Apple iCar Totally in Development, Strong Rumors Emerge

Apple iCar 1

For a long time now, it is being rumored that Apple has developed an automobile wing of its own to develop the rumored iCar. New batch of information claim that the company is getting towards a point where they would show a concept car, at the least.

The name of the iCar is now known as Project Titan. Apple has already recruited a lot of key members from the electric car maker Tesla to help them in research and development. While they have not confirmed it, it is known that the company will start with a fully electric vehicle similar to what Tesla and Faraday Future are doing. Apple, being a technology company, may hardly have any interest in making a traditional gasoline powered car.

Now, the biggest rumor comes from Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla. He is probably the most frustrated person of them all, because Apple has managed to lure many of his top engineers into building an electric car for them. They have made it possible to bring the engineers in by offering amazing salaries, extra hike and yearly bonus to ensure they decide to quit Tesla permanently.

Talking to the show host, Elon Musk said, “It is definitely not an easy task to hide when there are thousands of engineers working on the same project. And, building a car is something no company could do without letting everyone else know”.

While he commented on the possible existence of an Apple iCar, Musk added that Tesla had nothing to be intimidated by a technology company making a car of their own. He has been making his presence felt in multiple scenarios including space exploration.

“Creating an electric vehicle is definitely a welcome addition to the entire industry. Tesla will continue to make the best electric cars and it will be our most prioritized goal all the time. However, we are also interested in helping other companies who are interested in making EVs. It will help the automobile move forward in the right direction and pave the way for a world free of emission”, Musk added.

A new entrant named Faraday Future is now in the game and they are launching a concept car capable of producing 1000 horsepower. It is purely a claim that is yet to be proved, while Apple is silently making its rumored iCar. We may see an official concept, maybe this year or the next.

Apple Car May Launch in the Near Future with BMW’s Technology

The most happening news at the moment is Tim Cook’s visit to BMW’s manufacturing plant in Leipzig. The news was first published by a German magazine named the Manager Magazin.

According to the cover feature of the magazine, the CEO of Apple was impressed by the way BMW works. They spent a long time in the factory understanding the methods used to build the futuristic i3 electric cars. BMW, even though extremely happy with this visit, was really skeptical about allowing Apple to know all their business secrets. The company is completely against the idea of becoming a supplier if, the technology giant ever decides to launch a car of their own.

One of the things that impressed Apple at the BMW plant is their futuristic approach in making cars. They have abandoned the traditional manufacturing techniques which are largely dependent on people and supplies. The new methods allow them to build electronic cars in less than three days in a fully automated factory. It might have been ten days or more, if the car manufacturer had followed the traditional methods, which are quite outdated by now.

Apple is interested in releasing electronic cars of their own, which probably will be known as ‘Apple Car’. It’s not possible to do it on their own unless a premium manufacturer like BMW supports them. The magazine also added that BMW has agreed to supply parts to Apple, if required and has laid out some of their terms.

Instead of creating human driven cars, Apple is highly interested in creating self-driving electric cars. Google has already reached there and plenty of autonomous cars are roaming the streets of United States at the moment. Accidents are rare and even when they happen the human drivers are actually to be blamed in majority of the cases. Google is stuck in a situation, where they are unable to launch the consumer versions for a lot of their innovative products including cars and Google Glass.

However, being one of the strongest technology companies in the world, Apple is more than capable of bringing it to the general public. BMW, on the other hand clearly understands that it is impossible to further make their cars more sophisticated, without support from a software company. A mutual association is expected to help both the companies realize their dreams. If Apple goes beyond its iPhones and Macs, it probably has a chance to make the world go crazy about the brand one more time in the post Steve Jobs era.

Apple iCar Rumors Fuel after Company Recruits Ex Chrysler Executive

Apple seems to be cooking something really nice for its enthusiasts. This Cupertino tech giant might just be the latest entrant into the world of electric cars thanks to the recent recruitment of a vastly experienced official, by the name, Doug Betts.

The Wall Street Journal revealed that Betts, the former head of global quality during a stint at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, has been hired by Apple. Other than holding a senior position at Chrysler, Betts was also a top figure at other major car makers such as Nissan, Toyota and tires major Michelin. So, what does this mean to the Apple family?

Well, what many see in this high profile recruitment by Apple is that the company may be looking to deepen its roots into the car industry by not just offering car systems and other technologies used in cars, but also by manufacturing their own car. Apple’s car, which might potentially be known as iCar, will be the first electric car by Cupertino.

Even though Apple has not mentioned anything about what position Betts is set to hold in the industry, his LinkedIn profile already confirms that he has been hired by the tech giant. Nonetheless, this hire reignites the discussion that Apple is just about to venture into the electric car industry to come up with what can possibly be called as Apple iCar. This rumor cropped up early this year when it was mentioned that an effort dubbed Titan was in place and that Apple had put together a team of several hundred employees to work on this new electric car.

The news of Apple going into the electric car industry was even made more solid when the Journal announced last week that the company had added Steve Zadesky, a former Ford executive, to its team. The announcement of Zadesky as the head of the Titan team and another high profile recruitment of a self-driving car researcher known as Paul Furgale and now Betts are all enough to signal that Apple is for sure headed into the car industry.

There is no doubt that the latest recruitment is among the top assets in the automobile industry thanks to his vast experience as a production manager at Michelin for 10 years, general manager of Toyota for 8 years, senior VP at Nissan for 3 years and later on taking up the same senior VP position at Chrysler for another 7 years.

While there might be chances that Apple might never make an iCar thanks to the fact that the company has a trend of testing technologies which they end up never pursuing. The reported team of more than 1000 people the company has put behind this project indicates how much Cupertino is willing to venture into the automobile industry.

Apple is still facing a serious competitor in this niche in the form of Tesla and according to recent reports; the latter poached some of the former’s top brains. There might also be chances that these two might work together on bringing up an even better electric car in the near future. We have to wait and watch.