Subaru XV Facelift Got its Official Specifications Revealed

The Subaru XV crossover is getting a next gen model for 2016 and the makers have since revealed the official specifications of the car.

In terms of design, the car has undergone some subtle changes, primarily comprising of the front fog light surrounds, which is now made of metal components. The headlight cluster is now much more streamlined in shape combined with silver alloy wheels. Apart from the usual colors which buyers are used to, the manufacturers have added at least two new variants to pick from.


While you might spot a couple of subtle changes in the front of the Subaru XV, the rear end of the car has been left as it is. The boot spoiler has changed a bit and the LED tail lights are modified, but they are hardly noticeable. It looks like the designers went with the usual motto of if it is not broken, don’t fix it.

Even though, the number of modifications the team has done to the next gen Subaru XV 2016 edition is minimal, they claim that it will lead to better sales, as people will adore the things they have to offer. The interior dashboard modifications are plenty. Out of the lot, the brand new steering wheel is what is capable of grabbing the attention of most.

Majority of the plastic components used to construct the steering wheel has been replaced with metallic parts. It is expected to provide a sophisticated feel for drivers whenever they are behind the wheel. Besides, the infotainment system is upgraded to support voice based commands. Users can not only change songs, but also change the temperature and navigation routes by simply talking to the system.

The car uses a 2.0-liter petrol engine which is confirmed to be having a fuel efficiency of 43.5 miles per gallon. The car is based on a linear tronic CVT transmission system. There’s also a 2.0-liter turbo diesel engine variant designed to offer better fuel efficiency for those who seek it. Subaru has confirmed that the company has no plans to offer more engine variants at the moment and additional details cannot be confirmed yet.


The face-lifted version of the Subaru XV 2016 will be available for purchase from March 1st onwards. The pricing is going to be the same, which is a surprising move by the company despite upgrading the car with some expensive technology and features, when compared to the outgoing model.

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