Apple Car Aims to be a Possibility by 2024, An All EV Autonomous Vehicle

Apple EV car

Apple surprised everyone in the technology industry by manufacturing their own chipset in 2020. They are possibly going to surprise the automobile industry if they manage to actually launch an electric vehicle by 2024.

But, the company is planning to go really big because they are planning to make a fully autonomous vehicle if rumors are to be believed.

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Being a trillion dollar company in the world is no easy task because investors expect them to make the best big move. While Apple has already stepped into multiple areas in technology, the automobile industry is fairly new. Besides, the stream of electric cars is something people are not familiar with and Tesla is possibly the only new player. Major brands like Volkswagen or BMW are relatively new to this tech-driven car manufacturing which is what bringing in other brands from a completely different zone into this industry.

Production Rumors in 2024

According to insider sources or we could rather call them rumors, Apple will begin production of these fully autonomous, electric cars from 2024 onwards. With major automobile brands focusing on a possible 2025 launch for their new range of electric cars, it seems Apple is following the same route. They are looking forward to bring in their models along with others so that they can compete on a balanced market rather than being too early or too late to the party.

In the past, they have already managed to acquire a company that was failing but was also trying to build a self-driving vehicle. Fully autonomous is a dream for most companies because of the endless list of issues associated with it. However, if a technology giant like Apple would make the step and build a car, they could possibly overcome a lot of issues that Tesla and other manufacturers face currently.

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When Elon Musk came to know of their plans, he openly commented on Twitter about their research work. The brand is working on a monocell battery which will allow cars to cover longer distances without being bulky in design. He further added that Tesla has already implemented something similar in their smaller cars being built in China.

Musk further added that Apple approached to purchase his Tesla brand back in 2013 but the plans didn’t reach its final stages. It seems he is still interested in the prospect especially because of the fact that their EVs are far more sophisticated and ready to be upgraded when Apple could support the R&D with their financial prowess.

Apple Self-Driving Cars are Real, Company Director Confirms Brand’s Interest

Apple has been talking to multiple automobile manufacturers around the globe and they even tried to purchase McLaren outright to build their own car.

Despite all the rumors and the official information, the tech giant continued to deny that they don’t have interest in making cars. However, a new statement from director of product integrity, Steve Kenner confirmed that Apple is indeed interested in self-driving cars and the potential of making connected cars a reality. The director had a discussion about the company’s future plans with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration during which he revealed the big information.

According to the statement released, Kenner said that Apple is interested in the potential that automated transportation could bring to people. They are committed to make huge investments in large scale machine learning and infrastructure which would support this initiative. The brand got in touch with the NHTSA because without their approval it is never possible to bring large scale autonomous cars on roads. Google and many other companies are still struggling to acquire permissions to bring them to every state.

“With machine learning, Apple has been able to achieve a sophisticated level of product delivery that are personal, intuitive and smarter. Such services have enabled the company to stay ahead of competitors and the same should go in, if we get into the transportation industry. Automated systems sound interesting and has a lot of potential to it,” said Kenner in the letter he wrote to the administration.

Before the initiative, the brand is keen on ensuring that they follow all safety principles and ensure the highest level of protection before bringing it to their users. Sharing data is essential to make it easy for the cars and it should be done between all top manufacturers to better understand scenarios. The letter, which is said to be detailed also states that the safety board should have an open mind to treat top manufacturers and new entrants on the same level so as to boost the technology.

While the letter from Kenner is not an official announcement, it does confirm Apple’s interest in connected cars and the company maybe building one of their own. They hired multiple top personnel from Tesla among other automobile manufacturers to build their division. It may take a couple of years for them to actually announce and bring their new product to the market, if the Apple Car is coming, that is!

Apple Car Play Rolled Out to 2016 Hyundai Sonata

The 2016 Hyundai Sonta is getting an important update which makes the car more accessible and entertainment friendly for its owners. With a lot of people owning iPhones and other Apple products, it is important for it to have Apple Car Play which the company rolled out to its loyal patrons.

With a lot of people owning iPhones and other Apple products, it is important for it to have Apple Car Play which the company rolled out to its loyal patrons.

