BMW M6 GT3 Debuts at the 66th IAA Cars 2015: All Set to Take GT Racing Circuit by Storm


BMW’s M6 GT3 was debuted at the 66th IAA Cars 2105 in Frankfurt.  Priced at £379,000, the newly developed racing car version of the BMW M6 coupe is set to take the GT racing circuit by storm.

The new racing car is expected to be sent to a host of championships and important global racing circuits by multiple private teams from the 2016 season, under the BMW Sports Trophy umbrella. Leveraging on its experience from building the BMW Z4 GT3, the previous racing car launched in 2010, BMW Motorsport developed and presented the all-new BMW M6 GT3.

The improvements in the new GT3 include better drivability and fuel-economy. BMW employed the services of a new M TwinPower Turbo technology engine for increased torque and higher output. The long wheelbase and the centrally-stationed driver’s seat deliver an unprecedented driving experience never before seen on the racing scene.

Weighing less than 1300 kilograms, the new BMW M6 GT3 which features the sequential 6-speed racing gearbox, transaxle drive concept and the BMW Wind Tunnel-optimized body aerodynamics promises to deliver an outstanding racing experience.

Similarly the ease of maintenance, reliability and efficiency parameters would be fine-tuned to meet the rigorous demands of endurance racing. The longer wheelbase is estimated to enhance the handling characteristics as compared to the BMW Z4 GT3. Support engineers from BMW Motorsport and a steady supply of spare parts would benefit both the racing car and its owners.

The new M6 GT3 was first showcased to BMW Motorsport customers before the 24-hour race at the Nurburgring-Nordschleife racing circuit in Germany. Subsequently detailed presentations were made by engineers and drivers to a select a few during a ‘closed room’ event held at the BMW M Testcenter Nurburg.

Other fans got a glimpse of this racing masterpiece later at the M night event held prior to the endurance race dubbed, ‘Green Hell.’ In late June, the BMW M6 GT3 first went to the other side of the Atlantic wherein the North American teams were called to feast their eyes on the new beast at the United SportsCar Championship (USCC) in Watkins.

At another launch in Belgium, the BMW M6 GT3 was showcased to fans, teams and drivers at the Spa-Francorchamps 24-hour race, purportedly the most important GT racing circuit in the world, before being debuted again at the 66th IAA Cars 2015.

The BMW M6 GT3 has been rigorously tested on multiple circuits throughout 2015, enabling the BMW works drivers to garner valuable driving experience so as to develop and fine-tune the baseline set-up of the new endurance racing challenger. The company is reportedly working on the final changes and tunings before the new poster car makes its debut in the racing circuit in 2016.

Mercedes Dominated the Frankfurt Auto Show 2015 with Five New Launches

Competitors were many, launches were so many, yet if there is one brand that could easily stand out of the crowd, it is Mercedes Benz.

The manufacturers beat competition by launching almost half-a-dozen vehicles at the Frankfurt IAA 2015 show which was a grand success.

During the event, the company launched a couple of cars as well as some concept cars. While the concepts may take some time before it gets officially released to the public, there are other models to look forward to. At the venue, Mercedes showcased their concept IAA vehicle, the C Class Coupe, AMG C 63 coupe, the S Class Cabriolet and the AMG S63 4Matic Cabriolet. Each one of these is a power horse and is unique in its own way.

Out of the vehicles showcased at the IAA 2015, the Mercedes Concept IAA was the one that caught the attention of everyone else. It was not just another car but a digital transformer, literally! For people who love the Transformer franchise, this is good news because the car can automatically transform its looks by opening or closing new bumpers, spoilers, wings and side skirts. It even morphs the rims from a coupe into an aerodynamically powerful sedan if the rider chooses to.

While it is possible to create a car that could change its shape on paper, we may have to wait until Mercedes Benz creates an actual car that lives up to the promise. The IAA concept can also lower or pull the suspension so as to offer a whole new experience based on the mode the driver choose. Other launches in the list include a C Class sports coupe which becomes faster and stylish with the AMG C 63 Coupe version.

The C Class powered by the Mercedes AMG GT is going to be extremely powerful on the road which obviously will lead to an increased price tag. It also features better luxury features, spoilers, bumpers and other physical changes to support the boosted speed. The Mercedes AMG S 63 Cabriolet is the much needed Cabrio of the flagship model from the brand.

With sportier spoilers, great luxury assets and a huge body with great legroom, it is the ultimate Mercedes experience owners may opt for. However, the company showcased other models as well at the Frankfurt IAA 2015 so as to appeal to a wide range of audience than limiting themselves to just a few.

