2022 Audi A8 is a Maybach Rival, Mid-Life Facelift Features Listed

The camouflaged prototype edition of the 2022 Audi A8 will replace the existing 2019 model next year and duly with enough new features.

Preparing a mid-life facelift for any vehicle is a difficult job because it may not be completely next gen but should be good enough for the pricing changes. The 2022 Audi A8 is expected to give the right touches if we are to go by the spy shots revealed by the company.

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While it is being rumored that the newest version of the A8 could be revealed towards late 2021, it will most probably get launched next year in order to give enough time for the tweaks to be made. Compared to the many other models from the Audi stable, this particular variant doesn’t top the charts and it is not going to suddenly be extremely popular. However, if it is priced right with all new interior, slightly improved engine and design, it could probably attract some new buyers when it officially gets launched.

Based on the camouflaged prototype available in the spy shots, the manufacturer is going for a renewed headlight design combined with new taillights. We could make out these basic things from the spy shots but everything else is mostly based on guessing done through rumors, their statement and what longtime auto brand followers have to say about.

Updated Interiors

It is a given that the 2022 edition of Audi A8 will be a direct rival of the Maybach series and when they do so, an obvious upgrade lies in the interior of the car. The vehicle is expected to feature a completely revamped infotainment system which plays well with both iOS and Android devices. Based on the information available, it is rumored that the dashboard may probably feature a curved display that is as large as a tablet and allows users to do more than just use it for mapping their drive.

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Under the hood, the car may feature a V6, V8 or even a V-12 engine on the high-end variant. Having a V-6 engine with plug-in hybrid technology should make the car more future proof. On paper, the current V8 model can deliver about 563 horsepower with its 4.0-liter turbocharged engine. Audi in 2019 also hinted that they might probably bring in a luxury variant of the A8 to cater to the elite crowd and by doing so, they will also be competing directly against the Ghost from Rolls Royce while Maybach S-Class will also be a direct competitor for the same.

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2017 Audi A8 Interior Pictures Reveal New Virtual Dashboard

Audi is working on a huge update for its interior design.

The first of its kind was revealed at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show and more details have emerged that gives us a glimpse of how the next gen virtual dashboard would look like.

Virtual cockpit is what Audi is aiming to achieve with its 2017 A8 model. True to the name, the interiors resemble a flight’s cockpit filled with three different touchscreens that are connected to a central dashboard. There is a lower dashboard and instruments panel allowing people on-board to do a variety of tasks at the same time. The touchscreens use OLED technology providing the brightest display and are extremely thin. Such level of tech is new to cars and Audi is ushering them in for the first time.

Explaining the new dashboard concept found in the 2017 Audi A8, Andreas Lamprecht the man behind the innovation said that they are planning integrate the virtual dashboard in all their cars in the next twelve months. When questioned if they are planning to bring it to the A8 first, he responded that the technology will be implemented in the flagship and top end models before it trickles down to other cars.

The virtual cockpit with an OLED screen will debut at a later stage. Some practical issues have to be sorted out including increasing temperatures, screen quality and clarity before it can be implemented in the 2017 Audi A8 besides other models. Haptic feedback will be implemented in all three screens making it easier for the driver to confirm if they have touched the icon, without taking their eyes off the road.

The system used in the upcoming A8 version is capable of following user habits and it will automatically bring up the most used apps to the front. Users can swipe content from the center screen to other parts of the instrument panel as and when required. It also notifies user when they are running low on fuel and a gas station is close by. The AI makes phone calls to home or office with a single touch while providing voice updates for flight timings, weather and traffic conditions.

The automobile brand has partnered with smartphone and technology driven companies in order to bring this virtual cockpit to life. 2017 Audi A8 might make its appearance at the upcoming Paris auto show but there is no official confirmation from the company yet.


Next Gen Audi A8 and Many Newer Models Are Getting Launched in 2017

Long time patrons of the Audi brand should rejoice as the company confirmed that the next generation version of the A8 is coming in 2017.

Along with the launch, a slew of new announcements can also be expected.

Every auto manufacturer in the world is gearing up to launch new models, most of them with electrification and some of them with autonomous features. After all, it’s time for a drastic change in the industry. People are ready to adopt new technology and from the videos shown, one may not hesitate to sleep in their car while it navigates itself to their office during busy hours. Similarly, connectivity features are improvised and no car is complete without being able to communicate with an Android or Apple smartphone.

