2022 Mercedes AMG SL Roadster Spy Shots Confirm Model is Official

Mercedes Benz AMG SL

When an upcoming model is spotted being driven around the road, it is obviously close to getting launched.

The 2022 Mercedes AMG SL Roadster was spotted with complete camouflage and it looks like the car is very much out of the prototype stage. The design despite being covered looks nearly complete and it indicates that the launch date could probably be around the corner.

The road testing phase is an important aspect for every car manufacturer because they have to ensure it performs as claimed and is efficient. In Europe, the aspects are far more complex than in North America because of the impact every new launch has on the environment. While this is definitely not an electric car to be proud of with zero-emission on the planet, it does deliver an exciting level of performance. AMG is the company behind this assured performance and all their variants have so far never failed to impress.

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SL Roadster is a legendary vehicle famous for its design, performance and the ability to be silky smooth on the road. Mercedes on its own may not be able to deliver this iconic vehicle from 1952 that is designed to custom suit what new cars offer. However, the Mercedes AMG partnership stands proof to this claim and it has been meticulously put together to meet the speculated standards.

Scheduled for Launch in 2022

As the name indicates, the 2022 Mercedes AMG SL Roadster is expected to be officially revealed next year and hit stores another year later. The only saving grace of these spy shots is the fact that the new Roadster SL variant is indeed in production and will officially be launched under the Mercedes banner. While details related to this car are mostly under wraps, it is known that it will be constructed on top of the Modular Sports Architecture platform.

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The particular platform is already being used for GT sports cars for a new generation which balances the best of performance and comfort. It is speculated that it will be powered by a 3.0-liter engine delivering about 429 horsepower and another 4.0-liter V8 delivering about 515 horsepower. The top of the line model could be a plug-in hybrid variant capable of going all the way up to 800 horsepower, making it the most potent car in the line-up. The pricing as well as other important information may not be immediately available at this point in time.

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Mercedes Benz-AMG Launch SLC RedArt and SL designo Edition in Europe

Aimed at people who love to enjoy the spring in open air, Mercedes Benz and AMG has launched their exclusive SLC RedArt and SL designo editions in Europe.

The company has added a couple of exclusive components and new additions to make these editions standout from the rest. With the new addition, buyers will now be able to choose between five different powertrains when going for the RedArt edition and there will be six different color choices. As the name suggests, the edition uses plenty of red color as Mercedes Benz and AMG designed it to be. The red front splitter is the beginning as it moves on to red and black fins, red trims, diamond radiator grille and the most important exclusive Edition badge found only on the SLC RedArt Edition model.

Designed to be a sports edition car, the new Mercedes SLC has large 18-inch AMG light alloy wheels, AMG designed front, rear apron, sports suspension, exhaust system and AMG branded floor mats. The interiors of the car is quite exquisite with silver pearl nappa leather with a touch of black, sports steering wheel and Dynamic Select selector level among other additions.

The long list of luxurious add-ons is carried forward with the SL designo edition that offers 19-inch or 20-inch AMG 10-spoke forged wheels. The wheels feature chrome flics that add a posh sense of exclusivity to it combined with many of the above said features in the interior. The Mercedes Benz AMG SL designo edition has the exclusive logo placed right in between the Chrome badges.

Passengers have complete control over the interior ambience. The car is equipped with ambient lighting, Direct Select selector level and exquisite piano lacquer champagne white trim finish combined with similar mats and edging. AirScarf neck level heating keeps the passengers comfortable in cold climate. A range of safety features including Distronic, active blind spot assist, lane keeping assist and many more functionalities are bundled in the car.

The top of the line SL 500 designo edition delivers about 455 horsepower and has a top speed of 250 kilometer per hour. It is priced at 137,088 euros. The SLC is available in wide range of models including SLC 180, 200, 250d, 300 and the AMG SLC 43. All these models are available as RedArt editions. The base model produces about 156 horsepower while the top end AMG edition delivers an insane 367 horsepower. The AMG version can go from 0 to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds. The Mercedes AMG SLC43 RedArt is priced at 62,207 euros.


Mercedes AMG GT C, GT Roadster Photos, Specs Revealed Ahead of Paris Show

Mercedes AMG has revealed the GT C and the GT Roadster model, putting an end to all the rumors floating around.

For many weeks, it was rumored that Mercedes is about to launch a GT C variant in association with their favorite partner AMG. There was hardly any solid evidence to justify the rumor but now we have the official photos, specifications much ahead of the proposed 2016 Paris auto show reveal. The car looks as stylish as it should be because any model from the Mercedes stable should be extremely luxurious in looks with immense horsepower packed under the hood.

The Mercedes AMG GT C enters the market as a drop top Roadster variant. While the company do have plans to launch another variant with a hard top coupe, it is yet to be officially confirmed. The Roadster variant is powered by a 4.0-liter twin turbo V8 engine connected to a seven speed dual clutch transmission system with an automatic transaxle. The powertrain can produce 550 horsepower coupled with 502 lb feet of torque.