2017 Jaguar F-Pace Crossover Makes Official Debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015

Jaguar Land Rover showcased the latest 2017 Jaguar F-PACE crossover model at the Motor Show held in Frankfurt, Germany, a few days ago.  

The new F-PACE 2017 model comes in to heat up the market as far as modern crossovers are concerned, especially given the fact that it is the first SUV made by the car manufacturer. The new Jaguar SUV draws its inspiration from a previous concept known as C-X17 and for sure, many are expecting a lot from this first ever Jaguar SUV.

Jaguar F-PACE is meant to compete with luxury SUVs

As noted earlier, the introduction of the new mid-size Jaguar F-PACE crossover only serves as a stern warning to other makers of similar models. In fact, the competition in the industry is now set to heat up, with players such as Porsche Macan and other luxury competitors starting to fear for their lives.

There are also high chances that the new model might find itself pitted against one of the company’s own Land Rover models. However, the new model is just a test of what the company can do as far as making luxury SUVs is concerned. Many auto makers, and not just Jaguar, have been in the race of luring more customers to their brands with SUVs that deliver amazingly comfortable rides without compromising on the craftsmanship or even the fuel economy.

A glance at the features of the new Jaguar F-PACE SUV 2017 model

According to the auto manufacturer, the newly launched Jaguar F-PACE SUV 2017 model is still a Jaguar by design. On it, you will still find amazing proportions, pure surfaces, a dynamic stance as well as a beautiful sensuality. In a statement put forward by the director of Jaguar design, Ian Callum, he claims that the progressive and purposeful appearance of the new F-PACE model has greatly been influenced by the F-TYPE.

The powertrains of the F-PACE come in several options. There is a 6-cylinder supercharged 380hp 3-liter engine that can hit 60 a speed of 60 miles an hour in just 5.1 seconds. This engine option is also available on the F-TYPE sports car. The company revealed that another engine option, a 4-cylinder diesel engine, will be available at a later time. Potential buyers of the car will however have to wait until spring before they can get the car from showrooms. You will also find other options in the shape of 180hp 2-liter, 4-cylinder engines.

Jaguar designed the new F-PACE with aluminum architecture and for sure, this gives the car a road presence that is actually very premium. In addition, the Jaguar F-PACE uses high strength steel in most areas with an aim of delivering sharp handling. Inside the F-PACE you will come across a standard 8-inch infotainment system with touch-screen technology. If this is not enough for you, there is an upgrade of 10.2 inches for the display and this upgrade is equipped with a 1GB/s Ethernet.

Jaguar F-PACE pricing

Even though the company did not mention anything related to the fuel economy figures of the powertrain options available for the Jaguar F-PACE 2017 model, there is some news about the pricing of this new SUV. The base prices will range somewhere from $40,990 to around $56,700.

Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport Unveiled in Frankfurt Motor Show: Redesigned for Added Speed and Strength

Volkswagen’s Golf GTI Clubsport was unveiled in the Frankfurt Motor Show. With a starting price of £28,000, the new Golf is redesigned for added speed and more robustness.

The new VW Golf is reflective of the 40th anniversary of the GTI label and is the 7th generation in the Golf series, which is considered a pioneer in the hatchback reign of the late 70s and early 80s. The new Golf GTI is expected to deliver a horsepower of just under 286 bhp and would be a direct competition for Renaultsport Megane 265 while complementing the SEAT Leon Cupra.

The new Volkswagen Golf GTI employs the services of the ‘EA888’ turbocharged 2L petrol engine, the same unit used in the Leon Cupra and the standard GTI, although the power is hiked up from 217 bhp to 261 bhp. The vehicle features an ‘overboost’ functionality allowing the power to be accelerated up to 286 bhp for 10 seconds bursts.

While the torque output is yet to be known, car experts feel that it would be a little more than the 350Nm output of the standard GTI. The new Golf which features the 6-speed DSG auto-transmission can accelerate from 0-62 mph in 5.9 seconds.

The changes in the front include the visibly bigger honeycomb-style air intake flanked by dual trapezoidal air ducts right next to the brake cooling vents. A jutting rear wing and a front splitter add to the ‘mean aggressive’ profile of the hatchback. Both the wing and the splitter, finished in gloss black, are meant to improve downforce.

Other profile-enhancing exterior details include gloss-black door mirrors, black graphics wrap and the side view. While 18-inch wheels are standard fitments, 19-inch wheels are available as optional fitments. An exhaust with a bigger diameter and diffuser style bumper rounds off the exterior of the new Golf GTI.

