Ford Promises to Make Only Electric Cars in Europe by 2030


Major automakers are promising to completely switch over to electric cars in the next five or ten years as the maximum deadline.

As they embrace the world of EVs, Range Rover, Jaguar announced they will no longer make any petrol or diesel cars after five years. Ford joins the line as they confirm they will be fully electric by 2030 in Europe.

All EV cars will be manufactured from 2026 onwards for which the brand has already invested over a billion dollars in their Cologne factory. While the major plan will be implemented only ten years later, for now, they have confirmed that in another four years there will only be plug-in hybrid vehicles or fully electric cars. This will enable the European population to contribute as little as possible to carbon emissions and keep the world a greener one.

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Tesla is obviously at the forefront of this EV revolution as they have managed to push electric cars in literal ways traditional automobile companies would never do. They have even made their way into India where expensive EVs are a far cry but the brand aims to make it a household choice in the next couple of years by producing vehicles in the Indian subcontinent. Competing in Europe is an entirely new game where Ford confirmed that they have all their cars match with zero-emission requirements by 2024.

By 2030, two-thirds of the vehicles sold in Europe will be either a  plug-in hybrid (PHEV) or electric vehicle (EV). Hybrid vehicles will continue to be made at least until 2035 so that customers could get the headroom to make the jump from traditional gasoline-powered cars to a more computer-like car where lots of things can be automated in a sleek frame.

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The first-ever all-electric consumer car will be revealed in Europe by 2023, confirmed by Ford in their statement. They already have the MEB electric architecture on which these future cars will be built and there will be more variants of the platform introduced to accommodate bigger batteries as time progress. The future electric cars from the brand will feature a slew of digital services to make the driving experience seamless and will also be a way to contribute each individual’s fair share to cut down emissions. The current Sync system used in Ford will be stopped in the next two years as Ford also moves to Google’s own infotainment software to make being on the go a fun experience.

2021 Ford Expedition XL STX Features and Pricing Revealed

For anyone who has always wanted to go for a Ford Expedition model, a new base-spec variant being made available with lucrative pricing.

As part of their agenda to bring their specific models to a wider audience group, the 2021 Ford Expedition XL STX has been revealed which now costs less than it was before and it starts at $49,995.

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The destination delivery charges are not included in this but it should still be at least $3,000 or so lesser than the XLT variant available for purchase now. In order to bring down the price of the vehicle, the automobile brand obviously has to cut some corners. Unless they do so, they won’t be able to deliver but from a buyer’s standpoint as long as you get the features you are looking for, it will definitely be a wise purchase to go.

While Expedition models are often known for their spacious design and to be more precise, the third row of seats is no longer present in this particular variant. The driver assistant bundle titled the Ford Co-Pilot 360 which is lauded by many buyers will also be removed from this variant and it is up to the buyer to go for a higher variant to get these features. Some of the other annoying removals include the absence of the rear parking sensors and satellite radio which will bring about a significant downgrade in the driving experience.

The extended Max form will not be available for the new Expedition XL STX but they have managed to cram in some additions to justify the price tag. The car is equipped with 18-inch metallic alloy wheels combined with a gloss back five-bar grille and uses gloss finish on the black mirror caps. It also sports a fancy colored fascia combined with coloring in the lower body to match the original color of the model.

Pricing and Delivery Charges

For any buyer planning to buy the 2021 Ford Expedition XL STX edition, you should be willing to pay $1,695 for destination delivery charges. The total cost of the car goes up to $51,690 but at this price point, there are some other options available as well including the Chevrolet Tahoe. Under the bonnet, the new Ford model is powered by a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine capable of pushing about 375 horsepower connected to a ten-speed automatic gearbox. The all-wheel-drive edition is ideal for some rugged driving but it will increase the cost of the vehicle by $3,050.

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Ford Escape Gets Great Offers, Affordable Yet Powerful Performance

In an effort to push automobile sales, Ford has launched a slew of offers to entice buyers to go for their brand.

