2021 Mercedes C Class Has Tons of Technology Updates, Covers 100Kms in Hybrid Range

2021 Mercedes C Class

The company has unveiled the 2021 Mercedes C Class which is on par with other modern cars of the day.

People have started expecting their car to be more like computers, which is what Mercedes offers, by making their car futuristic. It uses fingerprint scanning technology, sensor-based headlights to detect road position and easily connect with your home to understand if it is in a safe zone.

Having a plug-in hybrid power with such massive coverage makes all the difference because it can cover up to 100 kilometers on a single charge. While it certainly is not designed to replace the petrol engine, it still is a considerable one for a C Class sedan from a brand like Mercedes Benz. The new model is a huge refresh after a hiatus that spanned over seven whole years but we could easily claim that the company has done an excellent job in making this as futuristic as possible.

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The pricing varies based on the trimline buyers would pick as it starts at $65,000 which may sound far more affordable while it goes all the way up to $110,000 for higher-end models. The car will be on par with a Tesla model because it is equipped with a Smart Home function to control equipment in your home once there. Similarly, the company will continue to release lots of over-the-air updates to keep the operating system updated in the car. Users can easily change the temperature, lights and electrical appliances using the touchscreen display in the car.

Introducing New Partnerships

The 2021 Mercedes C Class is going to be far more advanced than any car in the line-up as it makes use of Apple Siri’s commands directly. The brand has also partnered with Samsung Smart Home Devices as well as Bosch to complete the ecosystem. It makes it all the more enticing to be able to cover everything with the comfort of your car. The digital headlight technology is completely optional but when equipped it will provide warning signs if you are driving on the wrong side of the road.

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An air balance package is available as an additional purchase which will keep the fragrance levels in the car intact all the time. It keeps refreshing the air from outside while maintaining a pleasant smell on the inside. The dashboard is equipped with a 10.25-inch display which can also be upgraded if needed and the entire infotainment system can be accessed with the help of your fingerprint to make things snappy.

Mercedes C-Class Upgraded with AMG C43 and 4Matic Diesel Engine

Mercedes Benz C-Class is getting a neat upgrade for the UK audience as the line up now includes an AMG C43 version and a 4Matic all-wheel drive system.

The all-wheel will be available only for select diesel engine variants.

Buyers can now purchase the model but deliveries will begin in the month of September which is going to be a couple of months waiting time for the eager ones. The C43 AMG version is powered by the 3.0-liter twin turbocharged V6 engine. The same powertrain is shared by the saloon and the coupe models. The V6 delivers a total of 362 horsepower with 520 Nm torque combined with a nine-speed automatic gearbox. It also supports all-wheel drive powered by the 4Matic system.

The saloon can accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 4.7 seconds but the bigger and heavier estate requires at least 4.9 seconds to reach the same speed. The top of both versions of the car has been limited for safety reasons. They can travel up to 155 miles per hour at the most. The base kit in the car brings 18-inch alloy wheels with Artico synthetic leather and has gloss black side mirrors.

Pricing of the C43 saloon in the UK is pegged at £44,460 while the C43 estate is priced at £45,250. The all-wheel driving system has always been an interesting addition of the best performance models. Mercedes now provides the upgrade in their sport and AMG versions including an automatic gearbox system. The additional package will cost 1,500 GBP more than the base price.

Apart from the other trimline variants available, Mercedes has expanded their line up with a C-Class saloon with SE Executive model. The pricing is higher than the base model but it brings additional features including 17-inch alloy wheels, parking assist features, navigation system provided by the brand Garmin. The rear seat can be split folded which increases cargo room while front seats can be heated to overcome climatic changes.

By expanding their offerings in the UK, Mercedes now has plenty of new models designed to satisfy the sports and performance variant lovers. The company has also focused on the diesel engine models which usually get very little attention from the manufacturers. Even though, electric cars are coming in, performance based AMG models will still rule for a long time because engineers are yet to find a way to offer top speeds using an electric motor.

Mercedes C-Class 2017 Edition Getting New Updates

The 2017 Mercedes Benz C-Class got launched recently and the company is already rolling out updates for the compact saloon.

Spy shots of the car has evolved and the model was spotted at the Stuttgart factory located in Germany.

As expected, the car is heavily camouflaged and it is tough to make out its design. However, the headlights are visible along with the front bumper. Minor changes are made to the 2017 edition of the executive saloon. The designers have incorporated the model with brand new tail lights and the bumper is sleeker giving it a compact look. The upgrades are not just limited to the exterior but there are some subtle changes to the interiors of the car as well.

Mercedes didn’t reveal any official information related to the upcoming changes in the C-Class. However, the company may probably launch it before the end of the year. Official reveal of the revamped saloon should be out in few months in one of the upcoming auto shows. The auto manufacturer may also host their own event to talk in-depth about the modifications.

Inside sources suggested that the automobile brand may incorporate wide twin-displays to the infotainment system. The feature is already found in the E-Class edition which will soon be carried out to the C-Class saloon. The large touchscreen will make it easier to navigate through content and there’s a higher probability of a brand new sound system. Both these features were exclusive to expensive models from Mercedes Benz but the automobile brand is bringing them to other models in the near future.