The interior features new tartan bucket seats, an Alcantara steering wheel with the 12 o’clock position marked in red and exclusive stainless steel sill plates. The black headlining and red-detailed seatbelts differentiate the interior profile of the new Golf GTI from the standard GTI.

Volkswagen Group Had an Impressive Line-up at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015

The Frankfurt Motor Show was an exhilarating experience for everyone who had the chance to attend the expo. It was a show filled with cars back and forth, of all types, right from the economical to the highly luxurious, technical, hybrid among other classes.

It was evident that the Frankfurt Show 2015 is strongly aimed at China, because it is the booming market where the buyers are showing an increased interest in the luxury sedans and SUVs. However, there is a strong recession in the country at the moment and analysts predict that demand for new cars will be at a mere 3 percent next year. The bad news didn’t stop the vehicle makers from showcasing their launches with the VW group taking the cake with some unique and notable models.

Mercedes Benz made heads turn with their GLC, which is going to replace the long running GLK variant. Luxury manufacturers often refrain from releasing too many models, but love to showcase one or two flagships to keep the event interesting. Mercedes did the same followed by others who took their own route to grab some attention.

Baleno revealed the ik-2 concept car which is the second iteration from Maruti Suzuki under their collaboration with the Nexa dealership. Analysts consider the Frankfurt Show to be a huge circus, because there were people almost in every stall, trying to grab the attention of the visitors with technological gimmicks, fast cars and of course, beautiful women.

For the first time in their history, Jaguar is taking a plunge into the SUV market. While it is known that it is one of the most crowded spaces in the industry, the F-Pace might give a tough competition to those existing models from BMW, Audi among other similar brands. It is sure going to be pricey, but the manufacturer added that they have a growing market in China and India, which is where Jaguar is going to focus with their new SUV, besides the other models.

As expected, the Frankfurt Motor Show also had plenty of hybrids, plug-ins and electronic vehicles from top players in the industry. Bentley Bentayga is probably the most expensive and flamboyantly luxurious SUV from the brand and there’s also the Audi A6 e-tron which promised an amazing mileage of 500 miles on a single charge. It is going to be the first ever worthy competitor to go against Tesla models followed closely by a concept car from Porsche.

There’s more than you could take in at once. Take your time, relax and go through the technical specs of these cars as we bring them to you.

2016 Mercedes C-Class Coupe – 503hp Luxury Coupe on a Budget Breezes in Frankfurt

First things first, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe is arguably the best small, sports and luxury coupe on the market. Why do we say that? The reason is that for a C-class price, you are getting the S-class style and luxury.

Mercedes showed its new 2016 C-class coupe at Frankfurt Motor Show in the best model possible. Fans and prospective buyers were able to see the AMG C63 version of the coupe at Frankfurt and it is impressive.

What Mercedes has done with the new C-class is impressive. Same as with the C-class sedan, the 2016 Mercedes C-Class coupe has the same look as the more expensive and luxurious S-Class. The difference is that the C-class coupe comes at a more affordable price.

From an exterior standpoint, you get the same sophisticated front fascia with horizontal taillights, slim and sleek look and lines of the S-class coupe.

Once inside, you get the same cabin of the S-class, as Mercedes is putting leather-heavy styling inside and aluminum finishing. The upmarket dashboard is the central element of the inside, accompanied by a flat-bottomed steering wheel. At the top of the dash, drivers get a prominent display with lots of controls and commands.

Under the hood, the 2016 C-Class coupe will be powered by the same engines as the four-door twin brother in the C-class. The entry model is a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. Additional options include twin-turbocharged V6 engine and the range-topper C63 AMG. The AMG version is powered by 503 ponies under the hood. The 4.0-liter V8 engine can sprint from 0 to 60mph in just 3.9 seconds, all this, while the top speed is limited to 155mph. For those who want to experience extra speed, Mercedes offers the option to enhance the upper limit to 180mph, for a price of course.

The standard drive system for the 2016 Mercedes-Benz C-Class coupe is rear wheel drive; however, the all-wheel drive 4Matic is also available as an optional system. Automatic transmission gearbox with seven speeds is the standard option for transmission.

The 2016 C-Class coupe is expected at car dealerships in March 2016. The basic version is priced at $90,000. For the AMG C63 touring, fans can expect a raise of up to $4,000, while the range toping S trimming with 503hp costs $107,000.

2016 BMW X1 Makes a Grand Entry in the Frankfurt Auto Expo 2015

The 2016 BMW X1 which is making heads turn at the Frankfurt auto expo at the moment is easily one of the sleek, stylish and comfortable sport utility vehicles from the brand.