The pandemic situation has affected almost every business and the automobile industry is no different. With the new Ford Escape, the brand has revealed the pricing and other things that people could look forward to in this mid-sized SUV. It also happens to be an excellent choice for budget buyers with great space, features and a powertrain that could withstand even the most demanding situations.

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If you have already made up your mind and want one as soon as it gets launched, the Ford Escape’s base model priced at $36,490 as its drive-away pricing. The company also looks forward to keep models ready so that buyers who want it immediately delivered or just drive away to their homes can do so, if they pick it up through several financing options. The pricing and offers may slightly vary based on the region you live in.

The pricing is rather split because there are plenty of different trim lines to choose from. The front-drive edition of the Ford Escape is the base model while the sporty edition in the ST-line costs about $38,990. For buyers who want the best performance combined with an excellent line-up of features, the all-wheel drive ST-Line is there with a pricing of $41,990. Despite going all the way up to the flagship model, Ford has still priced their Escape SUV at an affordable range that would appease most buyers.

Additional Discounts from Ford

The automobile brand is dedicated to convincing buyers even more as they have confirmed that $500 will be offered as a discount for those who choose to test drive the car. The option is available throughout the month of November and December. If you complete the test drive segment and purchase the Ford Escape, you will be saving even more on the actual cost of the car. There are virtual test drive options for people who are not keen on going out due to virus concerns. You can talk to a representative, walk the car in a virtual tour and get all your questions answered in a hands on session.

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Ford is promoting this new Desk Drive feature which starts in November and will be available in the Australian Facebook page. Considering the price and other features of the vehicle, the brand seems to have a strong competitor in their hand.

2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty Completes NHTSA Crash Test with Sparkling 5 Stars

The 2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty stands true to its name.

The rugged crew cab has passed the NHTSA crash test not just with a good rating but actually received an overall rating of 5 stars making it one of the safest models available.

The upcoming variant is about to replace the 2016 edition of the Ford F-250 and the engineers have made some strategic changes to the design that makes the new car extremely tough compared to the outgoing model. While last year’s version of the same crew cab received four stars in rollover and frontal testing, five in side impact that earned it an average of 5 stars, the 2017 Ford cab has received a much higher overall score of five stars.

With such significant improvement, it shouldn’t be difficult to convince existing owners to purchase the 2017 Ford F-250 super duty crew cab when they are planning to go for an upgrade. The Supercab and Regular cab received much lower ratings of just three stars in 2016. The newest editions however has got the same five star rating in all categories ensuring that the particular model you choose to buy from Ford will offer the best safety. The Ford Crew Cab 4×2 variant is coming but there is yet an announcement to be made after which we will be able to confirm the number of models scheduled for 2017 launch.

The Supercab and Regular Cab for 2017 is not confirmed yet. Only when these models are confirmed and tested by NHTSA, it is possible to check how safe they are. Given the fact that the super duty edition has scored much higher this year, the other variants which use similar platform and build will receive equally good ratings in a crash test.

Compared to the Ram and the GM, the Ford pickups are pretty much new to the market. The popular Silverado 1500 edition was launched in 2013 with a 2014 model year tag. The Ram is such an old school model by now as it was originally launched in 2008 and all of these cars are supposed to be extremely well when it comes to crash tests. The rugged design and materials used to construct them make these models a safe bet for buyers. The 2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty crew cab seems to have met the requirements with flying colors and if all other models in the series could follow suit, the manufacturer could retain existing users as well as bring new buyers onboard.

Ford will Build an All-Electric Autonomous SUV at their Michigan Plant

Ford confirmed during CES 2017 that they are planning to build an all-electric SUV.

The vehicle will be powered with autonomous features and designed to appeal to the segment of buyers who like compact crossovers.

In an earlier statement, the automobile brand announced that they have planned to launch at least 13 electric vehicles in the next five years. It marks their big entry into the world of electric cars and Ford is planning to offer a car in multiple segments including hatchbacks, SUVs among other models. The newest announced confirmed that the upcoming model is an all-electric compact SUV equipped with fully autonomous technology. If you are already excited to buy this one, you are in for a disappointment and the car won’t be available until 2021.

