2023 BMW i7 Next Gen 7-Series EV Car Spotted, Camouflaged All the Way

2023 BMW i7 Next Gen 7-Series EV Car

BMW is working on their own variant of electric cars and the 2023 BMW i7 7-Series model could probably one among many vehicles slated for launch.

While we are yet to receive any major updates from the brand, it is safe to say that they are already testing the vehicle in road conditions.

Albeit being heavily camouflaged, it is great to see the car being tested on road and possibly gearing up for a grand launch. The version spotted with the stickers is an electric variant powered by a large battery on the inside. While making all-electric cars could possibly take time for automobile manufacturers to achieve to its full potential, hybrids are definitely on the cards. The 7-series lineup will retain some of the design elements found in BMW cars in the past including a sealed-off grille. Being an electric car, it has also been named the i7 to showcase its significance in this entirely new line-up that is under development.

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There are a couple of prototypes spotted in the wild in which some of them are being equipped with an internal combustion engine. It is unclear whether the company is going for an electric variant and a traditional gasoline-powered car at the same time. The camouflage is rather strong to ensure the Hofmeister Kink C-Pillar is completely hidden but when we take a close look at the pictures, we could make out the design element they are trying to achieve here.

Latest Spy Shots Show More Detail

The true shape of the grille which BMW managed to keep hidden for a long time has been revealed this time. It has a shark nose like finish and also borrows some elements from the G11 7-Series edition. The car will be built on the CLAR platform which will allow them enough space to mount an electric motor and a conventional engine at the same spot, making it the best of both worlds. In this particular model, it is being said that the company will use their 5th gen battery and EV technology.

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Based on the information available now, the 2023 BMW i7 Next Gen 7-series will be equipped with both a mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid setup. It is to be seen if they would include a V8 or the more powerful V12 engine on the inside so as to provide buyers an option to experience maximum performance when they need it.

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BMW 7 Series is Keen on Beating Mercedes S-Class in Every Aspect

Competing and winning over the Mercedes Benz S-Class is not an easy task, but according to latest updates, BMW 7 series is poised to taste victory, no matter what.

Development chief at BMW, Klaus Froehlich is extremely confident that the next gen version of their car has all the features, the exquisiteness and the competence to beat the S-Class from Mercedes. Talking about the upcoming launch, he confirmed that the 7 series plug-in hybrid model will set a new benchmark in fuel efficiency.

Apart from helping buyers save money on gasoline, the car is also expected to offer the best mileage in the electric car segment. Obviously, you don’t take the expensive Tesla Model S into consideration because other manufacturers are still in the budding stages of creating fully electric sedans.

“We aim to deliver at least 40 kilometers on full charge while the gasoline engine will take care of the rest from then on. A wide range of new features will be equipped in the vehicle including touchscreen interface with iDrive technology, digital keyfob, wireless charging among other new integrations”, confirmed the development chief.

In comparison, the Mercedes Benz S-Class offers just 33 kilometers in its plug-in hybrid variant. The new BMW 7 series car is constructed on a carbon fiber shell, which contributes to its lowered weight yet the sturdy feel for best drivability. The infotainment system has been upgraded with sensors making it easier for the users to wave their hand in front of it to complete a variety of actions. It saves time and makes it safer to make adjustments while focusing on the road.

The upcoming series is one of the most successful in their history. The earlier edition of the BMW 7 series cars had sold over 370,000 units, which BMW aims to beat with the launch of their next generation vehicles. They do have tough competition, not just from the Mercedes Benz S-Class, but from other manufacturers as well. While it might be a heated contention among companies, it’s a great time for the buyers to take their pick from a wide range of models.

Long gone are the days when petrol and diesel cars used to be the primary choice. Diesel is slowly going out of fashion because of them being high in emission and the Volkswagen debacle. They are being replaced by plug-in hybrid vehicles which will soon be replaced by a range of all-electric cars.

Overhauled and Upgraded BMW 7 Series Available for Purchase in Showrooms across UK

Car dealers across the United Kingdom will start selling the overhauled and comprehensively upgraded BMW 7 Series from 24 October.