Long gone are the days when SUVs used to be large and bulky, intimidating the drivers from going for it. Even someone who strongly hates the class may change their mind after giving the new X1 a shot. The vehicle falls in the BMW range of SUVs that has a sharp front end covered by a large kidney grille and a sporty bumper to add to its appeal.

The 2016 BMW X1 features a spoiler mounted on the tail gate and is available in three different variants. The Sport Line is the first in the row followed by the xLine and the high end M Sport Line. Buyers who opt for the M Sport will have to shell out extra cash, for which the company bumps the size of the body kit and adds special alloys to the package, making it a worthy investment. The body of the X1 is built using a combination of aluminum, carbon fiber and plastic, which keep the overall weight of the car under control.

It’s the interiors that appeal the most including the glossy black accents all over, coupled with an oxide silver trim, which adds to its personality. The car is powered by the proprietary iDrive infotainment system found in all BMW vehicles. A 6.5-inch display allows you to control the air conditioning, music and GPS among other features.

Buyers who opt for the M Sport line will have access to Alcantara sports seats, matte blue accents coupled with an aluminum hexagon trim. The high end variant of the 2016 BMW X1 also features an informative and improved heads up display, driving assistant plus package among other technological goodies.

The SUV will offer five different engine variants on launch, which includes three different diesel engines and two petrol engines. The highest petrol engine variant renders 231 PS with 350 Nm while the diesel variants range between 150 to 231 PS.

BMW has also revealed plans that they may launch a Mini variant of the X1 2016 model powered by a lower 1.5 three cylinder engine. However, the current launches feature four cylinder engine and it may take some time before the mini gets an official reveal. Apart from the X1, there are other models that the manufacturer launched at the Frankfurt auto show.

Overhauled Porsche 911 Carrera 2016 Debuts at the Frankfurt Motor Show

The all-new overhauled Porsche 911 2016 debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 14. The redesigned Porsche 911 is expected to have a starting price of a little over £76, 000.

Living up to expectations, the new Porsche 911 2016 Carrera model features turbocharged engines in place of the old engines. Although most of the changes are inside of the 911, a few exterior tweaks have happened too. The front side has a new four-point LED-powered headlamps and air intakes have also been redesigned. Additionally, the remodeled rear engine cover and rear lamps are also visible in the new Porsche 911.

The most important change in the Porsche 911 is the replacement of the older less efficient engines with turbocharged engines. The 911 Carrera, the entry-level model, is fitted with a refined 3L twin-turbo flat-six in place of the older 3.4L flat-six engine. This enhances the vehicle’s horsepower to 365 bhp, 20 bhp over the previous Carrera model.

The Carrera S features the same engine, but with extra tunings to take the horsepower to 414 bhp. The Carrera S and the Carrera models take 3.9s and 4.2s respectively to get from 0-62 mph, about 2/10ths faster than the previous models. However, Porsche claims that the flat-six capability of 7500 rpm rev limit of the new engine remains in the new Porsche 911 models.

The turbocharged engines are expected to boost the efficiency of the new Porsche 911 with the Carreras promising to deliver mileages upwards of 38 miles per gallon and carbon emissions of 169 g/km.

The interior of the all-new Porsche 911 features the rehashed Porsche Communication Management system. The new touchscreen infotainment system now is Wi-Fi-enabled and also features the Apple Carplay. An optional Sport Chrono package comes with a 918-hypercar-inspired 4-mode switch rotary knob fitted on the steering wheel allowing drivers to configure their own customized setup. The adjustments can be made on Porsche’s Active Suspension Management System, the sports exhaust and the PDK transmission.

A ‘Sport Response’ knob is an added feature that braces the drivetrain for a 20-second maximum acceleration through optimum gear selection and engine adjustment for improved response. An adaptive cruise control is an added tech feature in the Porsche 911 2016 model. This cruise control comes with a coasting function and also allows for braking during downhill drive to keep the car at pre-set speeds. Lane-changing assist is an optional feature whereas the post-collision braking system is a standard upgrade in the new Porsche 911.

The price range starts from £76, 412 and goes up to £94, 698 for the Carrera S Cabriolet; a hike of about £2500 above the present model.

Audi and Porsche to Challenge Tesla: Electric Vehicles Launched in Frankfurt Motor Show

Volkswagen’s premier brand Audi and Porsche are set to challenge Tesla in the electric vehicle market. The VW flagship brands launched their own all-electric vehicles in the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 14.

Despite experts predicting a sharp sales growth, the popularity of electric vehicles did not really take off owing to multiple reasons, including limited driving range, high price tags and shortage of charging stations. However, Tesla powered by its advanced battery technology enjoyed success and remained a leader by delivering reasonably priced EVs with extended driving range.