Technical specifications of the upcoming model remain sparse. While Ford did confirm they will be building the new SUV at their Flat Rock plant in Michigan during the CES 2017 announcement that was the only update done during the conference. Being an all-electric SUV meant for 2021, it is not surprising to see the manufacturer keeping all details under wraps as they are probably not ready to reveal them all right now. Apart from this crossover, there will be a plug-in Transit custom car, smaller cars as well as one designed for the police department.

Ford is debuting their EV technology this year which enters alpha phase in 2017 and from now on, the tech will continue to improve with real time statistics collected on road. Making electric vehicles easy to use is an important task for all automobile manufacturers. People should be able to readily charge them, use the features and be able to rely on its autonomous technology. Besides, the engine should be reliable and render performance on par with petrol or diesel powertrains.

During the CES 2017 event, Ford discussed their plans to introduce electric cars in massive numbers so that they become mainstream. However, the company didn’t reveal any plans related to setting up charging stations. A viable way is to make use of existing gas stations and garages which when equipped with quick charging ports make it easy for users to drive anywhere. Implementing the idea in different countries may take time but many European countries have already managed to achieve it because of Tesla’s presence there. A unified communication system is also being developed to make autonomous technology possible.

Ford GT Deliveries Commenced by Performance Division to Mark Holiday Season

The hypercar from the performance division, the Ford GT has officially commenced deliveries right before the holiday season.

The brand’s top executives made a couple of promises this year and they have ensured that the production versions are ready without delay.

The 2017 Ford GT created huge hype when it was originally unveiled and after much speculation, the halo car has finally found its way to its respective buyers. The event was kickstarted by the company’s executive vice president Raj Nair along with other top executives of the Ford brand. It was signed off from the assembly line and the team was delighted that they managed to accomplish their 2016 goals with aplomb.

Speaking during the delivery event, Nair said, “The year 2016 was a challenging time for us as we started off with some of the biggest goals. As a brand, we have to deliver and the main objective was to make the next generation Ford GT turn heads at the Le Mans race. It did and the next big thing was to deliver the car before the end of the year. We have accomplished it! The hypercar is out just in time for the holiday seasons and we hope it will make our buyers extremely happy.

Continuing his statement, Nair proudly claimed that the entire team including their engineers, designers and delivery specialists are mighty elated because one of their fastest and most promising vehicles is now out. The 2017 Ford GT marks the craftmanship of their team, the strength and a range of technologies incorporated in it that stands proof to what Ford could do.

“Innovation has always been our core strength and the new GT showcases that we are still the best at what we do. It’s setting a new benchmark for all the products created by the team so far with new EcoBoost engine technology, lightweight yet sturdy materials and aerodynamics that add up to the overall driving experience.

When the first model of the 2017 Ford GT was launched during the 2015 International Auto Show, it was a pleasant surprise and delivering on their promise was no easy task back then. Besides, the next generation model is supposed to be a hypercar worthy to match their competitor models launching in the same year. In terms of delivery, the GT is out in time. Performance results will be out only when we get the chance to compare it with equally powerful models from other auto brands.

Ford Mustang Black Shadow and Blue Editions Roll into Europe

The Ford ‘Go Further’ event is underway and during the expo, the automobile brand launched the Ford Mustang Black Shadow and the Blue Editions specifically for the European audience.

The facelifted Ford Fiesta is the first big launch to grace the occasion followed by the announcement of the Mustang’s new color editions. They are the same cars with similar performance but has been upgraded with color schemes as well as useful body kits. If you are planning to buy one, you can go for the variant powered by a 5.0-liter V8 engine. The powertrain is mated to a six speed manual transmission system and an optional six speed automatic transmission system is also provided as an upgrade.

