BMW 2 Series is Finally Getting Rid of the Sub Par Grille Design

BMW 2 Series

The BMW 2 Series is all set to enter a whole new generation of cars in 2021.

The German automobile manufacturer has finally provided the attention to their design needs because most buyers were not happy with the grille design. It is officially coming to an end and received a much-needed change if we are to go by the spy shots that emerged online.

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The new generation cars are being tested in various locations throughout the continent and ardent automobile followers wouldn’t stop sending photographs of the vehicle. While the majority of the design is still under wraps, it is easy to spot that the car has a muscular design. In the past, the brand has always been associated with a family-friendly design rather than being sporty but it looks like a change is ahead. Making the car more muscular will entice new buyers to go for it and the new grille further convinces existing owners to possibly upgrade the BMW model they already own.

A Massive Design Overhaul

BMW 3 and 4 Series cars are still in the cards but they have become much larger than they used to be. Some buyers are not so happy with such a large-finish because it is not easy to drive those vehicles in traffic or in terms of performance. You are supposed to increase the Trimline or go for a car with turbo-variant that would offer the maximum horsepower despite the increased weight of these particular models.

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For all these people, the BMW 2 series set for launch in 2020 or 2021 probably is an ideal match. The car’s footprint is small, easy to handle and most importantly the improved design might further convince more buyers to just go for it. The front fenders have been significantly increased in size while the wheel arches as well as the rear fenders have received some boost too! As a whole, the car looks bigger yet should retain the same weight if we are to make a wild guess at this point.

The kidney grille design has been a constant in most BMW models of the past but the spy shots of the BMW 2 Series suggest an entirely different story. The camo covered vehicle is not the one you can take to confirm its final design but the vents strongly suggest that there is something new to look forward to this year. The car is expected to be an RWD coupe edition and if they include high-performance upgrades, it further makes it the ideal pick for many buyers.

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2022 BMW 2 Series Coupe G42 Spy Shots Reveal Interior Design for the First Time

In the series of spy shots that gets leaked from time to time in these days, the 2022 BMW 2 Series Coupe G42 joins the lot.

For the first time, the interior design of the vehicle has been revealed in the shots and it gives us a much closer look at what to expect from the vehicle.

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The BMW 2 Series is known for its sleek platform and the long list of features it offers makes it a favorite among buyers. Being a spy photographer is no easy task because, despite their best efforts, they weren’t able to capture how the car would look on the inside. Not anymore as one of them has managed to achieve it which confirms some of the long-standing questions. The car’s interior design is a fine combination of the G2x and the F44 platforms making it the most comfortable yet feature-rich solution that you would find in automobile design.

New Design on Tested Platform

While innovation is mandatory, not all of them will be welcomed by the buyer community. We do know that the G42 edition will be designed on top of the tested CLAR platform. The overall size of the platform that we have known through the years will be modified a bit to accommodate the newer changes. It belongs to the G2x family but the spy shots reveal more about the upcoming 2022 BMW 2 Series Coupe. The car is expected to have much larger wheels than the outgoing model combined with an excellent M braking system. It should provide maximum grip on the road and better driving experience.

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The innovative design on the dashboard instantly caught our eye in the spy shots. It bears lots of resemblance to the 4 Series Coupe with the excellent build quality and the manufacturer’s decision to use premium materials to construct it adds up to its exquisite look. Coming to a conclusion simply based on photographs is not an easy task but the upholstery is most probably made of Dakota Cognac leather or a similar material. Such additions are definitely expected to be part of the G42 vehicle.

The car’s exterior design further includes the BMW signature kidney grille but with increased size, a revamped tail lamp, bonnet and headlights. All the changes pave way for an exclusive new look when combined with the revised powertrains used in the 2022 BMW 2 Series G42 coupe model.

BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe is a Strong Possibility

Another interesting rumor has popped in and this time it’s from the BMW stable.

The company is working on a four door Gran Coupe which belongs to the sub compact 2 series and is set to hit dealership stores in 2019.

With the new body style, the brand may build a M2 Gran Coupe model as well but all these information is being considered too early to confirm now. If confirmed, the new BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe is going to be a direct competition to the Audi RS 3 and the popular Mercedes AMG CLA45. BMW has planned to keep the car close to the models they have developed so far with a basic rear wheel drive and mount the engine longitudinally so that there is enough legroom and headroom for all passengers.

The automobile manufacturer has not confirmed whether they are going to go for a trunk sized model. The 6 series Grand Coupe has such a design while the rear opening has a lift back design in the 4 series models. After having experimented with multiple designs, BMW is going to expand its lineup in such a way that there is enough choice for buyers with varying requirements and preferences. The next generation BMW 3 series sedan is going to be much bigger than the existing model.