Now Germany’s highly popular Audi and Porsche seem to be set to take on the EV pioneer, Tesla. Audi launched its sport-utility concept, e-Tron quattro and Porsche unveiled its first battery-driven sports car, Mission E, in the Frankfurt Motor Show. The driving range of both the EVs is estimated to be around 500 km or above, an unprecedented quantum leap in the EV market.

Analysts opine that the launch of EVs from heavyweight automakers could attract the environment-conscious among the wealthy. However, the newly launched EVs could also enhance the credibility of the all-electric market which could be beneficial for Tesla. Commerzbank analyst Sascha Gommel said,’ It will certainly sharpen the public focus on electric and increase overall awareness,’ referring to the entry of auto bigwigs into the EV league.

Although both EVs are expected to be available only around 2018-19, the current unveiling is, perhaps, meant to slightly blunt the effect of Model X, Tesla first luxury electric crossover. Tesla is planning to start deliveries of Model X on September 29, reports Autonews.

At the Frankfurt show, Volkswagen also unveiled its Tiguan GTE, an electric hybrid model of its overhauled compact car, which is going to be available across Europe next year. A variant with a long wheelbase is also expected to be available in the US in 2017.

VW Group Chairman, Martin Winterkorn, said that his company is planning to launch 20 electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles by 2020, affirming the automotive giant’s commitment to electrification. He added that the new range of plug-in hybrids and/or all-electric vehicles would cover their entire line-up from small cars to the high-end ones such as Audi 8 and the next Phaeton.

The all-electric concept from Audi represents a change in strategy for the company which hitherto only undertook to build electric options for its existing models such as it R8 sports car instead of developing a totally new electric variant as done by BMW with its ‘i’ brand of electric vehicles. While Audi’s e-Tron quattro promises to match Tesla’s S P90D model’s driving range of 500 km, Porsche’s Mission E promises to deliver a driving range of over 500 km.

The Mission E would be designed to meet all expectations of any Porsche sports car model and there will be no compromise on either the sportiness or its daily usability, confirmed company sources. Ivan Drury of, a US-based automotive website, opined that Tesla had already set high standards in the all-electric market and although they were not the first makers of electric vehicles, the popularity of their vehicles stem from the fact that the company did not compromise on style, design and performance metrics. New entrants would need to match these high standards if they intend to make any mark.

2016 Jaguar F-Pace – A Truly Sport SUV Debuts at Frankfurt Motor Show

It was about time for Jaguar to enter the SUV market. The company which is mostly known for sports cars and coupes is entering the market with the 2016 Jaguar F-Pace.

Jaguar presented the new SUV at the Frankfurt Motor Show. After all the teasing and spy photos, we finally get to see the F-Pace in live.

Under the hood, Jaguar offers several models, starting from the basic Prestige, and going through the R-Sport, Portfolio and S model. The basic model is the only one that features rear-wheel drive manual gearbox with six speeds. All other models feature automatic transmission, the tested ZF eight speed gearbox.

The entry model starts with a 2.0-liter diesel engine boasting 178hp, while the top of the class model features 3.0-liter V6 375 gasoline engine. The best diesel engine offered for the Jaguar F-Pace is a 3.0-liter V6 diesel engine producing 296hp.

The entry model sprints to 60mph in 8.9 seconds and can hit max speed of 130mph, while the flagship diesel engine goes to 60mph in 6.2 seconds. As expected, the V6 petrol engine is the fastest one, going to 60mph in just 5.5 seconds.

The likely scenario for the F-Pace is to rival the likes of the BMW X5 and the newly released Volvo XC90. The moment you set eyes on the new 2016 F-Pace by Jaguar, you know you are in the world of Jaguar. On the front, the SUV features the familiar headlights, while the gapping grille is a carryover from other models. Inverted crease flashes on the side and a tall windowline completes the look with rear lights that look as sleek as possible.

The platform of the SUV is something of an experiment by Jaguar, as the company decided to use aluminum architecture that can be tweaked. The result is the wheels of the F-Pace are positioned where the team wanted them and managed to deliver impressive legroom inside and short overhangs.

Inside, an 8 inch touchscreen sits in the center, with options for a 10.2 inch central display as well. Those who want to go the extra mile can choose a 12.3 inch virtual cluster that resembles the one in the Audi TT.

