Hyundai i30 N Will Be The First Of Many, N Division To Launch Six Models

2018 Hyundai i30 N

Hyundai’s N performance division is about to expand their lineup. The team has confirmed that they will offer six different models before 2019 and the i30 N is the first of many to hit dealership stores.

Apart from the small hatchback, the team is also working on a high performance SUV, another hot hatchback among other models. Spy photos of the Hyundai i30 N recently emerged online and it showed some drastic changes are being made to the model. The N division of the company has very strong presence in South Korea but it is about to show off its best creations in other regions in the near future.

The team has confirmed that the i30 N will hit showrooms in the first half of 2017. Albert Biermann who earlier worked with BMW M division is now working with the N performance division of Hyundai. With more than thirty years of experience in the field, Biermann is expected to play a crucial role in helping the brand achieve their goal in the next five years.

Details with regards to the N brand is very limited at the moment. While it is evident that it belongs to the Hyundai performance division, technical specifications of the cars they are about to build is not revealed.Six different models are about to be designed, one of them will be based on the Tuscon while another on the Santa Fe SUV.

The brand is committed to innovation and looks forward to bring the Hyundai name to the forefront in the performance division. “We are working with a new approach. The idea starts with inputs from all team members, pushed to make a decision and once we are committed to something we are not going to go back until it is done. Refining and bringing the best out of it is what we look at,” said an executive.

Hyundai is looking forward to make the upcoming hot hatchback on par with the Volkswagen Golf GTI and the Ford Focus ST. While they belong to the hatchback category, Talks are on to create a performance driven version of the Halo to compete with the GT-R and the Nissan NSX. It is still in its early stages and might take a while before they go into production. With plenty of plans, it is evident that Hyundai likes to join other companies by offering performance driven variants of their popular models.

Hyundai i30 Gets A Teaser Video, Introduces Cascading Grille

Hyundai is about to launch the next generation model, the i30 for which the company has rolled out an official teaser video.

The car is named as the Elantra GT hatch in the U.S. region with a brand new cascading front grille.

A radical reshaping has undergone even though the teaser image released is dark and shows little of the car. In their statement, Hyundai said, “The new model will stand proof for evolution Hyundai motor design has undergone in recent years. It features natural flowing lines with refined surfaces and a sculpted body. A timeless design is what the brand aims to achieve.”

Peter Schreyer, chief designer at Hyundai made the comment and confirmed that they are highly confident of what the new range of i30 cars have to offer. Designed with the average buyer in mind, the model is priced at the right point and is filled to the top with basic features. It is not just value for money the automaker wishes to offer. They are experimenting with some new design including the notable cascading grille.

For the first time in many years, Hyundai is moving away from the horizontal slants found in all previous Elantra models. The decision to move away from a tried and tested solution is a big one but it is essential in a time where the market is competitive with new budget friendly models hitting stores almost every month. It is not just the grille but the headlights and the taillights are now narrower to look it. The change gives a sporty look to the i30 model.

The new Hyundai i30 is coming to the Paris auto show. We even have a confirmed release date for the model. The Elantra GT is hitting U.S. stores by September 7th.An efficient and dynamic powertrain lineup will be offered with the car allowing people to go for the one that best fits their requirement.

The upcoming Elantra GT is expected to be powered by a tweaked version of the current 2.0-liter inline engine. The car offers about 173 horsepower coupled with 154 lb feet of torque. There might be slight variations in overall performance and horsepower. But, being a budget friendly model, you cannot expect any drastic changes in performance. It is important to use similar powertrains so that the total cost to own the next gen i30 is within the usual range. Check out the video below to know more about the upcoming model.

2017 Hyundai i30 Hybrid Set to Lead the Hybrid Range of Cars

Hyundai is working on its next generation of cars including the i30 hatchback. Spy pictures of the model has emerged online giving us a glimpse of the car before it could officially debut for the general public.

The next gen i30 cars are expected to be purely hybrid and is the flagship model for many other cars to come in the near future. The upcoming 2017 edition of the i30 is the top model which will sit alongside the Hyundai Ioniq electric cars. The spy photos as expected is not something that is going to give you a clear view of what to expect. Instead, the car is totally camouflaged in it making it difficult to make out its design and exterior finish.

The cabin quality in the new i30 hybrid hatchback is going to receive an extreme upgrade with state-of-the-art dashboard and support for multiple connectivity features. Hyundai is keen on upgrading the I series models so that they are on par in terms of design and finish when put against the Tucson and Ioniq models.

It is also expected that the new range of i30 cars will be powered by powertrains used in the Ioniq models. Electrified powertrains already being used in Ioniq cars will directly be integrated in the I series cars. Other cars that are under the Hyundai brand are also said to be upgraded to plug-in hybrids and hybrid models so as to meet the tight regulations set by the European government.

Ioniq was first revealed at the Geneva motor show this year with three different powertrains. The surprising element of them all was that the engineers at Hyundai managed to integrate all the different powertrains in the same body shell. The brand had a model to compete every offering in the market at the moment. It had one to rival the Toyota Prius and one to go against the Nissan Leaf.

According to EU regulations, all cars are supposed to maintain their CO2 emissions at 95g/km by 2021. Hyundai is taking all the necessary steps to achieve the target in due time. The automobile manufacturer is keen on introducing their hybrid technology to mainstream customers. In a statement, the brand’s representative confirmed that they are looking at 2021 to have a complete lineup of cars, with one model for every requirement. The idea is to satisfy the needs of every customer in a uniform manner.

Hyundai i30 is The First of Many Hybrids Heading Towards Launch

Hyundai Ioniq range of cars are set to get launched in the next few years and almost all of them will be powered by the hybrid technology.

As part of the initiative, the Hyundai i30 hatchback is also set to join the list.

The i30 is scheduled to get launched in 2017. The brand witnessed phenomenal success with their i10 and i20 hatchback in specific regions. Following the success, the company is ready to launch the new hatchback which will be a hybrid version. It is part of the Ioniq initiative and is set to be powered by hybrid models. At least six different cars are set to get launched in the next four years, many of them will be hybrids and plug-in hybrid models.

The automobile manufacturer is heading towards their goal to meet the EU emission regulations before 2020. The Ioniq models were first launched at the Geneva motor show held in March this year. The brand confirmed that they are going to build three different electric cars in the same body shell and platform. First in the lot is the Toyota Prius powered by a hybrid powertrain and there will be another version with a plug-in hybrid. It will be the Prius plug-in version. The top of the line will be the full electric version of the Prius.

If things go as planned, the Toyota Prius will be a direct competitor for the Nissan Leaf. Nissan has been taking drastic steps to ensure they create a stronghold in the market. They are working on ways to implement electric powered cars with self-driving capability so that humans no longer have to worry about transportation. While Toyota or Hyundai is not taking such drastic measures, they are aiming to push the mile range of their cars to the maximum possible extent.

Tesla with their Model 3 car priced at $35,000 has already confirmed that they will be offering 200 miles on a single charge. It is the new benchmark for all modern day hatchbacks and sedans to be powered by electric engines. Hyundai is developing hydrogen fuel cell set to increase their car’s range. They are also considering new platforms which are lightweight, durable and have enough space for batteries to be mounted without compromising on legroom.

The Ioniq brand’s launches will be spread throughout the years and Hyundai may complete its hybrid launches by 2020 before focusing on autonomous driving tech.