The new BMW 7 Series is positioned to challenge primary rivals including the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Audi A8. The price range of the new vehicle would be between £64,530 for the 730d model and £76,320 for the 750i model.

The latest 7 Series has been totally re-engineered and features a new carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic strengthened (CFRP) body shell, resulting in enhanced robustness and yet lighter by 130 kg as compared to its predecessor.

BMW claims that the 7 Series is the biggest production model of the brand till date and measures 5,098 mm in length, 1,478mm in height and 1,902mm in width. Two wheelbase options are available, including the standard and the long-base versions with a difference of 14 cm between them.

The latest generation 6-cyclinder Twin Turbocharged engines are found under the hood. The 3L diesel and petrol variants have more power and are more efficient than its predecessors.  All the diesel models, except the long-wheelbase 730d, have the option of xDrive AWD transmissions with 4-wheel steering.

The new 7 Series will feature a new active chassis system called Executive Drive Pro which employs the Variable Damper Control and the air suspension to achieve a ‘remarkable standard of suspension, damping and vibration comfort’, claim the company’s designers.

The completely refurbished interiors feature brushed aluminum trims and employs a lot of wood. The car also comes with the latest and completely new iDrive control system with added features and a smartphone-like operating system.

An optional Executive Lounge Seating feature, to be available from July 2016, will feature highly comfortable and luxurious sitting arrangement for the rear seat. The backrest of the rear seats can be reclined to up to 42.5 degrees while the front seat can be slid ahead by an 90mm more to create added leg space for the rear seats.

Moreover, the backrest can be tilted completely in front and the head restraint can be folded down allowing passengers in the rear have a much better view of the front screen. A fold-out footrest that is electrically operated is embedded at the back of the front seat. The entertainment system is also electrically adjustable to get the ideal viewing angle for the passenger in the rear seat.

The rear seats also feature cup holders, storage compartment, fold-out table and the new BMW Touch Command system. Another attractive technology to feature in the BMW 7 Series is the remote parking function wherein the car will self-park after the driver has got out of the vehicle.

Another innovative technological update to be featured is the gesture recognition system allowing hand movements and gestures to perform tasks such as declining a call or increasing the volume in the radio.

Two hybrid plug-in models dubbed 740e and 740Le xDrive will also be launched in 2016. These models, however, will not feature Executive Drive Pro chassis system.

BMW 7 Series Cars Integrated with Welcome Light Carpet for Easy Identification

Automobiles have advanced throughout the years and feature some of the most powerful engines on the inside. However, they seldom focus on the minor changes like exterior lighting which makes life much easier for its users.

The people at BMW have thought about it and have managed to come up with a brand new technology for their 7 series cars. Known as the Welcome Light Carpet, the lighting system found in the BMW 7 will make it easy to spot the vehicle in a dark parking lot. It not only illuminates the sides of the vehicle to easily identify its position among other vehicles, but also has a pattern to highlight the side of the door, making it easier to find the lock and open it.

Many automobile manufacturers have tried the same, but much to the dismay of the users, they were either on the exterior mirror or near the ground. It technically voids the purpose because these lights are supposed to make it easy for a person to walk the sides in a dark area and mount the car. BMW has made it possible with the help of a research team at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF.

The research team has come up with a microoptic lens which projects the light directly on the ground and can easily cover up to four square meters. The advanced optical technology used in it enables it to create a stylish striped pattern that runs alongside the door, allowing people to identify the door of their car in dark areas. Multiple projects, the size of a button has been combined together into a honeycomb shape so as to make this possible. Without the help of the people at Fraunhofer, this may have never been possible, but BMW has pulled it off.

The compact size of the projectors allowed the manufacturer to conveniently mount it in the underbody, which is what most manufacturers couldn’t accomplish. Integrating such tiny light projectors at the bottom of the car is not a good idea as they could easily get damaged. The researchers have thought about the same and have placed the light to look in the opposite direction to avoid damages.

