2018 Hyundai Accent Launched in Toronto Auto Show, Specifications Revealed

2018 Hyundai Accent

The fifth generation 2018 Hyundai Accent was launched by the manufacturer at the Canadian International Auto Show that took place in Toronto.

Featuring a bold and sleek design, the red colored variant of the new Accent has a more powerful engine which has better fuel efficiency, a sophisticated interior combined with the right price tag it could very well be another popular model for Hyundai. Accent has a long running tradition among buyers around the globe and the newest version promises to offer better driving dynamics with quieter interiors giving the ultimate experience that drivers and passengers would want.

The design elements of the 2018 Hyundai Accent is strongly inspired by Elantra with a longer wheelbase measured at 2,580mm and wider size at 1,729mm. The height of the car still remains the same at 1,450mm with a ground clearance of 10 mm that will suit most road conditions. The car will also be available as a five door hatchback in select regions which will increase it’s over length by 70 mm. The fifth generation model uses advanced high strength steel for a major part of the car that is safer, has good noise isolation and withstands collison. Despite all these advantages, the material is lightweight and doesn’t add bulk to the car.

Under the bonnet is a 1.6-liter Gamma GDI engine that can produce about 132 horsepower combined with 161 Nm of Torque. The car’s overall acceleration has been improved by a few seconds and its fuel efficiency has improved by 7% that should make it a great choice for the everyday commuter. The engine is paired with a six speed manual gearbox but there’s also an option to go with an automatic gearbox. The new Accent has Normal and Sport driving modes.

Safety features include autonomous emergency braking, six air bags on all sides, ESC and overall material thickness that allows the car to resist collisions. The infotainment system is equipped with a compact 7-inch display that supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The 2018 Hyundai Accent will be available in the third quarter of 2017 while the five door edition will be available by the end of the year. The Canada auto show had some other notable models as well. While the Accent may not makes it way to select regions, buyers in Malaysia can buy the Elantra instead of the Accent. The next gen Elantra will have a much bigger powertrain that delivers about 204 horsepower and features similar design improvements.

Apple Self-Driving Cars are Real, Company Director Confirms Brand’s Interest

Apple has been talking to multiple automobile manufacturers around the globe and they even tried to purchase McLaren outright to build their own car.

Despite all the rumors and the official information, the tech giant continued to deny that they don’t have interest in making cars. However, a new statement from director of product integrity, Steve Kenner confirmed that Apple is indeed interested in self-driving cars and the potential of making connected cars a reality. The director had a discussion about the company’s future plans with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration during which he revealed the big information.

According to the statement released, Kenner said that Apple is interested in the potential that automated transportation could bring to people. They are committed to make huge investments in large scale machine learning and infrastructure which would support this initiative. The brand got in touch with the NHTSA because without their approval it is never possible to bring large scale autonomous cars on roads. Google and many other companies are still struggling to acquire permissions to bring them to every state.

“With machine learning, Apple has been able to achieve a sophisticated level of product delivery that are personal, intuitive and smarter. Such services have enabled the company to stay ahead of competitors and the same should go in, if we get into the transportation industry. Automated systems sound interesting and has a lot of potential to it,” said Kenner in the letter he wrote to the administration.

Before the initiative, the brand is keen on ensuring that they follow all safety principles and ensure the highest level of protection before bringing it to their users. Sharing data is essential to make it easy for the cars and it should be done between all top manufacturers to better understand scenarios. The letter, which is said to be detailed also states that the safety board should have an open mind to treat top manufacturers and new entrants on the same level so as to boost the technology.

While the letter from Kenner is not an official announcement, it does confirm Apple’s interest in connected cars and the company maybe building one of their own. They hired multiple top personnel from Tesla among other automobile manufacturers to build their division. It may take a couple of years for them to actually announce and bring their new product to the market, if the Apple Car is coming, that is!

Apple Sabotaged Tesla’s Model X to build its EV Car – Project Titan

Apple is working on its own electric car project named the Titan and in order to make it a possibility, they have acquired hundreds of employees and key persons from Tesla which is said to be the reason for Model X being delayed.

Tesla is an electric car manufacturer and has set an insanely high benchmark for everyone to follow. The company was the first to have accomplished in the EV market by creating cars that could go 300 miles on a single charge. They have been working on the Model X SUV for years now, but the car has been delayed multiple times. While the reasons are plenty, inside sources claim Apple is one of the important reasons that slowed down Tesla.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla openly said that Apple Inc. has been luring employees from their company by offering them a 60 percent pay raise which is something unheard of in the corporate world. Besides, they have also been offering a solid $250,000 bonus if they choose to leave their current company and join them. When the grass is greener on the other side, it is obvious that employees want to switch over. Key personalities including engineers, designers and battery experts have jumped to Apple which led to chaos in the development process of the Model X.