It has been confirmed that the editions will be available for purchase from January 2017 onwards. The color options available include grabber blue, race red, platinum white and triple yellow. They may sound fancy to pronounce but the colors are conventional with multiple layers to achieve a parallax effect. The black body detailing strongly accentuates the bright colored exterior which when combined with the Pony emblem and large 19-inch alloy wheels make the Ford Mustang very appealing.

Mustang Blue Edition sports the stylish Grabber Blue color which has side stripes and looks instantly striking. The word ‘Grabber’ comes from Ford’s nostalgic models. They are known for those addictive stripes that allowed the Mustang to stand apart from the crowd. The new cars are no different as they are distinct. The car is powered by a 5.0-liter V8 engine with the choice to pick a manual or automatic transmission setup. The model is equipped with Sync3 multimedia system.

The improved infotainment system allows passengers to readily play media, access maps and do multiple tasks at once. It is powered by a premium surround sound system for maximum immersion and the black leather interiors feature seats with both heating and cooling capacity. They ensure a luxurious ride of your Ford Mustang, be it the Black Shadow or the Blue edition.

The models will be limited to the European market as there are similar versions available in US and UK. Ford Mustang may receive performance packages and color bundles but the actual variants launched in Europe will not be introduced in other regions, as confirmed by a representative. The pricing was not revealed though but we expect it to be similar to the existing Mustang models with slight variation.

2017 Ford Fiesta Specifications, Performance and Features that You Need to Know

The 2017 Ford Fiesta was officially launched at a special event held in Cologne, Germany.

Ford has refreshed one of its hot selling cars and it has generated a huge ripple in the budget automobile sector.

The Fiesta is known to be a highly appealing variant of the hatchback and revamping it with the right trimlines is essential for the automobile brand to succeed one more time. The newest reveal includes four different editions to choose from including a Titanium, Vignale, ST Line and the Active Crossover edition. Each one of them is unique and even though they belong to the same Ford Fiesta, the versions distinguish themselves by being very posh, sporty or being a crossover option.

Speaking during the launch, the company’s head commented that they are really interested in offering more variants for their buyers. The design aspect of the car has undergone some minor but noticeable changes. The headlights are smaller and sleek unlike the outgoing model that sports large ones. There are new sporty bumpers, side skirts and the overall look of the car seems toned down. The changes make the car look compact and appealing to young buyers, not just office goers.

By adding the new Vignale and the Active, the company is now expanding its horizon into new markets. The Vignale is packed to the brim with plush features and will appeal to buyers looking for a small but luxurious car. The exterior dimensions are quite similar to the outgoing model. However, the interior is now dominated by a huge floating infotainment system and hardly has any buttons that we could spot.

The 2017 Ford Fiesta will have a turbocharged three-cylinder and four-cylinder engine choices. The brand is not willing to reveal those details yet even after the official launch. The Fiesta ST will be the performance driven variant of the lot. Other features found in the base model include Sync 3 infotainment system and a powerful surround system from B&O Playsound.

The company has revamped the car so as to move it upmarket rather than being an entry level hatchback to go with. It may lead to some increased pricing but Ford will most probably keep it at the affordable price point so as to not to deter their long running patrons. Some of the photos captured during the event and an official launch video has been posted here. Check them out.

Ford Focus Electric Now has Increased Range of 185km, Still Short of VW e-Golf

With newer technology coming in every time, automakers are doing their best to increase the mile range of their electric cars.

Backed by higher energy density cells, the Ford Focus electric can go up to 185 kilometers on a single charge.

The range is definitely one of the best in its class. As electric cars become more reliable, affordable and increases their range, buyers are interested in adopting this brand new technology. It allows them to travel longer distances, contribute to the environment and own a piece of hardware that is being touted to be the next big change in the automobile industry. Nissan, Ford and Volkswagen are some of the household names that people trust. While the new Ford Focus Electric has a much better battery cell, it’s output is still short of what the Volkswagen e-Golf offers.

Ford’s offering is strongly competed by what Volkswagen has to offer. However, the brand’s electric car is going at a steady pace. The pure electric Focus is powered by a bigger 33.5kWh lithium ion battery which is a significant bump from the previous 23 kWh battery. The car not only faces stiff competition from Volkswagen but Renault recently launched a Zeo Q90 that promises to deliver a groundbreaking 400 kilometers range on a single charge.

