2021 Mercedes Benz S-Class Now Supports Augmented Reality for Easier Driving

Mercedes S Class

The future of the automobile industry adopting the power of smartphones and the internet is happening, at a slow and steady pace.

As part of the initiative, the 2021 Mercedes Benz S-Class is now working to implement the augmented reality in the heads up display. It makes it easier for a person to drive the car in the night, during heavy snowfall or varied climatic conditions.

The overall advantage of using augmented reality being projected as a heads up display in the car’s window allows you to know lots of information at a glance. While Mercedes has provided a sample image to depict how it will help in driving, the idea is to make it not only easier but also a safe way to drive for millions of people who spend hours covering long distances on the road.

Upgrade for Mercedes Benz S-Class

An issue exists when trying to implement technological advancements into an automobile vehicle. They are primarily mechanical devices in which the concept of sensors, displays and automated driving is supposed to be implemented. Companies like Tesla achieve is much easier because they have been making electric cars. These cars are closer to a smartphone than an actual motor vehicle that you might have known through the decades.

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As part of the upgrade being provided, the Mercedes System now enables buyers to make use of the AR technology. Drivers will now be able to know a series of the information displayed right in front of their eyes. The company refers to it as the virtual distance elements which will be activated whenever you switch on the Active Distance Assist Distronic function.

AR Driving is the Future

Making driving easier is the inclusion of virtual red warning lines that encourages one to drive within the lane and lets one know if the car is drifting sideways. The actual speed of the vehicle will be displayed in the window allowing one to get a quick glance as well as additional features like radar cruise control and lane-keeping assist will also be included in the package.

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The lines will float on the road as the glass panel acts as a display. In addition to this, the 2021 Mercedes Benz S-Class includes a large 12.8-inch central display to provide all the information you need within the infotainment system. There will be three more screens in specific variants to help transfer the info to rear-seat passengers. The new S-Class is set for launch on September 2.

2017 Mercedes Benz E-Class Interiors are Inspired by S-Class yet Unique

As soon as the media had its first opportunity to peek into the 2017 Mercedes Benz E-Class, everyone, including users and critics concluded that it borrows a lot of design elements from the S-Class and the C-Class.

While it is common for people to arrive at a conclusion by going through a couple of pictures, it is obvious that many of them missed some of the miniscule yet important changes that Mercedes made in their new car. If they were not so confident of their design elements, the team would have never come up with the idea to reveal the interiors first before showcasing the exterior design of the car.

Instead of hyping about the changes or explaining the process through which they made an S-Class look so exquisite on the inside, the team decided to leave it to the arduous consumers to sort it out. It’s a clever marketing strategy for sure because some have already identified that it has way more personality than the S-Class or C-Class cars besides being distinct in its own style. The placement of the center console and the use of analog controls are great examples.

With their 2017 E-Class, Mercedes Benz was conscious of not going completely digital so as to appease buyers of all age groups. They have used the right amount of digital controls and analog buttons to balance this aspect. The center console is huge which makes it readily accessible and for the convenience of the driver, it has been slightly tilted towards his side. While this might sound trivial, it is a much needed aspect so as to allow the driver to make changes to the music being played or to control the temperature without losing focus on the road. A safety measure that has been subtly included with a slight curve.

The four air vents represent the design used in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, but they are tightly packed together with hardly any space between them. It ensures even air flow and allows the motors to operate only when necessary than running continuously to fill those gaps. The clock has been shifted to sit with the air conditioning unit controls while the Command controller is at the very bottom.

It includes a storage compartment, infotainment system, climate control and a touchpad. The controls are neatly stacked and have enough space in between so that the users don’t accidentally touch when they don’t intend to. On the whole, the 2017 Mercedes Benz E-Class has had a promising start with a familiar yet distinct interior design.

2016 Mercedes Benz E-Class Gets New Interiors Inspired by Their S-Class

Car enthusiasts were really curious to take a peek into the 2016 Mercedes Benz E-Class without a camouflage, which wasn’t possible until now.

The manufacturer has officially revealed the interiors of this most awaited car to the public and automobile enthusiasts. It looks like Mercedes was strongly inspired by their own S-Class line-up, because, a lot of features found in the E-Class resemble their other model. The positioning of the center console on the dashboard, combined with the heater as well as the air conditioning vents is very similar. However, these positions are familiar to the long time Mercedes owners and it is considered to be more ergonomic, which makes sense to adopt the same style in all their next gen models.

It is not just the interior that has changed in the Mercedes Benz E-Class variant, but the plug-in hybrid variant has received variations in its engine power as well. Buyers will be able to choose between three different models including a 2.0 liter four cylinder engine, which has an added advantage of an 82hp electric motor, as well as the 3.0 liter V6 engine which is supported by a much powerful 109hp motor.

