2022 Mercedes Benz SL Interior and Powertrain Revealed in Spy Photos

2022 Mercedes Benz SL

With every new model being tested in varying weather conditions, the 2022 Mercedes Benz SL is no different.

It was spotted being tested in really cold conditions to ensure the powertrain used in the vehicle could withstand the pressure and this also happens to be a test for the exquisite interiors the company is planning to offer its buyers.

Being an entirely camouflaged car of its kind, we somehow managed to spot many of the design changes that Mercedes is going for. The upcoming SL model was spotted in Sweden where it is often snowy and if we are to remove the camouflage in the vehicle, it would definitely be a sight to behold. The car as rumored will be equipped with a four-cylinder engine combined with a V8 hybrid engine. With almost every last manufacturer moving towards a hybrid variant to offer lesser strain on the planet, it is not only Mercedes but every brand is planning to completely discontinue all-gasoline or diesel engines by 2025.

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A pair of astute spy photographers managed to capture it and we should give them due credit for their work to be going out to capture in this cold weather. The majority of the design element happens to be completely hidden by the camouflage which is expected of any car that is yet to be officially unveiled. Most brands would make changes to their exterior before revealing it to the public but going by the overall outlook, we can confirm that this belongs to the high-performance S series 2022 Mercedes Benz SL category.

Powertrain Details Unveiled

In the front end, the S-Class is equipped with a Panamericana grille combined with a low air intake front grille. There are four square exhaust tips at the back which strongly signify the inclusion of V8-engine, optimally tuned by AMG for Mercedes. The car features 20-inch large alloy wheels and uses Michelin tyres which are supposed to be durable, higher on the grip and is made using a new rubber material.

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Under the hood, the dashboard is quite stylish and futuristic like a Tesla car. It features a large 12.8-inch infotainment system combined with a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster. The 2022 Mercedes Benz SL AMG variant will possibly feature a rear-wheel-drive model but higher-end editions will go for a four-wheel drive to make the ride as comfortable as it could get. The vehicle is set to be launched in Australia by 2022.

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Mercedes Benz SL Class Camouflaged Picture Reveals Design Aspects

Unlike many other upcoming models, Mercedes Benz SL Class was under camouflage for a very long time now.

While we did manage to find some spy shots of the car, this is possibly the first time that we have managed to take a look at the full design. The whole production body has been revealed in these new spy shots that provide a quite overview of what to expect from the vehicle.

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Going by the traditional design language, Mercedes has decided to keep the front bonnet area short and upright. From a long view, it does look sleek and stylish but it is once again based on individual preferences. The long hood design has often been a trademark solution for AMG powered vehicles from Mercedes but the new SL class continues to find a thin balance between going all sporty and being an all-purpose vehicle.

Revealed Specs and Info

Based on what we have gathered so far, the manufacturer is planning to switch to a soft top. The hardtop variant will be sold separately providing buyers more choices when they are about to go for the final call. The retracting door handles are another addition but overall they have managed to come up with a design that is quite elegant. It does have an aggressive, sporty design at times but the aesthetics are intact.

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There are over a dozen images available that provide us a closer look at the Mercedes Benz SL Class despite the camouflage. The rear trunk has an upturned design while the large lip spoiler is yet to be confirmed. The final version of the car will obviously go under multiple changes before it goes into production. After all, the engineers have meticulously made the front bonnet and the overall front fascia look elegant but the rear side is a bit crude at this point in time.

Being a prototype edition spotted with camouflage on the road, it is still under development from what we can confirm. The spacing in the trunk area is expected to be limited because going by the looks, they are probably working on providing more space for passengers. A couple of luggage should hold fine in the trunk area for a long trip though. It does remind us a lot of the AMG GT and other editions from AMG that Mercedes partnered with but the SL class will be made unique in its own way, we believe.

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A Brand New Mercedes SL with Refined Features Launched at Los Angeles Show

The Los Angeles Motor Show is the humble abode of some of the world’s luxury cars and the revamped version of the Mercedes SL is one among them.

The brand made good use of the show floor to showcase their brand new SL which is going to hit the dealership stores in the month of April next year. With almost six months to go, it is a good strategy to show the vehicle to the buyers and excite them by detailing its specifications.

The aesthetics of the car has been modified by way of minor improvements, starting with the grille. It is completely turned on its head with a diamond look which is something that may appeal to a majority of buyers. The team at Mercedes could have thought over it multiple times before ditching the traditional horizontal and vertical bars to choose a diamond grille which is a noteworthy decision they have made.

All-new LED headlamps adorn the front of the car which is heavily inspired by Mercedes Benz S-Class models. The lower bumper has been modified so that it can accommodate the daytime running lights to provide better vision for the driver and to cover more area on dark roads. With a modified bumper, the car has better headroom so that a compact central air intake as well as lower vents could be incorporated into it.

The modifications in the new Mercedes Benz SL can be witnessed in the rear where tail lights are now one piece. If you are looking for sportier designs and better performance, obviously the AMG variant is the best fit to go for. The automobile manufacturer also offers two new color variants to choose from, a brilliant blue and a grey magno. Buyers can also choose to upgrade their vehicle with a wide range of alloy wheels to pick from.

Mercedes is inclined to offer its buyers the best and are going to allow them to pick from different engine variants. There will be a six cylinder, eight and 12-cylinder petrol engines to choose, from which has variable horsepower and torque. The basic variant will offer a moderate 362 bhp and can accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 4.9 seconds.

Other features in the new SL includes a Sport+ mode and has Active Body Control. It also has driving assistant package, emergency braking and a fully adjustable hard top which can be adjusted based on the speed you are driving at.