2021 Fiat 500 Variants Revealed in the UK, Specs and Features

2021 Fiat 500 Variants

The automobile brand has officially unveiled a series of cars for the UK audience. The 2021 Fiat 500 series includes the 500, 500X and 500L variants.

Being a newer version of the car, they have obviously improved everything about the vehicle including its performance, connectivity, interior comfort among many others.

Any buyer who is planning to buy a new car or replace their old Fiat to stick to the brand, this could definitely be a worthy addition to look into. A surprise but the expected announcement is the inclusion of the 500 Electric variants which is scheduled for launch in the near future. The variants available now not only differ in pricing but also have improved features and different powertrains to make it easier for the buyers to make a decision.

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In terms of performance, the entry-level Fiat 500 is equipped with a mild hybrid 1.0-liter powertrain. The engine is capable of delivering about 69 horsepower combined with 68lb-feet of torque. The next in the lineup is obviously better as the 500X delivers about 118 horsepower with a 1.0-liter engine. The 1.3-liter edition is even more powerful as it goes up to 148horsepower while the 500L features a 1.4-liter engine. The variant delivers a moderate 94horsepower which falls in between both these variants.

Additional Variants and Pricing of New Fiat 500 2021 Line-Up

In the United Kingdom, the base Fiat 500 starts at 13,270 GBP while the 500X is at 19,860 and the 500L goes for 18,030 GBP. Going on the highest variant of the Connect trim, you will be able to get some significant improvements in the car including a sports steering wheel with 15-inch alloy wheels, parking sensors and cruise control. The infotainment system will also be improved for an immersive and rich experience when driving the vehicle.

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The pricing of the vehicle and its variants will keep changing based on the Trimline you opt for. Besides, the Sport trim is usually a crowd favorite because of how it significantly improves the overall performance of the car. It includes bespoke badging combined with performance wheels and additional technologies on the interior to update the driver on the car’s current performance. Most vehicle owners love to have that sporty trim and having it in a compact car like the 2021 Fiat 500 makes it all the more appealing especially when it falls in the affordable price range. The car will hit stores in the first half of February.

Fiat 500 Riva Edition Boasts Of Exquisite Interiors Inspired By a Yacht

The announcement comes as a surprise for most because the top auto manufacturer Fiat has collaborated with the yacht manufacturer Riva to design the Fiat 500 Riva edition.

Creating a car inspired by a yacht is kind of a new concept which the auto brand is experiment with its new special edition model. The Retro 500 car which now has a Riva edition is the same compact car patrons have come to love in the past but with the exquisite interiors and luxurious finish inspired by Riva’s yacht.

A lot of exterior aspects of the Fita 500 Riva edition is inspired by the Riva yachts. The overall color of the car is a Sera Blue which is exclusive to the yacht maker. Contrasting the color tone is a double aquamarine line inspired by the boat which runs throughout the middle of the small car. It is equipped with 16-inch alloy wheels that offers the best of stability and aerodynamics. Chrome plating can be found throughout the model in association with a mirror finish found on the door handles, mirror caps and bonnet.

The entire team has spent days to make sure the new car is on par with the Riva yachts so that the special edition is worthy of its name. While colors play a dominant role in the exterior, the interiors of the car boast of much more than just blue colored components. Ivory leather seats are accentuated on the sides with Sera blue stitching and the ivory colored seatbelts are also lined with the same blue tone.

Premium quality wood adorns the dashboard of the Fiat 500 Riva Edition. Most cars can hardly claim to have used mahogany and maple wood in the dashboard but it’s used throughout the car to give a splendorous look to the dashboard. The special Riva badge is found on the bonnet and other areas of the car to showcase its exclusivity.

As expected, it is going to be an extremely limited edition. Only 500 cars will be sold in select regions in Europe and a numbered badge is found on the back of the handbrake so show which number the buyer owns. The Fiat 500 Riva is powered by a Twin Air petrol engine with 104 horsepower while a 1.3-liter diesel engine renders 95 horsepower. A standard manual gearbox is used in all models which can be upgraded to an automatic transmission system.

Fiat offers the Riva edition in both 500 and 500C convertible variants.