Stylish, More Powerful Toyota Yaris to Debut at 2017 Geneva Motor Show

Toyota Yaris is about to go next gen with more powerful engine, stylish exteriors and will be unveiled at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

The event is scheduled to place on 9th March and will continue till 19th of the same month. Being one of the longest auto expo events, all top automobile manufacturers are expected to showcase their best cars in here. The new Yaris WRC is set to leave its mark at the Monte Carlo Rally this month. Inspired by the rally car, Toyota is going to make a conventional model designed for buyers. It will sport some of the elements from the WRC car making it stand out from the crowd.

Toyota Yaris at 2017 Geneva Motor Show

While it is confirmed that a more powerful, sleek Yaris will find its way to the Geneva motor show the automobile brand will also revamp the entire lineup. All the Yaris cars will undergone significant design changes both in the front and the rear end along with fully modernized interiors. We expect the models to sport an improved infotainment system with larger displays, connectivity options and features that make driving fun. Technical improvements made in the next generation cars will allow people to experience the best in-class handling and comfort.

Toyota has planned to make the car popular in the hybrid segment and as part of the initiative, they will soon launch the Yaris hybrid version. The particular hybrid variant has already acquired nearly 40 percent of the market share in the B segment sales in Europe. The auto brand’s primary goal is to acquire such significant numbers in US and UK regions besides other potential countries where there’s a growing market for hybrid powertrains.

Toyota Yaris

At the moment, there is very little information available with regards to the Toyota Yaris 2017 edition. The company in their official blog has posted a picture but yet to reveal any teaser video or discuss its technical specifications. When the WRC event commences, we will be able to witness the sporty Yaris in action. However, it’s going to be a short wait until the Geneva show to know accurate details with regards to the road-going model.

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