2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Will be Sold Worldwide, Powered by Coyote V8

2021 Ford Mustang

From the latest sources, it has been confirmed that the 2021 Ford Mustang will be going out of North America and is ready to be sold around the globe.

The information comes from a Ford Authority and the idea is to make the car readily available for buyers worldwide. Most high-performance variants will be limited to be a specific region like the Mustang Shelby GT350 but that will not be the case for the new Mustang.

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The power horse that it has always been, the new Mustang under the bonnet will be running on a Coyote V8 engine. The 5.0-liter engine is naturally aspirated without any industry made tweaks, which allows it to produce a solid 480 horsepower combined with 569 Nm of torque clocked at 4,600rpm. The automobile brand has purposefully designed the car in such a way that it doesn’t compete directly with its super-powerful variants like the GT350 or the GT350R. They are still the top of the line models which provides them the much-needed space to price the new Mustang at a decent price range.

The good news is they have not completely abandoned the new car because it received some components from the higher end GT350. The Tremec 3160 six-speed manual gearbox is one of the many additions which allows the car to touch the highest level of torque and performance effortlessly. It also features the same cooler system combined with a short-throw shifter as well as the dual disc clutch found in the Mustang GT edition. For the more demanding buyer, a 10-speed automatic transmission edition is also available although it will cost much higher and made for serious Mach 1 admirers.

Design Modifications and Improvements

The car has received significant improvement from the 3D mesh used in the front and the auxiliary lamp elements make it look sharper. Similar to many other Mustang cars from Ford, the automobile manufacturer offers a GT Performance pack which when upgraded will improve the car’s air intake and airflow. The Blue Oval edition is one of the top favorites in our team and more such color options would convince the buyer to go for a 2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1 without looking into other choices from competing brands.

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The Handling Package is yet another improvement offered which will provide a splitter, front-wheel lip molding and the less glossy spoiler. The Gurney flap provided as part of this package is the one already being used in the Mustang Shelby GT500. In other words, the Mach 1 is full of all the best Mustangs available already in the market and gives buyers a chance without having to spend even more on their need for speed. The new car is set to be available in other countries in the second quarter of 2021.

Ford Mustang Black Shadow and Blue Editions Roll into Europe

The Ford ‘Go Further’ event is underway and during the expo, the automobile brand launched the Ford Mustang Black Shadow and the Blue Editions specifically for the European audience.

The facelifted Ford Fiesta is the first big launch to grace the occasion followed by the announcement of the Mustang’s new color editions. They are the same cars with similar performance but has been upgraded with color schemes as well as useful body kits. If you are planning to buy one, you can go for the variant powered by a 5.0-liter V8 engine. The powertrain is mated to a six speed manual transmission system and an optional six speed automatic transmission system is also provided as an upgrade.

It has been confirmed that the editions will be available for purchase from January 2017 onwards. The color options available include grabber blue, race red, platinum white and triple yellow. They may sound fancy to pronounce but the colors are conventional with multiple layers to achieve a parallax effect. The black body detailing strongly accentuates the bright colored exterior which when combined with the Pony emblem and large 19-inch alloy wheels make the Ford Mustang very appealing.

Mustang Blue Edition sports the stylish Grabber Blue color which has side stripes and looks instantly striking. The word ‘Grabber’ comes from Ford’s nostalgic models. They are known for those addictive stripes that allowed the Mustang to stand apart from the crowd. The new cars are no different as they are distinct. The car is powered by a 5.0-liter V8 engine with the choice to pick a manual or automatic transmission setup. The model is equipped with Sync3 multimedia system.

The improved infotainment system allows passengers to readily play media, access maps and do multiple tasks at once. It is powered by a premium surround sound system for maximum immersion and the black leather interiors feature seats with both heating and cooling capacity. They ensure a luxurious ride of your Ford Mustang, be it the Black Shadow or the Blue edition.

The models will be limited to the European market as there are similar versions available in US and UK. Ford Mustang may receive performance packages and color bundles but the actual variants launched in Europe will not be introduced in other regions, as confirmed by a representative. The pricing was not revealed though but we expect it to be similar to the existing Mustang models with slight variation.

Ford Mustang GT Receives Power Packs From Performance Division

The Ford Mustang GT is an amazing car which balances the best of performance, efficiency and pricing.

While it is already at its best, Ford Performance division has decided to push it even further with a dedicated power pack.

The brand new power packs are rolled out for models released in between the years 2015 and 2017. When you choose to go for the power pack, it will have significant boost in perform including a bumped up 37 horsepower increase and some emission changes.Every Power Pack owner will receive calibrations which comply by the state rules.

The calibration will increase throttle response done using the ProCal tool. It ensures that the car works without going against the regulations set by the board. The particular power pack can only be installed in cars which have 91 octane fuel or much higher than that. Such models are available primarily with the Ford Mustang GT editions launched in North America.

Ford Performance confirmed that the power pack specifically designed for the Mustang GT editions will be available for purchase from August 1st onwards. The pack is priced at $539 which is a reasonable price tag considering the number of components included in it. It includes a high flow air filter provided by K&N allowing the car to gain a total increase of 13 horsepower and 16 lb feet of torque more than the base model.

By default, the GT provides 435 horsepower coupled with 400 lb feet of torque. While the boost might sound minimal on paper, it will have a significant change in real world performance, according to Ford. The Power Pack 2 is higher than the first edition and is priced at $949. It leads to an increase of 21 horsepower combined with 24 lb feet of torque.

Buyers have the option to purchase the GT350 hardware and the bundled adapter if they are ready to shell out $539. While the first pack will get launched by the first week of August, you may have to wait until September which is when Power Pack 2 will arrive at dealership stores.