However, it may not be possible to completely eradicate dust accumulation; but the good news is, they can reduce the brightness of the lights found in the BMW 7, but can never completely hide them.

2016 BMW 7 Series – Can BMW Beat Mercedes S-Class?

During the past several years, the Mercedes S-Class was the luxury sedan to beat. The flagship by Mercedes offered looks, power, luxury, comfort and technology inside.

But the new 2016 BMW 7 Series looks to finally get over the hump and be the rival that Mercedes deserves. In the past, the BMW 7 Series offered everything that Mercedes does, but without the technology and safety features of the S-Class.

Before we go into what makes the 2016 BMW 7 Series competent rival, we must mention that the Mercedes S-Class was lastly updated in 2013. The S-Class is due for freshening in 2016 or 2017, but for now, it looks like BMW has the flagship to beat.

The lineup of the Mercedes S-Class includes a base model producing 455hp with V8 engine, but also powertrains with V12 engine and more than 500 ponies under the hood. And while BMW has yet to announce a hybrid version of the 7 Series, Mercedes already has few plug-in hybrids in the range for the S-Class. However, we are talking about the technological aspect here and here is what separates the 2016 BMW 7 Series from the field.

Gesture Control

The highlight of the technology inside the new 7 Series is the gesture control feature. The goal is to help the driver control his vehicle while focusing on the road. At the moment, gesture control has five basic functions, including accepting and rejecting phone calls, raising and lowering volume and a 360 degree view of the vehicle. All commands are simple. For example, pointing towards the screen accepts a phone call, while a swiping movement rejects the call. Rotating your finger lowers or increases the volume. Pinch and move is the command for a 360-degree car view. The 360-degree view or also called 3D view camera is made possible by multiple sensors and cameras. With gestures, the driver can actually see every look around his car. The system can also provide the driver with real-time rendering images of the environment around the car.

Touch Command Tablet

Another handy tech goodie in the 2016 BMW 7 Series is the introduction of bespoke tablet. This option is only available for the Luxury Rear Seating package, designed especially for business class drive experience. The tablet can be used by voice commands and control the audio system, mood lighting, sunroof, internet connectivity and much more.

Exercise and vitality program                         

We still do not know who will use this option, but it’s nice to have it. Thinking about the health and wellbeing of its passengers, the command tablet of the rear seats includes a vitality program that can transform the 2016 7 Series into a personal gym. This option is available with the “Rear executive lounge seating package” option, which guides the passenger through several isometric exercises that help people improve their health and stature. The exercises are presented on a large, 10 inch entertainment touchscreen display. All the exercises can be performed in the car.

NFC Technology

Apple made a huge breakthrough last year by introducing NFC technology as part of the iPhone 6. Now, car makers are trying to catch up and BMW is the first one to install NFC technology into the new 2016 7 Series. With a simple click and tap, you can connect your device to the car.

BMW 7 Series Loaded with Advanced Technologies: Experimental Marketing Strategy Adopted

The new BMW 7 series is loaded with so many advanced technologies that gadget freaks are bound to be very thrilled.

The all new 7 series is set to make its debut in the automotive market in a grand event to be held in the Dmexco conference. Moreover, BMW adopted a fresh initiative in its marketing strategy to reach out to prospective buyers.

The high-tech features, which presumably will make James Bond jealous, include a key knob that remotely parks the car and also serves as the fuel gauge. While the tagline, ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’ is definitely part of the advertising campaign, the company is shifting gears in the way the 7 Series will be marketed.

Timo Resch, VP of product management in BMW, said, ‘We want to stay true to ourselves, but also to take our marketing to another stage’. In addition to the key fob that automatically and remotely parks the car, Resch spoke at length of the various other high-tech gadgets that will feature in the new 7 Series. These technological gadgets include gesture controls for phone calls and volume settings, an environmentally efficient carbon fiber technology and a removable tablet fitted in the rear seat. The VP also showcased the remote car parking facility for the audience.

The addition of the technological gadgets is to make the driving experience smoother and easier and not to confuse, he added. The users will not need any manual to understand how the gadgets operate as long as they are comfortable using any handheld device. Additionally, the company service representatives will follow-up with the car buyers 4 weeks after taking delivery to answer questions and/or clarify doubts.