However, there are some other reasons as well. Tesla Model X is the first fully electric SUV that aims to break a lot of barriers. The company wants to add towing capacity to it which is impossible on an electric motor because it heats up and loses a lot of power. A fix is being developed for the same. Similarly, the SUV features falcon wings where the doors open up and stay there. But, there isn’t enough sealing which has raised safety concerns.

Tesla is working to fix them all and create an all-new benchmark in the world of electric cars. They added that they don’t wish to launch a mediocre Model X, but rather spend time to come up with the perfect car. Meanwhile, Apple has at least 1000 people working on their Project Titan EV car and the company’s CEO recently visited the BMW’s manufacturing plant.

It is unclear whether Apple wants to launch their own car or work with car makers to integrate their technology. Trying to move from being a tech giant into the automobile industry is not an easy task, but we may have to wait until an official word comes out.

Chinese Manufacturer Who Sold Fake iPhones in U.S. Shut Down by Beijing Police

China is the place to go for manufacturing the best electronic goods at cheap prices, especially Apple iPhones, but on the other side, the manufacturers in the country excel at producing counterfeit versions of popular products.

Recently, a Chinese manufacturer’s warehouse was shut down by the Beijing police. The company has been shipping fake iPhones throughout China. They have sold over 41,000 devices within the first six months of 2015. That’s a lot of sale to make in such a short time! The counterfeit goods are worth around 120 million Yuan, estimated at $19.4 million.

A surprising fact that emerged from the news is that they were not only selling fake iPhones to people in China and other growing nations, but many of them were shipped to customers in the United States.

Beijing police officers arrested nine different people in the raid. They have also arrested a couple who were allegedly running the manufacturing plant and were playing a crucial role in shipping the completed products to different regions. The place was licensed to be a gadget repair and maintenance company which ensured that no one suspected their operations.

The couple who ran the manufacturing unit purchased cheap, second hand components from multiple vendors in China. They acquired external parts for the phone which had the Apple logo printed on it to resemble the original products. The parts were supplied by vendors who specialize in creating such fake parts and selling it to manufacturers around the country who produce counterfeit goods.

While some of the fake iPhones managed to enter the United States past the security check, the authorities managed to confiscate some of them and alerted the Chinese government. Based on the tip, police in Beijing triggered an investigation that led to the closure of the company.

According to the report submitted by the International Chamber of Commerce, China supplies at least 70 percent of counterfeit goods that are being distributed to different parts of the world. The value of the fake goods is estimated at $1.7 trillion which accounts for huge losses incurred by the actual companies. Financial analysts and business owners claimed that the country has failed to take strong steps to curb fake goods from being manufactured within their boundaries.

In its defense, China replied with a statement that claimed that their law enforcement authorities are doing their best but it is not easy to close them down when there is a consistent demand for fake goods of branded items in the market.

Apple is Taking a Page Out of BMW i3 for its Secret Car

It is no secret that Apple is working on a project for a dream car. The project, codenamed “Project Titan” has been in the rumors for the past few years.

Now, a visit to the BMW factory only puts more steam to the rumors that the German car manufacturer and the Cupertino based company are working together.

The latest report comes from a German magazine, the Manager Magazine. According to the magazine, representatives from Apple visited the BMW factory in Leipzig. Rumors are, even Apple’s CEO Tim Cook attended the meeting.

A year ago, Apple and BMW started working in secret, with negotiations and meetings kept secret. According to many rumors, Apple is interested in the rights for the BMW i3 body. Rumors are Apple would love to use the same carbon fiber body for its dream car. The mystery car Apple is working on should be an electric car, and the i3 is one of the best on the market that the tech company can copycat.

The reports that the car manufacturer and Apple are working together started surfacing in March this year. The initial report was by another German automotive magazine. But negotiations were broken shortly after. However, even though the negotiations regarding usage rights for the i3 body were broken, the two companies kept talking in secret.

In the meantime, Apple has hired numerous engineers from Automobile companies such as General Motors, Ford, and Tesla. The company also managed to pry over former Senior VP of Chrysler, Doug Betts who was also serving as the global head of operations for product quality and service.

Apple’s dream scenario is to have the electric car ready by 2020. However, there are no confirmations, rumors about specs, performances or even pictures of anything possible.

Another possible rumor is that Apple has visited BMW’s factory to discuss another project the two companies run together. The product in question is the CarPlay phone connectivity, a product for which the software has yet to ship to a BMW car. However, the product is not exclusive for BMW, as two Ferrari models already have it installed.

The reports for an Apple electric car first surfaced at the beginning of the year, when reports broke that hundreds of employees were working on the “Project Titan”. The project was approved by Tim Cook a year back.

Apple Music Isn’t Apple’s First Mistake, There are Plenty More

Apple Music is strongly criticized by the general public, music composers and tech analysts. If you delve deeper into the world of Apple, this is not the first ever mistake committed by the company.

