2021 BMW i4 – the all new BMW Electric Sedan to Challenge Tesla Model 3

2021 BMW i4

BMW has taken the wraps off BMW i4, its first fully-electric sedan challenging Tesla Model 3 and the latest Polestar 2.

BMW has eventually dropped hints about the BMW i4, which is based on a modified version of the CLAR platform that underpins the current BMW 3 series and 4 series.

This sporty car will offer a range of 590 km/charge and is a high-performance M variant. Power-driven by a 530hp electric motor, BMW i4 will undoubtedly be the first M Division car.

BMW i4 Design

If you are an ardent fan of the BMW 4 series but prefer to have an EV, this car is for you. The all-electric BMW sedan – BMW i4 looks similar to the new BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe with its vast two-piece grille. However, this car is expected to have greater aerodynamic efficiency on its side, flush door handles, extended rear diffuser, and a blocked off grille.

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Despite the similar design, BMW has taken steps to ensure that you don’t mistake this royal car for a petrol or diesel-powered BMW. The electric blue trim around the car ensures that.

BMW i4 Performance

This aggressive-looking four door Gran Coupe’s driving range is anticipated at 600 km, with 150kw charging capabilities to restore 100km of driving range in six minutes flat.

Likewise, the BMW i4 can hit 0 – 62mph in just four seconds, thus challenging its rivals Tesla Model 3 and Polestar 2. BMW has reportedly hired prominent musician Hans Zimmer to create distinct soundtracks for different drive modes. So we can expect to have a soft soundtrack in the efficient mode and a much more intense soundtrack in the sport mode.

BMW i4 Interior

Though BMW has not unveiled much about the BMW i4’s interior yet, we can expect it to be pretty spacious inside because its design is similar to the BMW 3 series. We can also expect the BMW i4’s interior to feature a larger screen for infotainment.

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With its sporty looks, zero local emissions, and classy driving dynamics, the BMW i4 Gran Coupe is expected to hit the showroom by 2021.

2022 BMW iX Electric SAV is Underway, Spotted without Camouflage

Big brands are busy working on the next generation electric cars and we know evidently that they are close to a launch date. The 2022 BMW iX Electric SAV is yet another model in the making.

Surprisingly, the car was spotted in Munich and it had no kind of camouflage on top of it. Anyone walking by could easily make out the design elements, the interior and overall look that BMW is trying to achieve this time around.

Based on what we already know, BMW is planning to offer two different choices for the iX variant. If you are someone who wants the best speed and performance from your vehicle, the possible option is to go for the Sport Package. As with most other cars in the same segment, this particular variant will focus on the best speed, acceleration and provide an overall performance boost to the vehicle. For everyone else, the option available is the BMW Individual Exterior Line Titanium Bronze edition.

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Being an exclusive edition, it makes it easier to buy for anyone who is fascinated by the color option provided. The particular color palette is unique and stands out from the rest. The other color choices that you could buy include the Cashmere Silver metallic and the Aventurine Red II, with both being on the vibrant side. The car being spotted in the wild in Munich further adds to its impressive exterior design include the kidney grille frontline combined with a wheelbase which is the same as the X7.

Borrowing from Popular Models

The 2022 BMW iX Electric SAV is possibly one among the very few new entrants to the race. The automobile manufacturer is keen on making it the best which is why they have been borrowing all the design aesthetics from multiple cars. It starts with the X7 wheelbase while the kidney grille is once again a known asset for BMW and the height of the car is similar to the X6. The exterior dimensions even though not officially available for us in a specs sheet, is similar to the X5.

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The grille that not many people are fond of at this point of time will be found in iNext and iX designs from BMW, as confirmed by Kai Langer chief designer at the automaker’s stable. The car is mounted on the 5th generation BMW eDrive platform which allows enough space for two electric motors, large battery and a fast charging technology that makes EVs more palpable. The speculated pricing starts at $70,000 and can go all the way up to $100.


2022 BMW iX1 Electric SUV Spotted on the Road, Spy Shots Available Now

With every major brand moving towards an electric future, we now have the 2022 BMW iX1 electric SUV heading to showroom at some point of time.

The vehicle as expected was fully camouflaged yet our spy shots could make out the actual design of the car. Being a compact SUV, it should be comfortable to sit and easy to drive around in any location.

The all-electric future sounds like a plausible choice at this point of time when global warming has become a stark issue. BMW is keen on bringing all their EVs out to the public as soon as public so that they could convince buyers to go for their brand. The new spy photos confirm that this will be more of a compact SUV in terms of size yet will use the body of the X1. Long time fans of the car will find this unique collaboration alluring as it satisfies both ends of the world while coming from a brand known for their best offerings.

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In terms of design, BMW continues to maintain their aesthetics intact as the iX1 is equipped with glossy black plates. The obvious and strikingly unique kidney grille continues to dominate the front of the car combined with a series of blue highlights. While it is too early to make claims on the design front because of the obvious camouflage all over it, but it is possible confirm that it will not disappoint big time BMW fans if they choose to go all-electric while retaining the large wheelbase in the SUV.

Unmatched Performance in an Electric Engine

Most automobile fans were skeptical about the EV future because they believe the performance would take a big hit. However, the upcoming models from majority of the brands including the 2022 BMW iX1 electric SUV says a completely different story. On the inside, the car is powered by a solid electric engine that can go from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 6.8 seconds. The car is equipped with a 80kWh battery pack. It is capable of producing 210kW and 400Nm of torque power.

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The overall driving range of the car is pegged at 460 kilometers on a full charge which is approximately 285 miles. The coverage seems plausible as you can easily complete a long journey without having to look for charging points along the path. The BMW I models are expected to be launched towards the end of next year or possibly by early 2022.

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New Patent Images Give Us a Glimpse of the BMW i Model

A new BMW i model is under development and it is expected to be an electrified version from the brand.

Patent images of the model leaked online giving us an early glimpse of the car before its announced.

Instead of going for a premium SUV, it looks like BMW is focusing on a hatchback that buyers have come to love over the years. They are practical, affordable and will make it easy to usher in the electrified motors into the mainstream market. It was earlier speculated that BMW is going for an i5 brand name for the new car, the patent filing along with the images has been done right from i1 to i9. BMW could bring the EV in any one of these names.

Based on the size of the car spotted in the patent images, we can deduce that it looks close to an BMW i3 model than any other variant. During the investors call last year, the top tier representatives confirmed that they will be looking at zero emission cars and obviously they were referring to the electric vehicles.

Concept image also showcases a very familiar brand image similar to the ones found in the i8 sports car and the i3 hatchback. The headlights are exactly the same and even the windscreen, sloping roofline are identical to the current models. They confirm that the aerodynamic capability of the upcoming electric car will be on par with the brand’s popular i series offerings.

From the sketch, it looks like a five door model and uses floating c-pillars. The rear lights in the image looks drastically different from the ones spotted in current models. Being a concept image, it could probably undergo some drastic changes before going into production. There are so many concept cars that hardly resemble the production version. We should probably wait for a long time before this simple sketch reaches next steps.

The top executive from BMW confirmed that their i brand is not simply going to be identified as an electric brand but rather it will focus on technologies of all sorts. It can even be assumed that they were talking about introducing autonomous technology in the vehicle, allowing passengers to enjoy carefree rides from their home to their office and even long camping trips. For now, check out the concept sketch and wait for BMW to reveal more official details in the following months.