In the recent past, a list of new cars received the Car Play functionality designed by Apple. For those of you who were not in the loop, it’s a feature that makes it easy to connect their products to the vehicle so as to stream movies, music among other content. The concept is just wireless streaming with an ease of connectivity. The Kia Optima, Chevrolet Cruze and Honda Civic were the models which received the update in the past. The list of models that got upgraded is growing at a slow but steady pace while Android Auto continues to offer fierce competition to Apple services.

The 2016 Hyundai Sonata now supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionalities. All models sporting a 7-inch or an 8-inch display can make use of the function. It makes it easier for passengers to navigate through the content available and also connect their smartphones to listen to music of their choice.

Talking about the new addition, Mike O’ Brain, Vice President of Hyundai in the North American region said, “The production establishment in Montgomery, Alabama is ready with the new range of Sonatas that support Apple Carplay. The models will soon arrive at dealership stores across the country and other regions in the world. The fact that the model is built in America makes it amazing and it uses the best of technology giving buyers a complete experience like never before.”

By making use of the Apple CarPlay, users with iPhone can readily access a wide range of features including music, maps, messages and phone. The feature makes it easy to receive or make phone calls on the go besides receiving voice based notification for easy navigation. It works and supports iPhone 5 and any model released after that. Users need to have their devices running iOS 7.1 or higher. The voice assistant Siri can also be accessed through the car’s infotainment system.

The CarPlay feature for the 2016 Hyundai Sonata hybrid and plug-in hybrid models will be released in the near future. The same will also be added to existing 2015 edition of the Sonata but the company has not announced a specific date yet.

Apple Car Could Be Out by 2021 With a $75,000 Price Tag

It’s purely a sensational speculation at the moment but there is plenty of information associated with it. The rumor mills claimed that Apple Car is being built which we already know because the company hired all the top executives from every automobile manufacturer.

The speculated car might probably get launched in 2021 which is a long way to go and the possible pricing for the model is $75,000 or above. Apple is known for pricing its products way about the market range. Products like Mac and iPads have always been on the higher despite featuring some cheaper components when compared to their competitors. The same trend should continue with the Apple Car as well but it is also touted to feature the best innovative ideas of all time.

Named as Project Titan, the car is obviously going to be fully electric. The company has already hired the best people from Tesla to make it totally free from gasoline engines. By cutting down emissions, Apple can easily ship the vehicle to different parts of the globe without any restrictions. The challenge is to achieve maximum miles possible on a single charge which the engineers are working at the moment.

The information came from Gene Munster, an analyst from an investment firm. He conversed with many fans of the brand and said that the company might probably launch it in 2021 while a proto type could be shown earlier by 2019. By showing the car earlier, Apple plans to generate hype in the automobile industry and to withhold sales so as to make buyers go for their products while ignoring their competitors’ offerings.

While Munster added that Apple has a 60% chance to actually build an Apple Car, the confirmation of Project Titan and the company hiring top executives for mammoth salary packages seal the deal. After investing so much in researching an electric car with possible autonomous capabilities, there is hardly any reason as to why the company would ditch the idea for no reason.

At the moment, there are no leaks or rumors related to the Apple Car but it won’t be long before information start pouring in. The brand is definitely working on a new technology and with cars becoming more like gadgets, it is no wonder companies like Google and Apple are interested in making one so as to sustain their position in the market. Ford, Nissan and other big players are adopting newer tech so as to not lose it to Tech companies.

Apple Joins Tesla, Google and Other Manufacturers of Self-Driving Cars

Apple is aiming to have its self-driven Apple car on the road sometime in 2019. This follows a recent report by the Wall Street Journal that Cupertino will finally be joining the likes of Tesla, Google and other car manufacturers in developing self-driven cars.

Even though the WSJ mentioned unnamed sources in the report, the news comes at a point when the internet is being bombarded with rumors that Apple is secretly developing a high-tech motor that will carry its iconic brand. This is an amazing move by the company that has seen huge success in the technology world, especially with computers and mobile devices. However, no word has come from this California-based tech giant.

Project Titan hires more employees to speed up the production process

Codenamed Project Titan, the leaders of the production process of the Apple car have had a green light shed on their efforts. According to the WSJ, the project has now tripled its number of workers, which now stands at about 1,800 people. This is a huge team, and if the rumors are correct, we might see this automobile on the roads just as expected – 2019.

Even if Apple is showing some interest in manufacturing self-driving cars, the first version will still require control from motorists before they can ‘learn.’ It is, for this reason, we believe the car will heavily be based on artificial intelligence; a feature that will enhance its learning process as far as self-driving is concerned.

