Hyundai May Introduce Luxury EV Under Genesis Brand

Genesis New York Concept front

Hyundai has some great plans for their newly launched Genesis brand.

The luxury wing of the auto brand may receive a new all-electric vehicle.

The company is already experimenting with sports cars and hybrid powertrains. However, jumping into the electric bandwagon is a huge jump for Genesis. The news comes from Manfred Fitzgerald, senior vice president of the brand. He confirmed that they have plans to introduce an all-electric luxury vehicle. It is part of their lineup but they haven’t decided on the timeline to introduce one. Most auto manufacturers are waiting for their competitors to launch their electric vehicle because once it becomes mainstream, it is much easier to sell the cars.

Tesla was the pioneers of the idea when they launched the Model S sedan followed by the Model X SUV. The automobile manufacturer is now working on a cheap electric car named Model 3. They have officially announced the model which is priced at $35,000 and can cover 200 miles per hour on a single charge. In an earlier announcement, Genesis said that they are planning to launch six different luxury cars including plug-in hybrids. It is not clear whether they are going to add the all-electric vehicle to the lineup or rather add it as the seventh car in the series.

The Genesis G80 and the G90 are announced while another sporty, compact model to compete with the BMW 3 series is also under development. Rumors claimed that the small car will be named the G70. Commenting on their upcoming launches, the company’s vice president said that electric cars definitely have a strong future in the automobile industry and the Genesis brand is going to take part in the race.

Instead of building electric vehicles designed for long commutes, Hyundai and Genesis will focus on the luxury component of the car. While both companies are under the same management, Genesis is committed to differentiating itself from its parent company in all ways. With their new electric vehicle, the brand aims to directly compete with Mercedes, BMW, Ford and other brands who are pushing EVs of their own from 2018 onwards.

On the other end, Hyundai is planning to launch its own electric car with an impressive 200 miles per hour mileage. Electric vehicles so far are still below the 100 mile range which auto manufacturers aim to break with their new launches. In a couple of years, all we may see is EVs roaming the streets.

Hyundai Planning To Launch 200-Mile Electric Car In 2018

Hyundai is going to give Tesla a touch competition when they launch the Model 3 electric carin 2018.

New reports indicate that the company is going to launch an EV which will have a solid 200-mile range.

The information comes from aleading automobile magazine and sounds authentic. Hyundai has already launched their I series cars which focus on electrifying the vehicles. The idea is to give a tough competition to Tesla. If they manage to make a car which could run 200 miles on a single charge. Currently, two different hybrid vehicles are being offered by Hyundai which can cover a meager distance of27 miles on its electric motor. The Ioniq family is a breakthrough as the engineers managed to achieve at least 110 miles on a single charge. It made it easier for passengers to travel good distances before a recharge is necessary.

Hyundai is establishing a strong relationship with its sister concern Kia. The companies plan to build a large lineup of electric vehicles and double the numbers before 2020. Earlier, the team announced that they will launch at least 26 vehicles by the end of this decade. Now, they added that there will be two more vehicles to join the line. Kia is going to come up with an electric soul hatchback with 93 mile range when fully charged. Optima hybrid sedan is also in the cards which the brand has planned to revamp to suit the modern generation. A Niro hybrid car is in the charts but one or more of these models may not make it to the stores.

While Hyundai is planning its own strategy, Volkswagen announced that they are going to constructed a Giga factory as done by Tesla. Every last company is inspired by the electric automaker Tesla without doubts because they are copying their every move. But, it obviously leads to better results. If successful, Volkswagen will be able to construct hundreds of electric cars without delay. The Giga factory will make it easier to construct large batteries efficiently and also help increase the mile range of each model they construct.

Not only Hyundai, Volkswagen and Kia but brands including Ford, Nissan, BMW and Mercedes Benz have their own version of hybrids as well as EVs lined up for launch in the future. Most of them are eyeing a launch in 2018 which seems to be the sweet spot to introduce such an innovative technology to change the automobile world.