Tesla is the big player in the electric car market and they have been going good in it so far. All their models deliver the best range even though they easily fall in the most expensive category. The cheaper Model 3 is yet to find its way to the mainstream market and it might be sometime before they launch it. All other auto manufacturers are vying to occupy that space before their version gets launched.

In terms of performance, the Ford Focus Electric is exactly the same as the team hasn’t modified the engine. It is still powered by the 107kW electric motor and has a decent top speed of 135 kilometer per hour. The model is available only in the United States and it is yet to find its way to other regions in the world. There are many countries where people look forward to embrace the electric technology but it might take years before the idea becomes mainstream.

With the year coming to an end, we expect more electric car updates as soon as 2017 begins during the Consumer Electronics Show and the auto expos scheduled in the first quarter.

The Next-Gen Ford EcoSport is Slated for a 2018 Release in the US

The America-based automobile giant, Ford has finally unveiled the highly anticipated next-gen EcoSport ahead of its 201 Los Angeles debut.

The new SUV is expected to reach the dealerships across the United States by early 2018. However, in India, the SUV is likely to arrive a little sooner, all thanks to some great business which the compact SUV made for Ford India. Though the basic recipe required for creating the small but efficient SUV remains very much the same, Ford is slated to equip the new-gen EcoSport with a bunch of new features which will help it to outshine its competitors.

The Exteriors

The new EcoSport offers a wide range of options to select from the ten body colors and seven options for the ambient lightings. The new Ford EcoSport will be available across 4 trim level offerings namely the S, SE, SES and Titanium variants. A four-wheel drive option that comes with a ‘sporty’ suspension and a smooth steering set-up will be featured in the second-to-top variant. Coming to the exteriors, the next-gen EcoSport will be fitted with newly designed headlamps which have comparatively grown a bit in size, fog lights, contemporary larger chrome finished front grille with sharp ridges on the bonnet, and newly restyled bumpers. At the back, the spare wheel has been removed from the swing-gate styled tailgate, which will be now bolted underneath, at the rear end of the car.

The Interiors

The interiors of the cabin will have the dashboard which has been completely overhauled with completely blacked-out interiors running throughout it with hints of copper accents and contrast stitching which gives the cabin a premium look and feel.

The High-Tech Details

Much the same like the Endeavour, the new Ford EcoSport will now carry an SYNC 3 system which, according to the automobile giant, is claimed to be faster, further intuitive and much easier to use. The voice recognition system will come paired with an 8-inch screen, which will be featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto technology. The SYNC Connect technology which comes with FordPass can be used to start, lock, unlock, or locate that car. The FordPass mobile App can be used to track a lot of information related to the vehicle, like the fuel levels and odometer readings. Very well thought-out touches have made it to the feature list which includes two power outlets, where one is for the front and the other is for the rear passengers.

Audio and Radio Systems

The version of the EcoSport that is slated for release in the American automobile market will arrive with a host of Ford-exclusive top notched features. These include a 675-watt music system equipped with a 10-speaker Bang & Olufsen setup, which the Harman acoustic engineers will be fixing up for the perfect music experience. The B & O Play branded woofers and tweeters come embedded in the front doors and a sub-woofer in the back. The compact SUV will also feature a high-definition radio tech which comes with a dual FM radio antenna. The antenna serves its purpose perfectly by helping in boosting the range and clarity of the FM signals.

Under the Hood

The customers in the American market will get to choose between two variants of the powerhouse, one which is a 3-cylinder, turbocharged EcoBoost engine of 1.0-liter capacity and the other is a four-pot mill with a 2.0-liter fuel capacity. The customers who opt for the latter variant of the powertrain will get Ford’s exclusive 4-wheel drive system as a standard feature. Both the variants of the engines will be mated to a six-speed automatic transmission.