The company didn’t discuss about the diesel, electric motor variant yet, but it is part of their launch line-up. The E-Class will also be the first in the series from Mercedes Benz which offers the V6 engine inline six cylinder models. With the increased power, drivers will be able to experience an amazing 313 horsepower made possible by the integrated double turbochargers. There will also be a variant which has six cylinders, with two of them being electric motors.

Mercedes has opted for all aluminum construction for the next gen E-Class, which displays significant reduction in weight and better stability on the road. While big brands are still busy launching plug-in hybrid models, Tesla has leaped to the newer generation electric vehicles. The newly launched Tesla Model X SUV is the first of its kind which boasts of towing capacity, great horsepower, 250 miles on a full charge and stylish falcon wing doors.

The company truly believes it will change the world of electric cars and Tesla is also gearing up to offer cheaper EVs in the next two years. With them going miles ahead, it is time now that Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW among everyone else, start thinking about innovation and adopt electric vehicles without being constrained to hybrids all the time.

Mercedes Benz Expands S-Class Line-up with Drop Top Cabriolet

Mercedes released a roofless Cabriolet in the 1971 and after a hiatus, the company is at it again with their new 2017 S-Class drop top Cabriolet which is designed to redefine luxury even without a no- roof design.

BMW, Bentley and Rolls Royce already have their own drop top flagship vehicles. Despite losing their top, these vehicles offer the best of luxury in its class that Mercedes Benz aims to compete with. The new S-Class coupe Cabriolet can comfortably seat up to four people and shares its features with the original S-Class, except for the fact that it has a cloth roof. It reduces its weight and rigidity, but in terms of driving experience, the manufacturer wants to ensure that their customers get the best.

In order to maintain stability and rigidity, the designers have used magnesium and aluminum components in the rear floor as well as the luggage compartment. It will ensure that the driver will have complete control over the vehicle even during bendy curves and twists. Mercedes has introduced new technology in this drop top S-class coupe, including an ‘AirCap’ and ‘AirScarf’. The purpose of these technologies is to add an automatic wind protection system when going at high speeds with the top open and to heat the seats to maintain warm temperature, if the outside temperature gets chilly.

The arm rest and seat are integrated with the sensors that are capable of automatically heating up if the temperature drops below a specific level. It makes it easier for the driver and the passengers to focus on the ride rather than having to fiddle with the temperature controls. The 2016 S-Class coupe Cabriolet with an open top design is powered by a 4.7 liter V8 twin turbocharged engine, which renders an impressive 449 horsepower coupled with 516 lb ft of torque.

It uses a 9 speed automatic transmission system that is capable of rendering top speed or a smooth experience based on your mood. For buyers who need maximum performance, the drop top coupe has an AMG version powered by a V8 5.5 liter twin turbocharged engine. It delivers an increased 577 horsepower, 664 lb ft of torque and can reach 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.9 seconds.

While Mercedes didn’t confirm it officially, rumors claim that the company has plans to launch a V12 engine variant of the S-class Cabriolet, which will offer a whopping 621 horsepower. It could easily be one of the most powerful open top luxury cars in the world when it gets launched.

Mercedes Leaks the Mercedes-Benz 2016 S-Class Cabriolet Version

Mercedes took a rather unconventional approach with the launch of the 2016 S-Class Cabriolet. Car companies usually keep the design of their new models secret, but since the cabriolet doesn’t threaten any existing car in the lineup, the German company leaked the images of the 2016 S-Class version.

It is a way to whet the customer’s appetites and prepare them for the September Frankfurt Motor Show.

The 2016 S-Class Cabriolet is the first convertible by Mercedes since 1971 and it is scheduled to go on sale from next year.

By what we can see at the pictures, the 2016 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet is a four seating limo, joining the fellow two-door model by Mercedes, the S-Class coupe. Many of the aesthetic characteristics of the S-Class coupe make their way to the Cabriolet as well, including the scalloped sides, slender tail lamps, long low-slung profile, the chamfered rear and the semi-clamshell hood. The difference is that the 2016 Cabriolet will feature new, redesigned A-pillars designer to keep the vehicle in the upper echelon of safe cars.

Inside, Mercedes has placed a center console that flows between the passengers seated in the front seats and goes into the rear occupants as well. The dashboard previously seen on the S-Class coupe is also present.

Information regarding what is under the hood are poor at the moment, but rumors are that the S-class Cabriolet will have the same engines as the sedan and the coupe models. If that is true, we can expect a5.5-liter V8 engine and a 6.2-liter V12 engine.

The 2016 S-Class Cabriolet will debut in Frankfurt, during the annual motor show in September. There were rumors that the car might be shown in China first, but experts believe Mercedes wants to show the Cabriolet in its full glory in Frankfurt during one of the most prominent car shows in the world. The Cabriolet is designed to rival the GT Convertible by Bentley, in the same way as the Maybach is designed to rival the Bentleys and the Rolls-Royces of the world.

The S-Class Cabriolet is the sixth model that comes from the S-Class family by Mercedes. The others are the saloon model, the coupe model and the Maybach luxo models.