The wheelbase of the 2 series Grand Coupe should be somewhere around 105.9 inches which is slightly lesser than the current 3 series sedan. The current model has a wheelbase measured at 110.6 inches. A new body style is expected to debut with the Coupe if confirmed. It will have brand new interiors with a posh finish and space for comfortable travel. The new body is set for debut with the 2 series coupe and a convertible version in the year 2020.

Powertrain options will be varied as it has always been with the BMW brand. The auto manufacturer chose to follow the same pattern they had established with the existing 2 series models. There will be turbocharged petrol and diesel engine variants with multiple iterations. The powertrains will be mated to a six speed manual transmission system. An upgrade will allow buyers to go for an eight speed automatic transmission.

Another M2 Gran Coupe which is in the cards will use a twin power turbocharged 3.0-liter I6 engine with the capability to deliver 365 horsepower. Transmissions options will be similar to the 2 series coupe.

2017 BMW 2 Series Revealed With Brand New Powertrain Options

BMW has made it official that the 2017 edition of the BMW 2 series is coming and along with it comes a whole lineup of new powertrain options to choose from.

They offer better performance and torque while being increasingly fuel efficient.

For a common buyer, the sheer number of engines available might be tad confusing but it expands the BMW 2 series 2017 edition like never before. The outgoing model will be the 228i which will now be replaced by the 230i. The newer model is powered by a 2.0-liter turbo four rated engine which is capable of producing 248 horsepower coupled with 258 lb feet of torque.

As with most other launches, BMW has a base model and a top of the line version. There is a version designed to fit right in between these two, the M240i which is going to be the ideal replacement for the M235i. The model is powered by a 3.0-liter turbo six engine with 335 horsepower and has 369 lb feet of torque. The car will be made available in two different versions, the coupe and the convertible. Pricing will vary according to the option that the buyer goes for.

The top of the line is the BMW B58 turbo with I 6 which is the same powertrain as the one used in the M240i and the 340i. The team has upgraded the engine with a new cylinder head and an aluminum crank case. Other component upgrades include exhaust manifold, electronic waste gate controller and twin scroll turbocharger. Similar to the earlier model, the BMW car will be powered by a valvetronic variable valve control system. It uses double Vanos variable camshaft timing, in the intake as well as the exhaust sides.

Designers at BMW has done their best to increase fuel efficiency by using brake energy regenerationtechnique. The car is also equipped with an automatic start and stop function. While a couple of models from almost every manufacturer is moving towards a hybrid and electrified future, the gasoline cars are here to stay and will be around for a long time to come.

Acceleration capacity of the car has increased as it can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4.6 seconds when tested with the six speed manual transmission system. With the automatic gearbox, it can achieve the same with just 4.4 seconds. An all-wheel drive further decreases it to 4.2 seconds.

Next Gen BMW 1 Series and 2 Series May Feature Front Wheel Drive

The designers at BMW are getting ready to launch next generation versions of the 1 series and 2 series cars. According to a recent update, the automobile company is planning to make them both as front wheel drive vehicles.

The research and development team at BMW has been working, trying to implement new technologies for a while now. The company is now keen to experiment which is evident from their decision to opt for a UKL powered front wheel drive system instead of the conventional rear wheel drive technology.

Talking about the rumoured change, the company’s top executives commented that they are judging multiple options before finalizing the right one. However, they do have time till the end of the year before confirming whether next BMW 1 series and 2 series will feature a front wheel or a back wheel drive.

Even though, official sources didn’t confirm this news, a German website has confirmed that BMW is going to go with a front wheel drive as planned without delaying it further. After all, this is a time when most automobile companies are experimenting with automatic cars and electric motors. Hesitating to make a small change may get the brand nowhere which is why the team unanimously decided to go with it next year.

In other opinion, it has been declared that people who purchase BMW cars are not at all happy with the company opting for a front wheel drive system. They want it to focus on increasing performance, stability and comfort level of their vehicles rather than introducing all new stuff that may or may not blend well with the community’s expectation.

The brand however opines that by changing the platform, they will be able to offer vehicles that are exceptionally affordable and also create small cars that are easy to drive in congested regions. With so many ardent fans around the globe, it is not easy for the company to take such a bold step forward and make drastic changes to their vehicle. They are mulling over the idea and may probably choose to restrict it to specific models or regions based on what buyers like in that zone instead of introducing it to everyone, which might affect sales.

We may have to wait for a month before BMW makes their decision official and if they go with the FWD for the 1 series and 2 series, it could be the beginning of a new era.