While all this is just a mouthful and a half to bluster about the new EcoSport, Ford is likely to limit all its generous specificities for the India-bound EcoSport slightly to keep a check on the costs. While the EcoBoost engine is expected to make it to the final list, there is a probability that the 2.0-litre engine will be axed. The arch rival of Ford EcoSport, the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza has taken the Indian automobile market by a storm. However, the Americans will have to play their ‘A’ game, both, in terms of features and also with the price, so that a strong presence is maintained in the market.

Hennessey Tuned Ford Focus RSMakes 405 Bhp

Hennessey Performance is known for bringing out vehicles with outrageous performance. They specialize in the art of taking a performance vehicle and making it even more powerful.

They have recently applied their touch to the Ford Focus RS, which makes more than sufficient to 350 bhp and 350 lb-ft of torque from the factory floors. If this is not sufficient, Hennessey Performance’s version of the Ford Focus RS makes a whopping 405 bhp and 425 lb-ft of torque. The HPE400 package unveiled for the Ford Focus RS comes with aspects like high-flow air filter, reflashedECU, and stainless steel exhaust. The latter helps the vehicle produce an even better exhaust note.

These changes are reflected on the body with customers receiving several exterior badges and a ‘Powered by Hennessey’ badge on the engine. The performance figures of the Ford Focus RSwith Hennessey tuning are not out yet, but the vehicle will be significantly better than the 4.6 second mark managed by the standard version. The standard version takes 4.6 seconds to reach the 60 mph mark. The additional 50 bhp coupled with 75 lb-ft of torque is likely to bring the figures below 4.5 seconds.

If the updates already offered on the vehicle are not enough, Hennessey says that more parts will be available in the future. These include aspects like new intercooler, wheels, though more, tires, and much more. However, Hennessey failed to reveal how these upgrades would impact on the performance figures. As of now, the vehicle does not have major changes to the drive shaft and axles. However, if users were to install the next level of upgrades from Hennessey, the vehicle would have to undergo serious modification in terms of rear differential, drive shaft, and axles in order to handle the additional horsepower.

Incidentally, Hennessey has not revealed the prices for this new and upgraded performance boost to the Ford Focus RS. The vehicle is extremely popular in the United Kingdom and other European markets. The addition of this performance from Hennessey makes the Ford Focus RS a perfect contender for the American muscle cars, which are available at a fraction of the cost of European performance vehicles. The Ford Focus RSHennessey is also expected to stick to this tradition and cost significantly less. The hot hatchback competes against models like the Volkswagen Golf GTI, which has been receiving a lot of positive reviews in recent years.

Ford Focus RS Gets Boosted To 405 Horsepower Hennessey Performance Package

The Ford Focus RS is a performance driven car in its own respect and has already smashed multiple records.

But, the people at Hennessey are not going to give up easily. They have pushed the powertrain further to offer a much higher output.

When the Hennessey performance package is added to the Ford Focus RS, the car can deliver a stunning 405 horsepower coupled with 425 lb feet of torque. The 2017 Ford Focus RS without any tweaks made to the engine delivers about 350 horsepower with 350 lb feet of torque. While the numbers are high, they are nowhere close to what the RS delivers with the new package. The engineers have somehow managed to make it extremely powerful while keeping the car still usable by an average buyer.

The 2017 Ford Focus RS with a Hennessey HPE400 includes a high flow air filter, stainless steel exhaust, electronic dumps and reflashed ECU. The components work together to add a strong tone to the exhaust which makes it even louder than the engine already is. When you upgrade the Ford car with this special package, the company provides exclusive Hennessey badges to showcase that the model is integrated with special tweaks from the company. A powered by Hennessey badge is carved inside the hood.

Official specifications and performance of the add-on package is not revealed by the team yet. From what we know, the car can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4.5 seconds. The stock model achieves the same speed in 4.6 seconds but with the additional 50 horsepower combined with 75 lb feet of torque, there should be a slight decrease in the time it takes to go from 0 to 60 mph.