The powertrain variants available in the model is expected to be the same. It will be powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel engine and another 2.1-liter engine is in the cards. The revamped version of the 2017 Mercedes Benz C-Class will not make its way to the dealership stores until 2017.

Of late, Mercedes has been taking multiple steps to ensure that they reach younger audiences. The cars are now sportier than they used to be and the bulk look associated with the brand is made sleeker. While there aren’t any drastic changes in the pricing, Mercedes believes that they will be able to convince young businessmen and people to go for their brand. They have tough competition from Mazda, Ferrari, Porsche among many other luxury automobile manufacturers.

We may be able to know the new direction the brand takes in the next few years.

Overhauled Mercedes C-Class Borrows Luxury Design and Styling Cues from S-Class

Mercedes-Benz has overhauled its C-Class vehicle lineup by borrowing the luxury design and styling cues from its top spec model, the S-Class. This is expected to boost the image of C-Class from a ‘not very nice’ to something which has a great presence.

The front end has been made longer; the rear end looks short and trimmer while the middle part has the luxurious flourish of the S-Class. The overall length of the vehicle has been increased by four inches, most of which has been used up for legroom for the rear seat passengers.

LED headlights in the front end are standard features, while the large panel roof up is an optional feature, though experts feel that it is worth the price. The test driven model, the Mercedes Benz C400 4Matic, with standard features and an all wheel drive is expected to cost around $50,000. The optional multimedia system, which includes a larger screen, navigation system and a camera, is estimated to increase the price by $2700.

Other optional features include the airmatic adaptive suspension system (approximately $1200) which adds plenty of agility to the C400. The optional adaptive cruise control (estimated at $3000) manages lane centering, alerts and sensors for forward cross traffic and also has an active blind spot alert. The large panoramic roof is also an optional feature expected to cost around $1500.

The interior of the new C-Class has a great S-Class luxurious feel. The ergonomics and the design of the console are great-looking and comfortable for use. All C-class models would feature a larger LCD with the navigation system on the top and a smaller one at the base.

Moreover, many of the features in the car can be managed in many ways through natural gestures and voice commands. The ‘looking’ gesturing can help you navigate through the various selection options such as finding a radio station, selecting the media or entering a destination. Voice command is an optional feature, though. The Burmester Audio, which was a very fairly expensive optional feature earlier, is now a standard feature in the C400 model.

All models would feature 7-speed auto transmission and the optional agility control has multiple drive modes to choose from, including eco, comfort, sport and sport plus modes. Additionally, the driver has the option of customizing all requisite parameters.

The steering wheels feature the ubiquitous paddles. The forward collision alert does not stop the car entirely, but applies partial brake. The lane-keeping and blind spot sensors either give you a vibration warning or set the car in the correct lane or by moving your car away from other vehicles on the road. These sensors can also sense overtaking vehicles and let you know of any potential problems.

The C400 features 3L V6 Twin Turbocharged German engine delivering 329 horsepower and a peak torque of 354 pound-feet and can reach from 0-60 mph in under-5 seconds.

2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe – Prices, Specs and Design Fully Dissected

The new, 2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe made its debut during the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, showing how the next generation of the C-Class will look. Now, we have the full design specs, powertrains and pricing revealed.

Prices will start at $47,587 for the entry model or the C30 Coupe. The 2017 C-Class Coupe is around $4,500 more expensive than the entry model of the C-Class saloon version. Deliveries for the car will start by the end of this year, in December. Other prices will remain close to the saloon version, with the C63 AMG serving as the range topper with a price tag close to $70,000.

Mercedes wanted a completely new design for the 2017 C-Class Coupe, giving the sporty car new classic proportions and more dramatic outlook. The proportions of the new C-Class coupe are closer to the S-class coupe as the car is 2.5 inches wider in the front end and 2.6 inches wider in the rear. Mercedes has changed the fenders on the front and the rear for the 2017 C-Class coupe, resulting in new and dramatic effect. The only similarity between the C-Class sedan and the C-Class coupe on the outside is the front clip, but once you get past the A-pillars, everything is different and new.

The chassis of the 2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe has also undergone some changes. For starters, the roofline is positioned 1.6-inches lower, which essentially lowered the height of the center of gravity by 0.8-inches. Mercedes has changed the brakes, offering carbon-ceramic brakes for the 2017 Mercedes C-Class Coupe, as well as forged aluminum wheels. The two options together reduce the mass of the vehicle. For the front wheels, Mercedes offers 18 or 19 inch wheels, while the rear can feature 18, 19 or 20 inch wheels.

Under the hood, the 2017 C-Class Coupe will feature the same 2.0-liter turbo engine with 241hp as the sedan model. For the entry model, all-wheel drive is optional, while the rear wheel drive is the standard setting. Next in the lineup are the C450 AMG Sport packing twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 engine producing 362 ponies, the C63 AMG twin turbo-charged 4.0-liter V8 engine producing 469 ponies for the standard and 503 ponies for the S version. The range topping C63 AMG S will sprint to 60mph in less than 4 seconds and reach up to 155mph. Drivers can optionally increase the top speed up to 180mph.

