No More User Engagement, BMW Killed Manual Transmission in 2016 Models

BMW manual-transmission

All 2016 models made by BMW will now feature ZF eight-speed automatic transmission, as the Bavarian company has killed the manual gearbox.

The only leftovers with manual gearbox were the 228i, the 328i and the 428i, all of which featured four cylinder engines with manual transmission. Higher end models will still have six-speed manual, but those cost a lot more than the standard versions.

For those ready to pay a little extra for a manual transmission and more user engagement during driving, the 235i, the 340i and the 435i models still have six speed manual gearboxes.

BMW is not the only automaker in the world to remove the manual gearbox, but the Bavarian company was among the last standing premium brands with a manual transmission. BMW prides itself as being the company that offers the best driving experience and cutting the manual gearbox doesn’t help its reputation.

The good news is that the 2016 M3 and M4 models still feature manual transmission. However, BMW has said repeatedly that the company will trim the manual gearbox on those models as well. Expect the future M3 and M4 versions to feature automatic transmissions.

When compared to competitors, BMW is still the company that offers most of their cars with a manual gearbox. Jaguar, Audi and Mercedes-Benz, all rival European brands, have reduced the manual gearbox options on just a handful of models. In five years, though, there probably won’t be any model with manual gearbox, as the automatic transmission is improving.

BMW said that the move to kill the manual transmission is due to low sales of models with manual gearbox. The company does acknowledge that the ZF automatic transmission doesn’t offer the perks of a manual gearbox, such as the user engagement. The ZF does offer near silent and instantaneous shifts. The user engagement is what made the BMW 3 series a special and unique car in a segment where most manufacturers opted for automatic transmission.

The good news is that the ZF automatic transmission makes the base model cars quicker than they are. Speed and power is especially important in bigger engine models. And BMW believes that once customers see the difference in power and speed, they won’t feel nostalgic about the manual gearbox.

Sports Car BMW M2 Leaked with 6 Speed Manual Gearbox

Good news for automotive enthusiasts who prefer to shift gears while driving, one of the most powerful sports car, the BMW M2 will come with a 6-speed manual gearbox.

Even better, there will be an option for a 7-speed dual clutch transmission, which shows that there will be no automatic option. For those who want automatic shifting, this comes as bad news.

The leaked options list is courtesy of an automotive forum and aside from the manual control, shows several other features of the M2.

For example, the sports car will be available in four exterior colors, including Alpine White, Long Beach Blue, Black Sapphire and Mineral Gray. For the interior, only one color is available and that is the black leather coupled with blue stitching. As for the wheel options, the single option is a 19-inches alloy wheels with black finishing.

Regarding power, the BMW M2 will be one of the fastest sports cars in the industry. Under the hood the M2 will feature a 3.0-liter turbocharged engine with 370hp which will allow it to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 4.5 seconds. The maximum speed is set at 250km/h. The BMW M2 might get a better mileage than the more powerful M4, courtesy of better fuel efficiency. The best way to get a grasp of the performance is to use the M4 as a comparison. The M4 is the bigger brother of the BMW M2, but you will need to scale down everything by 20 percent.

The standard features of the BMW M2 will include Navigation Pro. Additionally, customers can get optional features such as carbon fibre inserts, black shadow line, rear parking sensors, power heated front seats, internet access, tinted read windows, adaptive highlights and much more. Customers will also be able to get a five year warranty and there are reports that a carbon fiber roof might be on the works as well.

At the moment, price and release date are unknown. However, according to many reports, the car is expected at the Frankfurt Auto Show. The show is scheduled for September and is traditionally a show where many German car manufacturers showcase their latest designs and products.