In their official blog, the company has confirmed that the Hennessey performance package for the RS will also includewheels, tires, intercoolerand other components. They are not being offered with the current package but those that get released in the near future will have lots of such fancy inclusions making the upgrade worth it.

There is no word on the pricing for the performance package. Hennessey has not revealed what the HPE400 will cost but it is definitely going to be much higher than what you might expect. The 2017 Ford Focus RS is a performance driven sports car and an upgrade package for the same is not going to be a budget friendly choice.

Ford F-150 Dallas Cowboy Edition Specs And Special Add-ons Detailed

Dallas Cowboy fans have a reason to rejoice as Ford has confirmed that the company is going to launch a new F-150 exclusively dedicated for those hardcore fans.

The model will be very limited in numbers and is set to be sold only in Texas. After all, Dallas Cowboy fans are plenty in the region and about 400 units of the Ford F-150 will be built. If you live in the region, this could be the best time to go for this limited edition truck. The wagon sports a stylish cowboys helmet silver color variant. It includes the chrome package from the F-150 XLT.

Ford in their launch event said that the XLT variant of the F-150 is the best-selling model in Texas. The brand has decided to go for it so that they offer the best with this limited edition model. All the standard features found in the trimline will be provided along with some unique changes to the exterior. The Ford F-150 Dallas Cowboy uses cowboy center caps on its 20-inch wheels.

The special edition badge is fixed in the front doors, tailgate along with a blue white rocker plan which represents the team’s helmet. The team has definitely worked a lot because you can witness the special edition tone maintained throughout the truck including the floor mats. They are printed with the Cowboys official logo. Each car carries an autograph from Jerry Jones, President of the Dallas Cowboys club.

When you buy the special edition, they bear the 1 of 400 or the number based on the model you go for. It shows your uniqueness if you are really keen on showing it off to your peer group. The star logo of the team is printed on the cargo bed mat. The limited edition Ford F-150 Dallas Cowboy edition will be available only with select retailers and they are available as long as stocks last.

Ford is coming up with a Cowboy edition after 22 years and we assume that it will be sold out immediately, as soon as the truck is available in stores. The automaker has an exclusive partnership with the Dallas Cowboys for decades and this model commemorates their partnership in the most dedicated style. Everything right from the badging, detailing to the exterior design, finish and features are geared towards offering a great experience for fans of Ford and the Cowboys. Official pricing of the model is yet to be announced.

Ford Cars To Get Rid Of Steering Wheel And Pedals By 2021

Ford has an ambitious dream and if all goes as planned, the automobile manufacturer will be producing cars without steering wheels and pedals by 2021.

Self-driving or autonomous driving is what most manufacturers are aiming to achieve at the moment. It isn’t as easy as it sounds though because Tesla the electric car maker who ushered in autonomous mode is already being bombarded with complaints. A couple of accidents in recent times were blamed on the car’s inefficiency. With time, we expect new security measures and regulations to be in place to protect both the passenger and the companies who make them.

Ford is going to take some time before rolling out the feature. The company’s top executives believe that by 2021 they will be able to deliver on their promise. The idea is to introduce ride sharing services using electric, autonomous cars. It will reduce the number of vehicles on road and give passengers a comfortable environment where they can simply relax until they reach their destination.

“Our idea is to bring the autonomous technology to the masses. Providing it to the luxury segment could be a much easier proposition but by making it on a massive scale, we can contribute our share to improve safety and to solve environmental challenges. Instead of trying to make an expensive model that only the rich could afford, we are aiming to create self-driving cars for hire. It is cost efficient and will soon lead to individual cars being equipped with the technology,” said CEO Mark Fields.

The new self-driving car is scheduled to be built in the Palo Alto facility. Ford has partnered with some of the prominent tech companies in the world. They will play a significant role in supplying the automobile manufacturer with advanced technologies like 3D sensor, LiDAR, radar and camera sensors. Making a perfect autonomous vehicle requires a lot of investment and time spent in research. Ford is about to take a big leap and it might lead every other auto company into the future we dream of.