Apple may work with partner in developing the electric car

Apple has constantly been luring more and more employees from car making company Tesla, something that is thought to be aimed at boosting the prospects of Project Titan. However, this might not be enough as there are also other suggestions that the company may look for a partner to work with on this project.

Last week, Apple met with the DMV (California Department of Motor Vehicle) in a meeting to discuss the rules regarding self-driving car tests. Apple is new on the road and as such, it is striving to get familiar with the autonomous vehicle regulations before embarking on developing the new electric car.

Apple to face stiff competition from other autonomous car makers

As noted earlier, Apple will be joining the likes of Tesla and Google in developing self-driving cars. In fact, Google has been pursuing the autonomous vehicle technology for some time and as of now; the company is already testing some of these creations in Silicon Valley and other places.

A few weeks ago, Toyota revealed that it had plans to invest up to $50 million into AI-based cars. This is a strong indicator that this Japanese automaker could also be joining the race for supremacy with respect to autonomous vehicle technology. However, the car maker has not mentioned anything to do with this self-driven car technology, just yet.

Apple Electric Car to be Released in 2019, Latest Reports Reveal

Cupertino seems to be stepping up its desire to join the motor world by keeping the engine on as far as the electric car business is concerned. This is regarding Apple insiders who have been silently talking to the Wall Street Journal.

However, as usual with Apple, it has always been a very difficult task when it comes to guessing what they will be coming up with, and when to expect it. Nonetheless, there are always pointers and in most cases, they are often right, or close to right.

Apple car release date

Apple has kept its cars close to its chest. Even when quizzed about the matter, no response came out. However, the latest reports suggest that there will be a new Apple electric car by the time 2019 comes to a conclusion.

According to the WSJ, Apple is working hard to ensure that this dream charged-up car becomes a reality a few years from now. However, there is not much that can be confirmed regarding this release date.

Project Titan to be handled fully by Apple

Close sources to Project Titan revealed that the project received a green light just recently as efforts to step up the development of the car have been put in place. It seems Apple will take the driving seat and take care of everything that the electric car needs, as opposed to earlier rumors that suggested it may need a helping hand from other established car makers, for instance, BMW.

However, just like the news about the release date of the Apple car is unclear; it is still to be revealed whether Apple will take care of the whole manufacturing process. But we all know that the Cupertino based company is never afraid of making bold moves, so, something like building an electric car should fit the ambitious plans of the company thanks to its complex nature.

To validate the latest claim that Apple will be taking charge of the manufacturing of the Apple car, Reuters revealed back in February that it was very unlikely for Apple to turn to another company for help with production of the car.

The idea of having electric vehicles is truly a complex endeavor. However, complex endeavors are actually what define Apple. It is time for an evolution and we expect that car makers will start to build gradually a market for these cars and by the time 2019 comes around, the world may be ready for  the first Apple car ever.

Apple and Google Compete to Create Driverless Cars; Tesla Expert Joins Apple

Apple is exceptionally interested in the world of cars, automatic cars to be precise. The company’s CEO recently visited BMW and here’s another update that confirms they are investing in the platform.

Jamie Carlson, who worked as an autopilot firmware engineer at Tesla has changed his LinkedIn profile to reflect his new job. According to his profile, Carlson is working on a special project for Apple and obviously a person who has already worked with Tesla is not going to work on the smartphones, right? He might probably be helping the company build their next driverless car.

Apple has hired a whole lot of experts in the industry, including Megan McClain, Vinay Palkkode, Paul Furgale and Xianqiao Tong. Each one of them is strongly related to the automated car technology one way or the other. Even though, the iPhone maker is one of the largest technology giants in the world, the company lacks the professional expertise they require to enter the automotive market which is why they are seeking help.

Rumors continue to mount up and from their actions; it is clear that the Cupertino Company is working on a car project. It could be automated driverless cars, but that might be a big leap for them, which also adds a lot of customer end issues. When you launch a car, it is mandatory to provide technical support, service spots and an exclusive showroom to view the models. As this is a complex job, Apple may tie up with one of the luxury car makers like Audi, BMW, Ferrari or someone similar to make it possible.