The entry model of the Jaguar F-Pace is priced at somewhere close to $45,000 with heated leather seats, LED lights for daytime running, DAB radio, satellite navigation, Wi-Fi connectivity and 18 inch alloy wheels as standard equipment. For those who want to go little extra, a midrange model or the R-Sport trimming includes 19 inch wheels, xenon headlamps, sports body kit and sports seats inside. The R-Sport trimming is a little more expensive at $50,000. The most expensive model is the Portfolio lineup, where the basic model includes leather and wood inside, 380W Meridian sound system, panoramic glass roof, rear view camera and much more for something close to $53,000. The top of the class is the Model for the Portfolio lineup, which includes specific body kit, adaptive damping system which is a Jaguar exclusive, red brake clippers, and 20 inch wheels. The price tag for the range topping model is somewhere close to $80,000.

Frankfurt Motor Show 2015 – Four Trends to Watch For

There will be the countless cars showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the largest motor show in the world by the number of vehicles.

While there are bigger and more prominent motor shows in the world, most notably Detroit and Geneva, Frankfurt boasts the most vehicles showcased. What we will see this year at the Frankfurt Motor show might as well shape the car industry for the next five years. Here are some things to watch out for.

The Holy Trinity

As always, the Holy Trinity of Mercedes, Audi and BMW will be major players at the Frankfurt Motor Show. All three German manufacturers have huge plans for the Motor Show. First off is BMW, as the company built a special 400 meter track inside its showroom. The track allows prospective buyers and media people to see the new models as they whiz past them. BMW will show several models at the show, highlighted by the new, 2016 BMW 7 Series. Audi has a three-story building that can store up to 33 vehicles and 200 km of cables. Such an impressive showroom by Audi will allow visitors to get a deep look at the company’s production, highlighted by the new SUV, the Audi Q6 e-tron. Mercedes will showcase several models during the Frankfurt Motor Show, but what the visitors might get hyped up with is the new IAA Concept which stands for Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile. The concept is the future for the German company that intends to release fully autonomous luxury vehicle in the near future.

SUVs Make it to Europe

SUVs have been popular on the US market for quite some time, but the European market tends to favor sedans instead of SUVs. That is all about the change after this year, as several luxury and premium brands are showing a new luxury SUV during the Frankfurt Motor Show. We will see the fastest and probably the most expensive SUV by Bentley, the Bentayga, as well as the Audi A6 e-tron, a vehicle that might boast of 500 miles on electricity alone. Jaguar is entering the SUV market with the F-Pace, the first SUV by the sports car brand. And then there are the usual suspects such as Mercedes and BMW with their new SUVs.

New Technology                                          

It is evident that the car makers are trying hard to keep their independence from Google and Apple. While tech giants such as Apple and Google are trying to make their way into the car industry with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, car makers are trying to produce their own navigation systems or to buy an existing one to rival Apple and Google. One example is several car companies pushing to buy HERE maps. Car makers have to team up in order to fend off Facebook, Google, Apple and others from dominating the technological aspect of the car industry.

The Small Players Making a Move

While BMW, Audi, Bentley, Mercedes and Jaguar will be the stars of the show, the beauty of Frankfurt Motor Show is that it features small and not so known companies. Car makers that are focusing on the mass market instead on the luxury and premium customers will be also present at the show. We will see the new Renault Megane, the new Opel Astra, the 2016 Toyota Prius and many other vehicles.

2017 Bentley Bentayga – Bentley Unleashing the Fastest SUV in the World at Frankfurt Motor Show

For quite some time, Bentley was preparing to enter the SUV market and it is finally happening with the 2017 Bentley Bentayga, an SUV that the company calls “true Bentley”.

The SUV, powered by 600 ponies, is the fastest SUV in the market and combines the two main principles of Bentley: high luxury and refinement. You can also say that the Bentayga is the Bentley of the SUVs.

Fans and prospective buyers will have the chance to see the Bentayga in flesh during the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. However, just days before the big show, Bentley released several photos and specs of the upcoming luxurious beast in the SUV class.

First things first: the Bentley Bentayga features a 600hp V12 engine under the hood. With such power, the Bentayga can sprint to 60 miles in just four seconds, which is a feat few sports cars can achieve. The top speed is limited at 187mph, making this SUV the fastest in the segment. The only one that can come close is the newly launched Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, but the Cayenne is nowhere near the luxury and refinement of the Bentley. The Tesla Model X will be quicker in sprinting to 60mph, but cannot top the maximum speed of the Bentayga.

The body of the 2017 Bentayga is made out of aluminum and is based on the MLB platform by Volkswagen. The same platform is used for the next generation Porsche Cayenne and the Audi Q7.