Apple Electric Car to be Released in 2019, Latest Reports Reveal

Cupertino seems to be stepping up its desire to join the motor world by keeping the engine on as far as the electric car business is concerned. This is regarding Apple insiders who have been silently talking to the Wall Street Journal.

However, as usual with Apple, it has always been a very difficult task when it comes to guessing what they will be coming up with, and when to expect it. Nonetheless, there are always pointers and in most cases, they are often right, or close to right.

Apple car release date

Apple has kept its cars close to its chest. Even when quizzed about the matter, no response came out. However, the latest reports suggest that there will be a new Apple electric car by the time 2019 comes to a conclusion.

According to the WSJ, Apple is working hard to ensure that this dream charged-up car becomes a reality a few years from now. However, there is not much that can be confirmed regarding this release date.

Project Titan to be handled fully by Apple

Close sources to Project Titan revealed that the project received a green light just recently as efforts to step up the development of the car have been put in place. It seems Apple will take the driving seat and take care of everything that the electric car needs, as opposed to earlier rumors that suggested it may need a helping hand from other established car makers, for instance, BMW.

However, just like the news about the release date of the Apple car is unclear; it is still to be revealed whether Apple will take care of the whole manufacturing process. But we all know that the Cupertino based company is never afraid of making bold moves, so, something like building an electric car should fit the ambitious plans of the company thanks to its complex nature.

To validate the latest claim that Apple will be taking charge of the manufacturing of the Apple car, Reuters revealed back in February that it was very unlikely for Apple to turn to another company for help with production of the car.

The idea of having electric vehicles is truly a complex endeavor. However, complex endeavors are actually what define Apple. It is time for an evolution and we expect that car makers will start to build gradually a market for these cars and by the time 2019 comes around, the world may be ready for  the first Apple car ever.

Tesla Races Ahead of BMW, Audi and Mercedes in Luxury Electric Car Segment

While big brands like Audi, Mercedes and BMW are busy creating plug-in hybrids, the luxury electric car manufacturer Tesla is way ahead in the race, opined professor Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer. 

The director of the Center for Automotive Research, shortly known as CAR which operates from the University of Duisburg-Essen has some pretty strong analytics to support his claim. It is not only Dudenhoeffer who has this opinion, but other industry analysts and experts who are closely following the electric car segment opine the same.

The claim that Tesla’s Model S has already overtaken the luxury sedans likes Mercedes S Class, BMW 7 series cars and the Audi A8 emerges from the fact that the plug-in hybrids are hardly eco-friendly and fuel efficient, contrary to what companies have been promoting so far. Compared to a hybrid vehicle, the plug-ins have some fair advantages, but creating an internal combustion engine which is powered by a battery powered electric motor needs a highly complex implementation.

With such complexity, the cost is obviously on the increased side and manufacturers have to invest a lot to manufacture the vehicles. After undergoing such hardships, it might be tough to digest the fact that plug-ins are hardly a thing of the future. They are somewhere in between the electric cars and the conventional gasoline vehicles. Plug-ins are more of fillers than actual mainstream vehicles that customers may need in 2020 or in the future.

Soon, they may become obsolete, because the maximum mileage offered by a plug-in is at 30 miles or so on a full charge, whereas Tesla’s all-electric cars already render distances up to 281 miles on a single charge.

Luxury sedan buyers who preferred a Mercedes or an Audi are now considering the Model S from Tesla, according to Dudenhoeffer’s report titled “Tesla Asserts itself in the Luxury Class”.

In the report, the professor clarifies that soon government and the general public will realize that plug-in hybrids offer a couple of miles on battery before they start combusting regular fuel again. It hardly makes sense to invest and buy one. They could either go for gasoline or a pure electric car which is why big brands should rethink their decision.

Tesla Model S is doing much better than Audi A8, Porsche Panamera among many other brands. They are planning to bring in cheaper mid-range and small electric cars in the next 10 years which could gobble up market share if big brands fail to change their strategy right away.