Inside the 2017 C-Class Coupe drivers will find the familiar interior and setting as in the C-Class sedan, but that is a good thing, seeing how the interior of the sedan severs as the benchmark for the segment. The focus is on the front cabin, with back seats receiving little features.

2017 Mercedes C-Class is a Spacious Sedan Set for December Launch

Creating a car which offers enough space for at least four people, yet compact enough for zippy driving is the primary objective of most manufacturers.

The 2017 Mercedes C-Class aims to satisfy every strata of the buyer community, with a new vivid and sensual design, according to the official statement from the company.

Mercedes is a luxury car manufacturer, a fact known across the globe. But, it is the elite perspective they have created throughout the decades that deter them from appealing to the masses. People have a notion that their cars offer the best in luxury class, but are not designed to be sporty. The new C-class aims to change this notion forever.

The manufacturer in a statement confirmed it is going to be a vehicle that ideally balances the best of modern luxury combined with an agile sportiness. In order to support their claim, the car is made at least 60 millimeters longer than its previous models. The measurement covers the area between the axle and the firewall. For offering the promised luxurious ride, the vehicle’s suspension is much lower than the saloon, measured at 15 millimeters.

A wide range of modifications are made in the interiors of the vehicle. Brand new upholstery is one of the significant changes in this model, which offers unique color combinations. One of them is saddle brown combined with porcelain, while another is turquoise coupled with nut brown and black. The steering wheel features multiple functions and has AMG sports pedals for superior control at high speeds.

Apart from the interiors and the suspension, the 2017 Mercedes C-Class is equipped with 17-inch wheels which are tuned to be sporty. The manufacturer says the overall length and breadth of the vehicle has been increased so that it offers additional shoulder and elbow room. The increased size makes it easier for the front and rear seat passengers to sit conveniently for long rides. The length is increased by at least 95 millimeters, while the width in the new model is 40 millimeters more than the earlier edition.

The C-Class 2017 edition also promises better road dynamics while keeping road noise at minimal levels. The steel suspension is fully customizable. The basic model is integrated into the vehicle, but buyers can go for a sports or a stability variant based on their individual preference. The Mercedes C-Class 2017 will be available in four variants with the gas engine and two with the diesel engines when it gets launched.

Mercedes Gets the SUV it Needs in the Form of Mercedes Benz GLC

In the past few years, Mercedes was a second fiddle to BMW and Audi in the SUV luxury segment.

That is about to change with the Mercedes Benz GLC, the new and shiny SUV that Mercedes will launch by the end of the year. In the past, the German company had only the Mercedes ML to compete in the SUV section, while the likes of Audi and BMW offered compact, large and medium SUVs.

Mercedes will build the GLC on the latest technologies used for the C-Class. Car enthusiasts will now get a modern and powerful successor to the GLK. Powered by a 241 BHP turbocharged engine, the GLC comes with a four cylinder engine and 9-speed auto transmission. There will also be a three transmission system.

The exterior of the Mercedes Benz GLC is what will appeal to many customers. The new SUV has the ideal size: it is not small, it is not big and has enough space inside without being lardy and large. The shape is less boxy than its predecessor, the GLK. The new rounded look is more practical and the 19 and 20 inches wheels help with that. The modern aesthetic of the GLC works in both traditional roads and off road adventures.

One of the main selling points in the features department is the “adjustable pneumatic air ride suspension”. The GLC is the first SUV with the feature that Mercedes calls “Air Body Control”. The feature helps the vehicle control air pressure. The result is the vehicle softens the ride based on the driving conditions it encounters. This feature has been part of the palette of luxury and expensive Mercedes vehicles.

The diesel engine is powered by 200hp and can go up to 100 km/h in 7.6 seconds. The diesel engine is powered by the popular 2.1 turbocharged motor or the 250d. The 250 petrol is powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged four cylinder engine and is a little speedier than the diesel version, sprinting to 100 km/h in less than 7 seconds.

In a true SUV spirit, the GLC will have several driving modes, including Eco, Comfort, Sport, Individual and Sport Plus. Eco and Comfort are ideal for casual cruising, as they offer the best fuel efficiency. The suspension is softer in these modes. When choosing the Sport or Sport Plus mode, the GLC is transformed into a beast that gives heightened sense. The Individual mode is a combination of all modes, giving the driver the ability to control what aspects of every mode he wants to use.

The Mercedes Benz GLC is the equivalent of the C-Class by Mercedes in the SUV segment. Experts believe the SUV will be a popular seller since it has all the tools to be a success: look, appeal, size and has rivals that will push Mercedes to the limits. The GLC should compete with the likes of the Audi Q5 and the BMW X3 for supremacy in the SUV segment. Armed with two solid diesel engines and a great petrol engine and two halo models, the Mercedes-Benz GLC can be one of the most successful vehicles in the company’s palette. The GLC 450 AMG is scheduled for next year and the GLC 63 AMG is scheduled for 2017. As for the standard versions, Mercedes will likely launch a hybrid version of the GLC sometime in 2016.