Subaru Forester Gets Upgraded with New Technology and Features

Subaru Forester is getting a list of new technology upgrades and the company is adding in multiple features to make the 2016 edition a must buy for long time fans.

The four-wheel drive wagon is a great choice for those who love to cruise and experience adventure rides.


The Subaru Forester features a brand new grille with an exquisite mesh design and the chrome trim resembles the shape of a L, adding an elegant finish to the car’s overall appeal. The 4×4 model is getting upgraded with a range of soft touch materials on the inside. For buyers who like to customize the interiors with materials of their choice, Subaru offers a choice to choose a silver metallic trim and a piano black trim. Both of them are equally elite and the final decision is purely based on personal preference.

Based on the choice you make, the silver or the black trim will be used for the upholstery and other areas where clothing is mandatory. The TFT displays are usually plenty in number in all older Subaru Forester models. Coping up with the changing world where HD displays are increasingly common, the designers have upgraded all the screens to a high resolution format. It makes content look much sharper and information provided is easier to read on the go. Touchscreen navigation system found in previous model will be carried forward.

When going on long trips, the engine noise and environmental sounds could harass the mood. Subaru has adopted new sound proofing components which reduces the engine noise. The windows are made of thick glass which reduces environmental noise to the maximum possible extent so as to offer a serene experience for the passengers. Suspension options are expanded to offer a mode specifically for rugged surfaces. Steering ratio is tightened up so that the driver has complete control on the SUV when travelling at top speed and it is much easier to stay on track with minimal effort.


Customers can choose to add adaptive LED front headlights to the 2016 Subaru Forester for an additional cost. The headlights are versatile and automatically rotates in the direction the steering wheel is facing. It is expected to provide better view. There’s three boxer four cylinder petrol engine variants and a diesel engine model. Pricing for the model is £25,495 in the UK region and sales begin in the month of April.

Will it appeal to the majority of its patrons? We will know in a short span of time.

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