Once inside the car, customers will find the refinement and the luxury of the Bentley to be mesmerizing. And there are lots of customization options, including a refrigerator for the trunk. Think of it as the ideal storage spot for your bottles of Dom Perignon. Next in the line of luxury accessories is a custom solid gold clock made by Breitling. All the seats inside are handcrafted in leather, wood and metal. The seats are identical for both the front and the rear passengers. Rear passengers get a dedicated Android tablet spot, as well as ventilation and massage options for their seats.

The driver gets an 8 inch touchscreen infotainment system in the dashboard with tons of setup options. Drivers can do almost everything by turning a dial. Features inside include traction control, electronic stability control, night vision, hill-descent control, adaptive cruise control, navigation system, adjusting speed control and much more. According to Bentley, there are around 90 controls and commands on the main display.

Comfort customization options, for the inside, include 15 ways to adjust the seats. As this is Bentley we are talking about, there are 17 standard color options, 15 shades of leather for the trimming, 15 carpets, and wheel options from 20 to 22 inches.

The company expects to sell around 4,000 units of the 2017 Bentley Bentayga in the first year. The luxury SUV will hit dealerships next summer.

2016 Audi A4 Will Give Audi Rival for BMW 3 Series at Frankfurt Motor Show

After years of waiting, Audi finally has a new competitor in the field of middle class sedans thanks to its 2016 Audi A4.

For quite some time, it was the BMW 3 series that dominated the market, but with the new A4, things are looking different. Audi will debut its middle class sedan during the Frankfurt Motor Show, but we already know most of the specs and the pricing.

Despite its appearance, the 2016 Audi A4 is a completely new model of the fifth generation middle class sedan. The company has made changes in the interior, technology, performances, and efficiency; all the while, keeping the price lower than the outgoing model.


The 2016 Audi A4 will be available in three different trims, the basic SE model, the Sport and the S-line trimming.

First and foremost, the prospective buyers will notice the completely new design and body of the A4. The goal for Audi was to make the fifth generation of the A4 more masculine, sharp and aggressive. The first thing fans notice is the new, wider and more aggressive grille on the front.

Inside, there is much more space thanks to the new platform, which has helped the sedan shed 120kg, but also add more length and interior space. The result is more head and knee room for both the driver and the passengers in the rear seats.

For the driver, Audi has installed the new 12.3 inch virtual cockpit in the 2016 A4 that we first saw in the new TT as an optional package. Everything inside looks different, starting from the seats and the steering wheel, all down to the tablet style display. Audi also offers the design selection optional package that brings new interior colors and details for the 2016 A4.

Under the hood, the 2016 Audi A4 is a completely new monster. Audi offers seven different engine options for the fifth generation of the A4, three of which are petrol engines and four are turbocharged diesel engines. The power ranges from 148 ponies up to 272 ponies under the hood. The standard and best-selling option might end up being the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine which has the best fuel efficiency and lowest pollution in the range.

Last, but not least, Audi has tried to make the A4 feel like an autonomous vehicle. The company has added assist system for traffic-jam, which allows for hands-free driving at speeds of up to 8mph. Adaptive cruise control also makes an entry, with the improved navigation speed that can decrease or increase the speed of the car depending on the road conditions. The system maximizes fuel efficiency, and according to Audi, that will result with the 2016 A4 being 10% more fuel efficient.

The entry model of the 2016 Audi A4 will  be priced at $39,829.

2016 Mercedes Benz V-Class AMG Line Set for Frankfurt Motor Show Launch

The Mercedes Benz V-Class is one of the long running models that are prevalently known to the buyers. It is not a luxury sedan or a high class SUV, but a comfortably large van that is designed to be a people carrier.

Some people living in specific regions may not have heard or seen the V-Class AMG line van, because it is not meant for every consumer group. Being a Mercedes vehicle, it is obviously high on the price tag and may not suit every terrain because of its luxurious finish. For commuting large groups of people within the city, there is no better option than this one which is why the 2016 Mercedes Benz V-Class AMG Line is all set to be out to surprise buyers again.

The vehicle is set for a grand reveal at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. The first version of the van was released in 1996 which seems so far in the past now. Ever since its launch, there have been numerous changes to its models and the name. It was known as the V-Class for some years after which Mercedes decided to rename it as the Viano. At present, the luxury van is being sold around the globe under different names – Marco Polo, Vito or as the Metris in the United States.

Scheduled for launch at the expo, the manufacturer is not keen on sharing the technical specifications and pricing of the upcoming vehicle. However, it is expected that the 2016 Mercedes Benz V-Class AMG line will feature posh, luxurious interiors with heating seats, a fully connected infotainment system and convenient add-ons to accommodate multiple passengers at once.