Audi Partners with Samsung, LG to Deliver an Electric Car That Runs 310 Miles

Creating an all-electric car is such a tough call for the manufacturers that most of them have refrained from doing so. Audi is no different, but when they associate with Samsung and LG, things are entirely different.

Tesla is the only company, a luxurious one, that has managed to create electric cars that don’t rely on gasoline as a secondary fuel option. While other companies like Audi, BMW and Chevrolet have made electric cars, most of them offer less mileage making them unreliable for long drives. Tesla cars are too expensive for most consumers, but they are doing their best to bring down the pricing. Meanwhile, Audi is all set to break the Tesla record with a new partnership and is gearing up for a grand launch at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show.

The luxury car maker will showcase an all-electric car which promises 310 miles on a full charge. It’s a huge accomplishment because even the dedicated Tesla cars deliver just 270 miles. The Tesla Model X is an equal competitor to this upcoming Audi SUV, but in terms of mileage, the latter could easily beat it.

Q6 e-tron is the name for this concept vehicle that Audi has been working on. The company has created a powerful battery in their laboratory which borrows technology from Samsung and LG. The cell module technology is supplied by these two companies which they build in their factories and send it to Audi so that they can integrate it into their cars.

The conglomeration of technology firms like Apple and Samsung with the car manufacturers, BMW, Audi among others, has become inevitable. Even though the car companies would want to try their best to avoid such associations, they may not be able to do so because it has become an important aspect for consumers. A car should have all the latest technology embedded into it besides being compatible with smartphones and other devices. Getting rid of gasoline as its primary fuel will ensure that future cars are different than the ones that have been around for decades now.

The proposed Audi Q6 e-tron will feature a huge battery pack. It powers the vehicle and promises to deliver 310 miles on a full charge. However, the company has to cut down on a lot of other areas to reduce the weight of the SUV and achieve the proposed mileage. Extremely lightweight aluminum materials are being used in the vehicle, which also sports a compact design to appeal to majority of the buyers. We have very little information about the hardware specifications of the vehicle but when the Frankfurt motor show commences, you can surely expect a lot of information coming out.

Do you think this could be a massive hit and a game changer? Share your views in the comments section.

Apple Car May Launch in the Near Future with BMW’s Technology

The most happening news at the moment is Tim Cook’s visit to BMW’s manufacturing plant in Leipzig. The news was first published by a German magazine named the Manager Magazin.

According to the cover feature of the magazine, the CEO of Apple was impressed by the way BMW works. They spent a long time in the factory understanding the methods used to build the futuristic i3 electric cars. BMW, even though extremely happy with this visit, was really skeptical about allowing Apple to know all their business secrets. The company is completely against the idea of becoming a supplier if, the technology giant ever decides to launch a car of their own.

One of the things that impressed Apple at the BMW plant is their futuristic approach in making cars. They have abandoned the traditional manufacturing techniques which are largely dependent on people and supplies. The new methods allow them to build electronic cars in less than three days in a fully automated factory. It might have been ten days or more, if the car manufacturer had followed the traditional methods, which are quite outdated by now.

Apple is interested in releasing electronic cars of their own, which probably will be known as ‘Apple Car’. It’s not possible to do it on their own unless a premium manufacturer like BMW supports them. The magazine also added that BMW has agreed to supply parts to Apple, if required and has laid out some of their terms.

Instead of creating human driven cars, Apple is highly interested in creating self-driving electric cars. Google has already reached there and plenty of autonomous cars are roaming the streets of United States at the moment. Accidents are rare and even when they happen the human drivers are actually to be blamed in majority of the cases. Google is stuck in a situation, where they are unable to launch the consumer versions for a lot of their innovative products including cars and Google Glass.

However, being one of the strongest technology companies in the world, Apple is more than capable of bringing it to the general public. BMW, on the other hand clearly understands that it is impossible to further make their cars more sophisticated, without support from a software company. A mutual association is expected to help both the companies realize their dreams. If Apple goes beyond its iPhones and Macs, it probably has a chance to make the world go crazy about the brand one more time in the post Steve Jobs era.