Audi is ready for the future as the company confirmed that they are going to launch three billion euros to build new production plans, research and developer technologies. Over 20 vehicles, new and old ones in their lineup is set to receive their next gen versions. That’s a huge number to cover but the engineers are going to make it possible, no matter what. They have announced that the Q2 small crossover will be the first of the lot to make its way to the store.

A plug-in variant of the Q7 is scheduled to get launched in 2017 which will be followed by the SQ7. The biggest announcement of them all is the next gen A8 sedan, the flagship launch from the company which will be equipped with self-driving technologies for the first time. The car can touch up to 37 miles per hour autonomously, an obvious feat the engineers have accomplished and with its Traffic Jam Pilot feature, it can navigate without any input from the driver.

The second generation Q5 crossover is also in the cards and will be announced in the second half of this year. Audi is also working on its own version of an all-electric car. The car is going to compete against the likes of Tesla Model 3, Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Spark. A battery production plant has been setup in Brussel for the purpose. An A4 all-road variant has been confirmed as well which will be followed by the S4’s performance oriented launch.

The company faced huge diesel emission issues along with Volkswagen cars but things are back to normal and they are aiming to win back the trust from their loyal patrons.

Audi A8 Gets Luxury Features and Longer Design to Beat Maybach

Audi is planning to expand its line up and they are going to start with the Audi A8 flagship model.

The car is about to made in the most luxurious fashion so that it can pose a strong competition to the posh Mercedes Benz S-Class.

The current version of the Audi A8 is available in two different versions. The conventional model is compact while the second one in the lot sports a longer wheelbase. S-Class from Mercedes is the direct competitor for the Audi offering. The brand provides the model in multiple variants including a two door coupe version, a longer wheelbase and others with extended platforms. With so many choices to buy from, buyers often opt for the Mercedes Benz cars which is what Audi aims to change by expanding the A8 line up.

Launching the Audi SQ7, Stefan Knirsch, the company’s technical head said that they are discussing possibilities to expand the A8 line up. “We are planning and trying to find ways to promote the flagship model in better ways. Coming up with new designs is probably the answer to stay ahead in the competitive industry,” he said.

Audi launched a six door A8 limousine with an extra long wheel base this yearbut the company added that they are going to make a single model. According to their statement, it was designed for a specific customer and there were no plans to sell it on a large scale. However, latest updates confirmed that Audi is interested in making longer A8 models and offer multiple variants so that they could compete against the Maybach series from Mercedes Benz.

During the launch event, the company’s representatives confirmed that they are going to upgrade all future A8 models with SAE level 3 automation technology. With the system, the driver will be able to remove their hands from the steering wheel for longer periods of time to reduce stress during long drives. The car is capable of navigating itself to a certain extent but they added that it is not something related to self-driving technology.

Automatic steering functions in a car is presently limited to 19 kilometers per hour by the United Nations Regulations but it is expected to be increased in the near future. Audi and many other automobile manufacturers are betting high on the regulations to be brought down so that they could introduce self-driving technology in a slow yet steady pace.

Next Audi A8 Gets Hybrid Powertrain and Electric Turbo Technology

It’s time to embrace new technology in the world of automobiles and Audi is going to do just that by incorporation mild hybrid tech in their upcoming next gen A8 model.

The information was officially confirmed by the company and it will be incorporated in all the 2017 models.

The existing SQ7 already uses a 48v electrical system which will be adopted in the new A8 and it will also be integrated with the electric turbo system. According to the brand, the new turbo tech makes it easier for the car to provide the low-end response of the car. The experience will be even across the hybrid and non-hybrid models the company has to offer.

The term mild hybrid is being repeatedly used by Audi because the makers are keen to not to drastically increase the price tag of the vehicle. By keeping the price point as low as possible, they can continue to attract buyers while adding improvements to the upcoming models. Mild hybrid incorporates an electric motor to the car but it isn’t overly innovative thus helping the brand keep the pricing under control.

Technologies to be expected in the new vehicle include active roll control, gesture control, and organic LED lighting for promoting better planetary awareness. Autonomous technology is another area where Audi wants to create a stronghold and the upcoming A8 is going to be an experimental launch in terms of self-driving tech.

An excellent level of awareness is created around the car to allow it to drive without the help of a human driver. The vehicle is equipped with 12 ultrasonic sensors to make use of sound tech, laser scanners and there are multiple high resolution video cameras which keep sending visual inputs to the car’s processing system. When the innovations are combined, it makes it easier for the vehicle to cruise through highways and even in congested traffic conditions. Audi confirmed that their A8 should be able to cruise at a maximum speed of 37 miles per hour autonomously even when the road is jammed.