According to Ford, the company’s cars will achieve a rating of 4. The maximum rating provided by the society of automotive engineers is 5. Google has already been researching cars without pedals and steering wheels. Buyers may have multiple models which supports self-driving by the year 2020. The time when you could sit back and relax while the car takes you around is almost here.

Ford Focus RS Gets Mountune Upgrade To Boost Upto 370 Horsepower

The is known for its impressive horsepower and torque capacity. But, nothing is just enough for the enthusiast crowd.

A new mountune upgrade has been rolled out for the car which significantly boosts the performance of the RS variant.

The new upgrade has been tested and approved by Ford. Using it on your car will not void warranty on any of the components. When powered by the mountune upgrade, Ford Focus RS power gets an insanely good 370 horsepower coupled with 376 lb feet of torque. Compared to the base model, it is a cool 20 horsepower and 26 lb feet torque more.

On the inside, the car is still powered by the same 2.3-liter Ecoboost I-4 engine but it has been tweaked in such a way that the car receives a bump in power. Ford has worked closely with the Mountune brand in order to make this possible. The concept is similar to what Mercedes does with AMG. Almost every other automobile brand is keen on having a company like AMG for their own who does tuning jobs.

Mountune is not a new name for Ford. The brand has already worked with the team to improve the Focus ST variant. They helped them developed the Focus RS power package now. Bundled with the package includes a high performance air filter, recirculation valve, alloy crossover duct and a fully reprogrammed ECU which allows the car to achieve such higher hp and torque.

When you switch the overboost function on, it can be used for 12 whole seconds which is more than enough to help the car accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 4.5 seconds. The Ford Focus RS has a top speed of 165 miles per hour and it didn’t undergo any modification. The numbers are the same as the base model. The entire engineering team has focused on the acceleration and didn’t try to work on top speed as it might increase production costs of the mountune upgrade package.

The particular brand is known for offering multiple upgrade packages for the Ford Focus RS. The new upgrade is available only in Europe at the moment and is expected to come to U.S. region in the following months. The head of the Mountune team has confirmed that they are working on a U.S. version that complies with regulations and will roll out the upgrade once its ready.

Ford Mustang GT Receives Power Packs From Performance Division

The Ford Mustang GT is an amazing car which balances the best of performance, efficiency and pricing.

While it is already at its best, Ford Performance division has decided to push it even further with a dedicated power pack.

The brand new power packs are rolled out for models released in between the years 2015 and 2017. When you choose to go for the power pack, it will have significant boost in perform including a bumped up 37 horsepower increase and some emission changes.Every Power Pack owner will receive calibrations which comply by the state rules.

The calibration will increase throttle response done using the ProCal tool. It ensures that the car works without going against the regulations set by the board. The particular power pack can only be installed in cars which have 91 octane fuel or much higher than that. Such models are available primarily with the Ford Mustang GT editions launched in North America.

Ford Performance confirmed that the power pack specifically designed for the Mustang GT editions will be available for purchase from August 1st onwards. The pack is priced at $539 which is a reasonable price tag considering the number of components included in it. It includes a high flow air filter provided by K&N allowing the car to gain a total increase of 13 horsepower and 16 lb feet of torque more than the base model.

By default, the GT provides 435 horsepower coupled with 400 lb feet of torque. While the boost might sound minimal on paper, it will have a significant change in real world performance, according to Ford. The Power Pack 2 is higher than the first edition and is priced at $949. It leads to an increase of 21 horsepower combined with 24 lb feet of torque.

Buyers have the option to purchase the GT350 hardware and the bundled adapter if they are ready to shell out $539. While the first pack will get launched by the first week of August, you may have to wait until September which is when Power Pack 2 will arrive at dealership stores.

The last but the most powerful in the lot, the power pack 3 designed for the Ford Mustang GT350 includes a bigger throttle body, intake manifold and cold air intake. It offers the best in class boost with up to 37 horsepower increase coupled with up to 51 lb feet of torque to the particular variant. However, it’s kind of expensive at $2,395.