The marketing approach taken by BMW is both innovative and different. The company contacted 25,000 customers worldwide, a combination of their own clients, other car clients and also those who did not own cars. Then they were grouped into clusters of 10-20 and the new car was demonstrated to them in exclusive events.

The customers were not allowed to bring in mobiles or any video/camera devices to take photos or videos. However, they were exhorted to take to the social media to create a buzz around the vehicle and write about their direct experiences regarding the new BMW 7 Series.

Another tweak in the advertising campaign included a change in the strategy depending on the geography of the market. For instance, in China, the car’s roomy and lavish interior were focused on, while in the US, the power of the eight-cylinder engine was fixated upon.

Resch also added that despite all controls that help and aid drivers to navigate smoothly and without much ado, on a curvy mountain road, the driver can opt to switch off all controls and obtain that distinctive BMW driving feel.

The new top-spec Series 7 is estimated to be priced at $70,000 and will be available for the US buyers around the time of Thanksgiving.

2016 BMW 7 Series – How Does it Feel to Drive a Powerful Machine?

In an effort to promote the new luxury sedan, BMW North America showed just what the 2016 BMW 7 Series can do in an event organized in the Monticello Motor Club.

Not many car companies elect to showcase their new cars on a race track, but BMW did just that. Why? Because the German company wants to show customers that driving the new BMW 7 Series is luxury, but also sporty and dynamic experience. BMW also used the event to release more than 150 photos of the luxury sedan.

The sixth generation of the flagship sedan by BMW is powered by 3.0-liter V6 engine producing 320hp, accompanied by an 8-speed automatic gearbox. The basic version costs just $81,300 and offers extreme fuel efficiency and quicker response to driver commands. At the top of the class sits the BMW 750i xDrive with the new 4.4-liter twin-turbo engine producing 445hp. The V8 engine is also coupled with 8-speed automatic transmission and gets the xDrive all-wheel drive system. BMW also plans a 740e plug-in hybrid model which should be released on the US market in the beginning of 2016. The plug-in hybrid will last for 23 miles on battery power and accelerate up to 75mph.

But what makes the 2016 BMW 7 Series luxury and sporty car is the technology inside. Arguably one of the best features is the navigation system that uses GPS data to predict the next shift. The feature allows the driver to accelerate to maximum speeds and prepare for a shift just like race car drivers do. With a package that adds a sport exhaust, aero kit, 20 inch wheels and sport transmission, all those who want to drive a sports luxury sedan through the city and breeze on highways, can pay extra for the M Sport.

BMW offers only the long-wheelbase model for the US market, but thanks to the xDrive all-wheel drive system, the 7 Series is smooth on the road. Air suspension keeps the body in check at high speed, braking, shifting and acceleration.

As we continue towards the technological aspect of the new 2016 BMW 7 series, we must mention the new center console touchscreen display. The change allows the driver to control the navigation system and other functions much faster. Some features like Gesture Control only add flair to the already remarkable infotainment system. With gestures, the drivers will be able to accept and reject calls on their smartphones, volume down or up and use a two-finger point to activate special, previously assigned function.

2016 BMW 7 Series Revolutionizes Car Technology Like Never Before

Luxury car manufacturers have a goal of their own. While it’s all about speed for Ferrari and Lamborghini, companies like Audi, Mercedes and BMW focus on comfort, performance combined with the best technology in the world.

Car tech is booming like never before and it is evident that BMW doesn’t want to be left behind. The company’s top officers had a meet with Apple’s CEO Tim Cook to discuss and integrate some of the latest tech into their upcoming vehicles. At the moment, we don’t know whether it is going to be an Apple car or a BMW car when it gets an official announcement. However, the 2016 BMW 7 Series, which comes straight from their manufacturing unit confirmed that the manufacturer, can do a great job without relying on the technology giants.

