Subaru XV SUV Concept Teased with an Image Ahead of Expo

With the Geneva Motor Expo coming close to its inauguration, automobile manufacturers have started releasing pictures and videos of their upcoming launches.

The Subaru XV SUV is another concept car getting ready to hog limelight in the show before which we have a totally hidden teaser image. The picture shows very little of the car, but we know for sure that it refers to the SUV without doubts.


In terms of changes, the XV might witness very little. The engine has been tweaked to a good extent, the chassis and the interiors have been modified and the infotainment has been adjusted to make it easy to access at any point. Apart from the colors offered earlier, the Subaru XV 2017 edition includes two new color variants to choose from.

While the car looks a bit different in the front, the rear end has been left largely untouched except for the LED lights and the boot spoiler. With a brand new chassis, the designers claim that the new version of the SUV will be more rigid and have better center of gravity even at its top speed.

According to Subaru, the new XV is a radical modification to the original car designed to offer a completely unique experience to the customer. For now, the company manages to sell approximately 700 units every year in United Kingdom and they expect to maintain the same this year and the next.

They have also announced that the newer version of the Subaru XV SUV offers better mileage to its customers. The steering wheel which used to be made mainly of plastic has been modified and upgraded with metallic parts for greater efficiency. It is one of the significant upgrade. Apart from that the users can also control the temperature, audio and other infotainment related functions by using their voice.

Subaru has confirmed that the face-lifted version of the XV SUV will go on sale from March. It is almost the same time at which it will be showcased at the Geneva auto expo. Pricing of the different variants that will be available at launch is yet to be confirmed. The brand’s representatives will confirm them all at the show floor.


You can take a look at the image to get an idea of how the XV face-lifted version will look alike. However, the teaser photo is very dark to make anything of it except for the front grille of the car.

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