The last but the most powerful in the lot, the power pack 3 designed for the Ford Mustang GT350 includes a bigger throttle body, intake manifold and cold air intake. It offers the best in class boost with up to 37 horsepower increase coupled with up to 51 lb feet of torque to the particular variant. However, it’s kind of expensive at $2,395.

New Custom Made Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang is Inspired By an Airplane

Ford has released a new custom made Shelby GT350 Mustang and the car derives its yellow colored tone along with a lot of design aspects from the Ole Yeller airplane.

The aircraft made heads turn at the Reno National Championship Air Races and is a fine piece of art. The airplane’s design, color and presentation have inspired Ford to adapt it in their new special edition Mustang. The GT350 will be sold in an auction and the fund raised through the product will be directly donated to the Experimental Aircraft Association EAA youth program.

A bright yellow is a significant aspect of the Ole Yeller aircraft which the Mustang aims to mimic and bring back the nostalgia. The company already has a triple yellow scheme in their lineup. However, Ford confirmed that the one being used in this special edition car is not the same. It has been developed from the ground up giving buyers the exclusivity that they deserve. When they sell a single car in an auction, they should obviously do these things to find the highest bidder.

Similar to the color tone used in the airplane, the special edition Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang uses green accents on the rear fenders. All other modes are directly from SEMA including the extensively large rear wing, and the green accent lighting which has been used in the grille as well as an accent lighting under the car. The bright green light made in a way to contrast the yellow tone is used throughout the model including the side mirror caps, the seats, brake calipers and in many other spots.

While there are so many changes made to the exterior of the model, the performance and the powertrain remains exactly the same. Ford has left the engine found in the Shelby GT250 Mustang completely untouched. It is still powered by a 5.2-liter V8 engine which is capable of delivering up to 526 horsepower coupled with 429 lb feet of torque. It is mated to a six speed manual transmission system.

The action for the special edition car takes places on July 28. It will be organized at the EAA and will be used to help aspiring pilots to get the best training as well as equipment. Ford has already donated five different Mustangs in the part to the association which was used for the Apollo space program. They will continue to support the EAA at all points.

2018 Ford Mustang To Be Powered By 10-Speed Automatic Transmission

Changing the gearbox could have a drastic change in overall performance which is what Ford in association with General motors is aiming to do.

The company has already started working on a 10-speed automatic transmission system which can most probably be adopted only in the Ford trucks. However, new rumor claimed that they are going to be used in more vehicles than just trucks because the idea is to transfer the extra power to wagons, sedans and SUVs. The information comes from a website which is dedicated to bringing the best Mustang news and when it is from such a reputed source, we just can’t ignore the authenticity in it.

According to the same, a new 2018 Ford Mustang is under development and when the car gets launched it is to be powered by a 10-speed automatic transmission system. It is going to allow the company to compete against the 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 which boasts of a similar gearbox. The information was found by a Ford dealer when he was browsing through the company’s official documents. He confirmed that a ten speed transmission has been registered along with the name 10R80.

It is also filed under the column transmission which adds credibility to the information found. There is no particular model attached with this gearbox system but once again based on what we know so far and the brand’s style, it would be nothing but the 2018 Ford Mustang. Only a flagship and popular model like the Mustang can be used to experiment with top of the gearbox. If it is used for other models, there could be emission or fuel efficiency issues. Doing the same with the best car always makes it easier to sell it rather than forcing the average commuter to try out experimental features.

The 10-speed automatic transmission system is developed by Ford in association with General Motors. It is already rumored to be used by the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor. The particular car uses a 3.5-liter twin turbo V6 engine. When Ford has invested so much in a particular manufacturing plant, they obviously would like to use the place to build higher end models with more horsepower, performance and also experiment with features.

The automobile manufacturer has invested $1.4 billion for the transmission plant located in Livonia. The 10-speed automatic system is also expected to boost fuel efficiency which we can confirm after the official launch.

Ford Working on a New HUD LED Shift Indicator for Shelby GT350 Mustang

Ford recently unveiled the new Shelby GT350 Mustang that comes in with a new look that focuses on the track. The Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang comes in with brand new adaptive dampers, giant breaks and a flat crank V8 engine.

The company first decided to keep mum on a number of crucial details about this car, among them the torque, horsepower and the pricing, but a lot has been coming in the recent days. The latest news reveals that Ford is working on a new HUD LED shift indicator that is standard for both the Shelby GT350 Mustang and the Shelby GT350R Mustang. According to these reports, the kit being designed is a neat and subtle piece of equipment.

Reports state that a Ford Performance employee came about with more uses for the collision warning system in the Taurus SHO model, which relays LED flashes against the car’s windshield. Upon doing this, the employee noticed that it was possible to reprogram the current technology and make it work as a shift indicator in a move that requires very minor efforts. He did successfully modify the unit on his late-model Taurus SHO and then exposed it to the brass. The unit was fast-tracked for the Shelby GT350 Mustang and as a result, we are here.

Three display types

Ford has named the new system the Performance Shift Light Indicator and it is equipped with three types of display. Within each display type there are options of changing the shift points, adjusting the brightness of the LED flashes and it is also possible to shut off the whole shebang.

Tach mode

The first mode you can use on your Shelby GT350 Mustang is the Tach mode. This mode simply lights up in a sequence as revs build.

Track mode

The Track mode on the other hand will light up from each end as it moves towards the center and when it arrives at the predetermined shift point, it will flash.

Drag mode

The last mode available in the Performance Shift Light Indicator is the Drag mode. Here, drivers will only be able to see a flash at the shift point in order to help keep the sightlines clear.