The model is already known for its accessories including cup holders, book holders, spacious interiors with increased headroom and legroom. The challenge the designers have at the moment is to boost all these elements without increasing the overall weight or height of the vehicle. The AMG line will be more powerful in terms of performance and similar to their other products, Mercedes may use a new type of carbon fiber, aluminum to increase space without adding more weight.

AMG has been working on multiple Mercedes models, but this is going to be the first time that the brand will get their hands on a van from the company. It is not easy to create a fast and robust van which AMG is known for. We can confirm only when more information is revealed at the Frankfurt motor show.

Official News – 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan Coming to Frankfurt Motor Show

In what can be classified as a “better late than never” move, Volkswagen confirmed that the 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan is set to arrive at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

After all those spy photos, leaks, teasers and camouflaged photos, it was bound to happen. The German company made it official that the new SUV will debut on September 15.

The 2017 Tiguan is set to replace the first generation of the SUV, which also debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show back in 2007. It’s been eight years, but the second generation of the popular SUV by Volkswagen is finally here. Since 2007, Volkswagen has sold more than 2.6 million units of the Tiguan, making it arguably one of the most popular SUVs on the market.

Not much can be said about the new Tiguan judging by the first photo by Volkswagen, as the official image that Volkswagen released hides virtually all of the body of the new Tiguan. The caption doesn’t help either, as the caption only reads that the first 2017 Tiguan scheduled for Frankfurt Motor Show has rolled off the Wolfsburg factory line.

However, previous leaks about specs suggest that the 2017 Tiguan will draw several design lines from the CrossBlue Concept and the CrossCoupe GTE. Some of the new design lines that fans can expect are the new grille, headlights, and a sporting roofline, giving the car the required dynamics and aggressiveness. Some reports suggest a long-wheelbase model of the 2017 Tiguan, which would be interesting to see how Volkswagen will manage to fit into the lineup.

Performance wise, specs are yet to be released. However, we know for sure that in addition to the standard Tiguan, Volkswagen will also release Tiguan R trimming that will offer much better performances. Some rumors are that the Tiguan R might come with 300 ponies under the hood, with similar speed performances as the Golf R.

Volkswagen will offer the new 2017 Tiguan with petrol and diesel engines that the company used for the latest Golf. However, both engines will be limited to four-cylinder turbocharged engines. However, Volkswagen might be able to add a plug-in hybrid model shortly, but that dream is at least two years away from becoming a reality.

2017 Porsche 911 Carrera with Turbocharged Engine to Debut at Frankfurt Motor Show

As always, the changes that Porsche makes with their cars are more evident under the hood. Such is the case with the new Porsche 911 Carrera.

While the sports car received a facelift, the main changes are under the hood.The 911 Carrera is the first model by the German manufacturer with a turbocharged engine. The first time we will see the new 911 Carrera will be at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The new 3.0-liter turbocharged engine produces 370hp of power, with the Carrera S model bumping that power to even higher levels at 420hp. The standard 911 model is faster than the 2015 Carrera by 20 ponies. The Carrera S gets more ponies thanks to the specific exhaust system, modified compressors and tuned engine management.

All that power under the hood results with a sprinting time of just 4 seconds for 0 to 60mph for the base model and 3.7 seconds for the 911 Carrera S. Top speed is limited to 183mph and 193mph respectively.

Both models get a seven-speed manual gearbox as a standard, with prospective buyers also having the option to add PDK, Porsche’s signature automatic transmission as well. Thanks to the new turbocharged engine, the company claims that 2017 Porsche 911 Carrera will be 12% more efficient.

As for the new styling and design, all the changes made by Porsche are subtle and hardly noticeable. For starters, the German company has added new headlights enriched with daytime running lights. The door handles are redesigned, now without recess covers. The rear lid is another element that was changed and now features vertical louvers. The rear, new rear lights now include four-point lights for braking.

A significant change has been made to the chassis as well. With the new Porsche Active Suspension Management, the chassis of the 911 Carrera is lowered by 10mm. The lowered chassis will improve the stability of the car during fast cornering.

The new 911 Carrera features completely new infotainment system, with the Porsche Communication Manager (PCM) making its way to the sports car. Featuring a multi-touch seven-inch display, users can operate the infotainment system with several different gestures. The display also has handwriting recognition. As for tech systems, Apple’s CarPlay makes its way to the 911 Carrera along with Google Earth and Streetview.

Those who want a more luxurious package can choose the Sports Chrono Package. For this package, Porsche has included new modes for the steering wheel, all of which can be switched on the wheel. The modes include Normal, Individual, Sport and Sports Plus.