While most automobile companies have not admitted yet, Audi was audacious to agree that over ninety percent of the innovations set for the future will be based on electronics. There is little innovation to be done in terms of speed and horsepower where things like autonomous driving and hybrid powertrains have plenty of scope to expand. The new Audi A8 will draw design inspirations from the Prologue concept car.

Audi Cars are Getting Big Technology Upgrades, A3 and A8 Variants Getting First Updates

The electronics department at Audi is led by Ricky Hudi and if you get to know some of the things they have been planning, it will definitely surprise you to the core.

Gone are the days when the technology department of a car manufacturer focused on high profile audio system, navigation setup and a rearview mirror that could automatically adjust its position to help you find your path. The new era of technology is just mind blowing and the upcoming virtual cockpit for the Audi A3 is a good example.

Every information that the driver needs to know will be available in this virtual cockpit. The word cockpit truly justifies the claim because it provides information on the distance traveled, speed, direction, tank capacity and even assists in knowing the opponent car’s driving speed. The cockpit also acts as a safety measure because it sends alerts right to the dashboard making it easy for you to avoid an obstacle or dodge oncoming traffic in case one of the drivers on the road has gone rash or lost control of his vehicle.

The biggest challenge that threatens car technology is hacking issues. Being fully digitized vehicles, these new age cars from Audi and other manufacturers are prone to hacks if someone were to exploit a bug within. However, Hudi promises that the upcoming A8 will be virtually hack free and will also sport a powerful computer within which delivers up to 1 teraflop of power. The vehicle is scheduled for a 2017 launch.

Commenting about the change in the world, Ricky Hudi opines that his team is under more pressure than ever, because of people’s affability towards gadgets. The company has doubled the investment in car technology so as to appease their customers. The new Audi A8 will feature a full touchscreen interface with a dedicated operating system which will make it easier for users to utilize its computing power. It will also feature a 3D camera.

The camera is capable of taking pictures of the road to send direction and information on possible obstacles. It can warn the driver in case of an impending collision, can read traffic signs to notify you of a nearby restaurant and has the new Mobile Eye technology uses the super computing power to its core. With everything in place, Audi is set for some grand launches in the coming years, but they are most likely to face tough competition in the world of car tech.

Limited Audi A8 Edition 21 Available for Order in the UK

It has been 21 years since Audi introduced the Audi A8. To celebrate the anniversary, Audi will offer a special, limited Audi A8 Edition 21 to its customers.

The model is already available in the UK for order. There will be only 121 cars produced for the limited edition. The price for the Audi A8 Edition 21 starts at £72,525 and goes up to £76,490 OTR. The first deliveries are expected no sooner than November 2015.

Audi has made a number of improvements for the limited Edition 21, both in the exterior and the interior of the car. The exterior will get a new, Sport styling package which includes redesigned bumpers for the front and the rear, side sills, adaptive Audi Matrix LED headlights, 20-inch alloy wheels with titanium finish and four exterior color options. The color options will include the Daytona grey pearl, a color finish available for the 520 PS S8.

In the interior, Audi offers a special package in two color combinations: black leather with red contrast, or a cognac brown primary color with black stitching as contrast. The front seats will be as comfortable as ever, with new memory function added, integrated pneumatic lumbar support as well as side bolster. The steering wheel will be a three spoke wheel with multi functions and added interior enhancements on it. The Edition 21 emblem will make its way on the door sill plates.

The new Limited Edition 21 Audi A8 model will provide special assistance systems for customers, including the Audi connect portfolio, HDD satellite navigation, BOSE surround system and the Audi parking system with an addition of a reversing camera.

The Limited Audi A8 Edition 21 model will be powered by a 3.0-liter V6 turbo diesel injection engine producing 262hp. The car can sprint to 100 km/h in just 5.9 seconds.

The first Audi A8 was unveiled in 1994 during the Geneva Auto Show in February. The first model was special due to the high amount of technical advancements, utilizing aluminum shell for a more sporting look. The first Audi A8 was available in both standard and long configuration. In 1997, Audi introduced a series of technical achievements with the A4 model for the US market, including electronic stability control, side airbags on the front and the rear of the car, something that no other manufacturer could provide at the moment. Additionally, the 1997 model for the US market featured Quattro all-wheel system. The famous sunroof solar panel with ventilation fans arrived in the 1999 model of the A8.