Subaru STI Wagon Is Getting Launched This Summer

Subaru recently announced that the Levorg wagon is coming and it will be an exclusive edition designed by the Subaru Tecnica Internationla performance division.

The division specializes in creating special editions of existing vehicles and new innovative designs.


The automobile manufacturer has released an official teaser video to show how the new Subaru Levorg STI wagon will look like. It definitely is a step ahead in the world of Subaru cars. The team which is known for bringing out the best from existing models has done a cool job. Even though, the company is yet to make an official launch and show the car in person, the teaser video gives us a great glimpse to preview the design.

For those who are too excited about the model, it is time to cool down a bit because the car is going to get launched in Japan and it may not make its way to all regions in the world. Releasing a new model in different parts of the world where there are little or no buyers is an expensive decision for auto manufacturers to make. It leads to many cars being exclusive to the particular region and the Subaru STI Wagon could possibly join the lot.

Earlier this year, Subaru commented that they could possibly be launching such a wagon. The brand has kept their promise. The Levorg S concept car was showcased at the Tokyo auto salon. It was the second launch after the 2015 Subaru Levorg. The concept had the all features one would except in a sports wagon including big brakes, a strong front fascia, suspensions and a fully customizable body kit.

The concept car showcased at the expo was powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged flat four engine which promised to deliver a total of 300 horsepower or above. The base model of the Levorg is also being delivered with a similar engine but it is available only as the CVT variant. Subaru is ready to push the concept into production.


However, the company didn’t confirm the type of powertrain they are going to go with. The Subaru Levorg STI wagon is expected to be a performance driven car and if they are going to use the same powertrain as the base model, it will be tweaked to offer increased horsepower and torque. Fans of the car are waiting for more than two years for the wagon to arrive and it is going to a couple more months before it hits dealership stores. The model will be sold only in Japan.

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