Compared to the previous version, the all new model is substantially lightweight because it is constructed using carbon fiber materials. They are extremely safe as the fiber has received high ratings in crash tests; yet, it weighs less, which allowed BMW to construct the new 7 series without changing its basic structure.

There are two different types of variants available, including the 750i and the 740i. Both these cars support rear wheel drive while you can choose to upgrade to the 750i xDrive trim which will support all wheel drive. A 3.0 liter in-line six cylinder turbocharged engine powers the 740i while a 4.4 liter turbocharged V8 engine is used in the 750i variant. The V8 delivers an impressive 445 horsepower, which should satisfy buyers who love good acceleration and top speed.

When it comes to car technology, safety matters the most. The 2016 BMW 7 series is incorporated with a wide range of safety features including the tweaked automatic steering and braking system. Automatic collision avoidance system is found in most luxury sedans, but BMW has gone a step ahead where the car will initiate an instant stop to save the passengers, but the feature can be manually altered by the driver, based on the actual situation to avoid damage.

The infotainment system in the 2016 models support gesture control and has an advanced self-parking system. The driver can leave the car in front of the garage after which it will automatically park itself without an actual person driving it. The U.S. regulations board has some stringent rules which BMW is trying to satisfy. Once they successfully accomplish it, they will be able to bring all these features and more into the country. The car is priced at $96,000 which could increase or decrease based on the variant you choose.

2016 BMW 7 Series – The New Gold Standard in Luxury Sedans Better than Mercedes S-Class

For now, BMW can claim it has the best luxury sedan on the market with the most tech goodies. Now in its sixth generation, the 2016 BMW 7 Series offers much more technology than the previous gold standard in the class, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

We will have to wait until the Frankfurt Motor Show to see the new S-Class in action. For now, the BMW 7 is the way to go.

At first glance, the 2016 BMW 7 looks the same as its predecessor. The German car maker didn’t want to change much, but take a deeper look and you’ll notice the small and subtle changes. The new 7 series is curvier and the front end is bolder. BMW has even added a subtle trick to improve aerodynamic, adding an active grille up front that opens only when the temperature under the hood heats up. BMW has also extended the headlamps, now as far as the grille and has added LED tail lamps.

What is inside is what makes the 2016 BMW 7 Series a flagship in the luxury sedans department. The new sedan by BMW is a technological Tour de force, loaded with sophisticated technology to make the driving experience as luxurious and as comfortable as possible.

When it comes to technology, we must start with the touch less gesture control. One of the biggest issues nowadays is driving and speaking on the phone and the 2016 BMW 7 series eliminates that treat. You can accept and reject calls with hand motions, without the need to press the touchscreen.
Going into the iDrive system, you can now control it via touchscreen, with options such as pinch and expand for zooming in or out. Voice activation can be used for the navigation system. Gesture controls are available for many more commands, not just answering and rejecting calls.

In the 2016 BMW 7 Series, the front passengers are not the only one getting tons of tech goodies. The rear seats have an option for removable tablet. The tablet allows control on seat adjustment, air conditioning, navigation, infotainment, interior lighting and much more. You can use the tablet to surf the internet or watch videos and listen to music.

The US market will get two versions of the 7 series, the 740i and the 750i xDrive. The lower end model is powered by a 3.0-liter, turbocharged V6 engine, producing 320hp, combined with an 8-speed automatic transmission. The higher end model is powered by 445 ponies, with a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine under the hood. The best thing is that the transmission is linked to the navigation system. That ensures that gear selection is always adapted and adjusted to the driving conditions. BMW has also added an all-wheel drive for the xDrive trimming, which helps with driving at high speed in extreme conditions.

A new plug-in hybrid is also planned, coming out next year. The plug in hybrid will feature a 2.0-liter turbo engine combined with an electric motor and a lithium-ion battery.

With all that in mind, the only question is whether you should buy the new, 2016 BMW 7 series. For a price ranging between $81,300 and $94,400, the luxury sedan is surely worth the money. For now, we do not know how it compares to the new S-Class, soon to be released by Mercedes. But the 7 Series is definitely the best luxury driving experience car.