Mercedes GT S coupe is lower in terms of power compared to the GT C Roadster but it delivers less hp than the GT R coupe that delivers 577 horsepower with 516 lb feet of torque. The automobile brand is focused on segregating the models the right way so that they lineup is complete and doesn’t offer the same performance at different price points. The new GT C Roadster can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 3.7 seconds with a top speed of 196 mph.

Mercedes AMG GT C Roadster borrows some of the performance aspects from the GT R. Notable changes done in the car include a wider track, fenders. Instead of using carbon fiber materials as in the GT R, the engineers have reduced the overall weight of the car by using lithium ion battery. The GT Roadster which happens to be one among the new launches produces a cool 469 horsepower coupled with 465 lb feet of torque.

The base chassis of the Roadster edition of the cars are made stronger and chunkier so that they can compensate the missing top. The soft top is power retractable and it takes about 11 seconds for it to close. The Mercedes AMG GT C and the GT Roadster will be displayed at the 2016 Paris auto show. They will hit dealership stores in U.S. this month.

New Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster Revealed In Teaser Video

The Mercedes AMG GT C Roadster is a convertible version of the popular variant that has been revealed in a brand new teaser.

True to its name, the teaser video is extremely limited in content. It shows the profile of the car but the entire design continues to stay camouflaged. The drop top version is very close to its official launch. For any buyer who has been waiting for the Mercedes AMG GT C Roadster to hit the stores, it might be a couple more weeks before the auto brand makes the big announcement.

The sports car range under the Mercedes AMG partnership is expanding its lineup. The GT R variant is also in the cards. It was recently spotted by spy photographers when the engineers took it for a test ride at the Nurburgring race track. The new model gets rid of the hard tops used in the SL and the SLC variant.

Instead, the Mercedes AMG GT C Roadster is going with a softer top that has a less complex unit. The new setup significantly reduces the time it takes to roll in or roll out. Tobias Moers, head of the Mercedes AMG division confirmed that the Roadster is coming which will be revealed before the end of the year.

While he did confirm that they are going to launch an open top version, there was no word on the specifications of the upcoming car. The only information Moers shared was that it will be a perfect sports car in every aspect. In other words, the design will be sporty and aggressive while the powertrain used in the GT C Roadster is going to be extremely powerful. It will be a tweaked version of the engine that is already being used in the SL model.

The engineers have incorporated great stiffness in the Mercedes AMG GT C’s chassis allowing the driver to have sharp control over the vehicle. Even though, the chassis suffers due to the structural loss with no roof, the stiffness in the chassis continues to provide the necessary control to the driver. The suspension is going to remain fairly the same as the hard top version.

An electric fabric hood is used in the Mercedes AMG GT C Roadster edition. The hood helps reduce the complexity of the setup while maintaining the weight of the car and the overall cost under control. Mercedes AMG is working on a more powerful version of the Roadster to be released under the black series category.

Mercedes AMG C43 Official Pricing And Trimlines Announced

Mercedes AMG C43 now has an official pricing and all the trimlines that are coming to the Australian region has been confirmed by the brand.

Mercedes partners with AMG to produce sportier and performance driven versions of their base models. A surprising change this year is that the AMG Lite version of the car announced now are much cheaper than expected. Both coupe and wagon models are priced lower which allows more buyers to go for the AMG models. The cars will find their way to dealership stores in the month of October. Anyone who pre-orders the models now will be given first priority and will receive the car as soon as it is available.

The Mercedes AMG C43 coupe variant is priced at $104,400 and the C 43 is priced slightly higher at $105,615. The models are easily $4,000 less than expected and is cheaper when compared to their direct competitor like the Avant and Audi S4 sedan. The Audi S5 coupe is exceptionally pricey when compared to the Mercedes offering. The S5 is being sold for $119,510. The $100k price mark is not for the average buyer but even those who belong to the elite class and go for performance driven models might from the AMG Lite series C 43 easier to buy than the Audi models.

Mercedes is about to compete with Audi’s S5 Cabriolet with its own AMG C 43 cabriolet. The particular model will get launched in the month of November after the coupe versions arrive. The C 43 is designed to fill the gap between the entry level C-Class models priced somewhere around $60,00 and the top end C 63 S. Powered by a twin turbo V8 engine, the top class Mercedes Benz car is priced at $155,000.

The auto manufacturer has planned to skip the AMG Sport brand and go with a new lineup of cars. A long list of upgraded features can be found in the Mercedes AMG C43 including AMG ride control, AMG night package, panoramic glass sliding roof, sports exhaust system, intelligent light system with LED lights and Burmester surround sound system. The car has its infotainment and navigation system provided by COMAND.

Multiple safety features are also part of the AMG C 43 including collision prevention assist plus, attention assist, active bonnet, 360-degree camera, blind spot assist, semi-autonomous braking system, active lane keeping and drive assistance package. With all these and more features, the Mercedes AMG C 43 easily justifies its pricing.