Subaru WRX STI Aiming at Hybrid and Plugin Models in 2017

When most automobile manufacturers are taking a big plunge into the world of hybrid cars, obviously Subaru wants to do the same with their next gen models.

According to the newest reports, the next gen Subaru Impreza WRX STI sedan could be a hybrid model. The company is aiming to deliver the vehicle by the year 2017, after which they will probably start working on the plug-in version of the car. During the Los Angeles and the Tokyo auto shows held this year, the brand showcased their sedan as well as the five door concept cars.


It was the beginning of a new era as Subaru wants to take their WRX and STI models in a completely new direction. Going the unconventional way is not an easy task for an established brand, but with the Volkswagen diesel fiasco and rising concerns over, it has become mandatory for everyone to adopt the new range of electric vehicles.

The upcoming WRX STI is expected to be powered by a 2.0-liter FA20 flat four engine, which will be connected to an electric motor. The hybrid will be able to perform well made possible by two different engines which work in unison to deliver higher horsepower. Reports suggest that it could provide an awesome 326 horsepower, which is a neat 21 horsepower more than the existing models.

The car is also expected to sport an all-wheel drive which will be powered by the moto drive system, a technology innovated by Subaru. All next gen cars will be mounted on the Subaru Global Platform, also known as SGP. The new design allows their cars to be highly aerodynamic besides being extremely swift on the road and fuel efficient.


Apart from these upgrades, the brand is also gearing up to launch their first six speed automatic transmission system. The advantages of using the SGP design are many, which also include the ability to integrate powerful battery packs into the car and other electric motors. It also enables the designers to add better body parts including rear diffuser, larger rear wing, carbon fiber air ducts and bigger fender flares.

The hybrid variant of the Subaru sedan will be out in 2017, while the plug-in models may take another year before they find their way into the dealership stores. By the year 2018, the company plans to bring all their next gen models so that buyers have more choices on the road.

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