techrules has released a teaser image to show how their concept might look like but no other technical specification has been revealed. There are two different cars in the image, both of them covered in a white sheet. There could be a lot of changes before these models actually go into production but companies like these are the ones who help push the automobile industry forward by creating visionary milestones.


Based on the image, we can determine that the Chinese startup Techrules is going to focus on both the common buyer and the sports car lovers’ community. Out of the two cars, one is expected to be a sports model designed for tracks and long drives while another one will be more commuter friendly. The latter should provide better fuel efficiency and safety features to appeal to majority of the buyers. Pricing is something we can hardly comment on at the moment as there’s still a long way to go.

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