Instead of bringing an iCar, they will add their new found technology to the vehicles and launch them in the market. Meanwhile, the now Alphabet owned company – Google is years ahead in self-driving car technology. The search engine giant has strong support with their mapping app which allows the vehicle to easily navigate on their own. Besides, they have already successfully completed hundreds of miles with the autonomous cars with minimal accidents, mostly those caused by the other humans.

While car manufacturers are finding it extremely tough to convince buyers to go for hybrid and electric vehicles, it is to be seen how Apple and Google may convince them to buy a car that moves on its own. Creating a future with autonomous and probably flying cars need to start somewhere. Probably, it could begin in a year or so when both companies officially launch their products.

Apple Car May Launch in the Near Future with BMW’s Technology

The most happening news at the moment is Tim Cook’s visit to BMW’s manufacturing plant in Leipzig. The news was first published by a German magazine named the Manager Magazin.

According to the cover feature of the magazine, the CEO of Apple was impressed by the way BMW works. They spent a long time in the factory understanding the methods used to build the futuristic i3 electric cars. BMW, even though extremely happy with this visit, was really skeptical about allowing Apple to know all their business secrets. The company is completely against the idea of becoming a supplier if, the technology giant ever decides to launch a car of their own.

One of the things that impressed Apple at the BMW plant is their futuristic approach in making cars. They have abandoned the traditional manufacturing techniques which are largely dependent on people and supplies. The new methods allow them to build electronic cars in less than three days in a fully automated factory. It might have been ten days or more, if the car manufacturer had followed the traditional methods, which are quite outdated by now.

Apple is interested in releasing electronic cars of their own, which probably will be known as ‘Apple Car’. It’s not possible to do it on their own unless a premium manufacturer like BMW supports them. The magazine also added that BMW has agreed to supply parts to Apple, if required and has laid out some of their terms.

Instead of creating human driven cars, Apple is highly interested in creating self-driving electric cars. Google has already reached there and plenty of autonomous cars are roaming the streets of United States at the moment. Accidents are rare and even when they happen the human drivers are actually to be blamed in majority of the cases. Google is stuck in a situation, where they are unable to launch the consumer versions for a lot of their innovative products including cars and Google Glass.

However, being one of the strongest technology companies in the world, Apple is more than capable of bringing it to the general public. BMW, on the other hand clearly understands that it is impossible to further make their cars more sophisticated, without support from a software company. A mutual association is expected to help both the companies realize their dreams. If Apple goes beyond its iPhones and Macs, it probably has a chance to make the world go crazy about the brand one more time in the post Steve Jobs era.

Apple Car May Soon be on the Cards, Sources Reveal

Apple is with no doubt a huge name in the technology world. However, most of Cupertino’s heroics are evident in the computing world.

Millions of American citizens use iPhones, iPads, iPods, MacBooks and a series of other products from Apple; however, it seems the company is working on something new for its enthusiasts.

Even though Apple has not made its intentions about going into the car business public, there will always be news when this company eyes other businesses in the auto industry. According to a new report that appeared in the Manager Magazine, a monthly German business publication, Apple has shown some serious interest in using BMW’s i3 electric car in a bid to lay the foundations for its very own electric car model.

The magazine reveals that a number of senior Apple officials took time to visit the production line of BMW i3 which is located in a place called Leipzig in Germany and they also took some good time to study the carbon-fiber construction of the vehicle’s body. There is nothing more than this that the magazine puts forward in this latest report. However, just like with the past cases revolving around electric cars from Apple, this can be regarded as another of the many rumors that have been flooding the internet in the recent past. On the contrary, what is clear is that Apple has put in a place a workforce that is excellent in the auto engineering field.

There are also a number of vehicle registration details that have been brought forward by KPIX and they somehow point back to Apple. These vehicles are quite unique, thanks to the camera mounted on the roof that has been installed on them, something that only fuels the rumors of the company coming up with electric cars in the near future. The latest visit to the BMW plant also adds to the current evidence that Apple is working on something associated with cars; however, until news comes in from the company – which never comes – it will be better to treat any news regarding Apple car as a rumor.

There are chances that the visit could just be meant for the radio as Apple has in the past announced that BMW will be among its many partners, as far as the company’s CarPlay system is concerned. Despite this revelation, there is no new BMW model in the market that has this phone connectivity suite installed at the factory. In addition, this suite is not limited to BMW as there are Ferrari models that have already been incorporated with this CarPlay suite.