They have made a lot of decisions that are extremely annoying to users. The pre-loaded apps in their devices were the first announcement that annoyed almost the entire Apple community. On a fine day, a huge iOS update rolled out. It came pre-loaded with a new app that was designed to keep repeating advertisements for the Apple Watch. While one can’t blame Apple for trying to promote a new product to their huge fan base, it is not a wise move to annoy them all at once by forcing them to buy the watch.

From the company’s perspective, it’s about creating a single ecosystem where users could get everything they need. Apple has music, photos, maps and every other services that you may ask for. However, the problem began when they forced users to use it instead of third party apps that offer better user experience.

Majority of these third party apps are exceptionally good because the entire team that programs it is dedicated to one goal. Evernote is still the best note taking app while Dropbox is a much better cloud storage solution that you could access on any device. Google Maps is years ahead in terms of offering unparalleled functionality, reliable statistics and directions. However, when Apple tried to push their Maps service, which was as flawed as Apple Music, the company was forced to retreat and suggest users to go with an app they like the most.

Apple Music is the latest in the list of mistakes Apple has committed so far. It is easily one of the worst choices for music lovers because people have been pouring in complaints of how the iCloud and iTunes had messed up their music libraries. In trying to sync songs with the new service, they have deleted many. The app’s usability is at a questionable level and it can hardly be considered as an alternative to Spotify.

Just because Apple has released the best smartphone and tablet in the world doesn’t mean they have to do everything else to create a unified ecosystem. Besides, users like to have choices when it comes to hardware or software. Instead of trying to step into every industry and mess it up, they could focus on creating the best operating systems and Macintosh machines.

Apple – Disappointing Q3 2015 Financial Results Reflect on Other Tech Companies

Apple is a technology giant that has the power to increase or decrease the stock values. It is a claim that has been proven once again when the company’s investor call led to the fall of stocks.

Even though the company has sold a lot of iPhones in the first half of 2015, the shipments didn’t meet up with their expectations. The update released by Apple had a strong effect on other companies that sell similar products. The expected revenue is between $49 billion and $51 billion, which is huge, but it is at least $5 billion less than what forecasters had predicted earlier.

Apple lost 5pc in German trading sector, according to Nasdaq 100 futures report. Microsoft, another big company, posted similar disappointing sales records in the past quarter which led to a decline in their stock value which is now at 4pc.

Experts opine that the market will be extremely volatile in the coming months. Some of them have already started suggesting that it is not advisable to go with stocks owned by technology companies because consumer perspective is changing at a rapid pace. Smartphones and tablets are no longer in huge demand as they used to be.

In the US trade report, Apple touched a new low with stocks priced at $119.20 which triggered some investors to invest in the company. Majority of the investors refrained from doing so because Apple doesn’t have any interesting products coming up except for the iPhone 6S. Stocks don’t soar when updated versions of phones or tablets get launched which has held most people from buying the stocks.

Several technology companies including Microsoft and Yahoo have submitted net loss reports. Microsoft claimed that the Nokia acquisition has cost them a lot, which led a loss of $2.1 billion, the biggest ever reported in the company’s history. The waning search engine and news company Yahoo isn’t doing well either. Their stocks declined by 1.8pc because the sales were much below the level than analysts’ predicted.

The net loss reports led to Microsoft’s German trading value dropping by 3.8 percent, while Yahoo witnessed a 2.2 percent drop. Apart from technology giants, the commodity stocks witnessed a very high loss rate. With unexpected changes in currency and stocks, analysts are trying to come up with new theories that might help them predict the future of stocks, in the next six months.

Apple’s New iPod Touch, New Product or Income Stream?

While many an Apple evangelist may have thought that the iPod touch was on its way out,  Apple introduced the sixth generation iPod complete with new colors, new features  and perhaps most important and new IOS 8.4 as the standard operating system. This version of the operating system is required for Apple Music, the new streaming music service. The Touch is all about getting the monthly subscription payments to get to the music. In other words another income stream for Apple.

The Apple iPhone has gradually eroded the demand for the Apple iPod touch, but the sixth generation iPod touch offers an attractive entry-level price point for those consumers who might not yet be ready for an iPhone. The updated iPod will offer a variety of options.

iPod Touch 

The iPod touch starts at $199. For the vast majority of iPod shoppers, the iPod touch is the easily the best option. It’s the only iPod that runs iOS, which gives it access to Siri and all the apps available for the iPhone.

iPod nano

The iPod nano is back and perhaps the most attractive feature is, well  honestly we don’t know what that is.  At $149 it’s hard to believe Apple will be selling a lot of iPod nano’s

iPod shuffle

The iPod shuffle costing $49 despite having just 2 gigabytes of storage, no screen, and a design even older than the iPod nano.

Bottom line

Apple didn’t need a new update on the iPod.  It is no longer a popular product line for the tech giant,  but the opportunity to get the new Apple music streaming service into the hands of more consumers might have been too good an opportunity to pass on.