2022 Mercedes EQS Front Design Showcased in New Rendered Poster

A series of great teasers are being released from time to time which has given us a good look on what to expect from the 2022 Mercedes EQS.

The company has moved from the traditional reveals to a more series of teasers and this is yet another image that should give you a good view of how the front fascia of the car would look like.

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The prototype of the car being built was revealed earlier but it was still in the factory zone. However, this new poster has been designed for customers and should give a fair idea of what to expect from the vehicle. The new Mercedes car is definitely one among the many luxury cars they have planned for the next five years. Besides, similar to other major automobile manufacturers, the company is planning to make electric cars the norm for which they should come up with a new platform that is versatile enough for different models.

In the front design of this new EQS, it is difficult to talk more about it because of the angle they have finalized to showcase its fascia. However, it does look perfectly sharp and really aggressive which is not generally found in all Mercedes models but only in select ones. The headlights are designed in such a way that they directly meet one another in the middle through the LED light that runs along the entire bonnet area.

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By connecting the lights, it has also been designed in such a way that anyone who takes a quick look would assume it has lights running throughout the front design. There are some stark changes to expect when the new Mercedes EQS gets launched because it gets rid of the combustion engine. The removal of the conventional engine allows designers to come up with quirky new design aesthetics that may become the norm in future vehicles from multiple brands.

Reviving the Design Aesthetics

The 2022 Mercedes EQS uses side mirrors so as to retain the conventional feel that people still enjoy in their cars rather than cameras. The additional air intakes are added so as to keep the interior and the seats cool at all times, even if it becomes hot during a sunny day. The car has an optional air filtering system according to Mercedes’ press release. The idea is to provide the best air quality in the interior for a comfortable and safe ride. The car is expected to deliver 435 miles of range on a single charge, making it a great EV to consider.

2021 Mercedes AMG GLE63 S Coupe Pricing Starts at $117,050

Every time Mercedes teams up with AMG, a new buyer can be assured that it will be one of the best performing vehicles to invest their cash in.

The 2021 Mercedes AMG GLE63 S Coupe is no less of a stupendous launch and the pricing of the new variant starts at $117,050. The pricing is applicable only if you are willing to not add any accessories to the list. It could significantly increase the price of this car.

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The concept of a tall, luxury crossover is not something every buyer would go after. The niche audience who want the best of both worlds, a large spacious vehicle combined with the best of luxury would definitely appreciate this new launch. The variant is scheduled to hit showrooms in 2021 before which the pandemic situation is expected to be under control and allow you to take it out for a test drive.

The SUV vehicle is powered by a V-8 twin-turbo engine and features large 22-inch wheels. For maximum comfort, while driving in every kind of road condition, it is equipped with a sport-tuned air suspension system. The idea behind using this sports variant is to provide better aerodynamics and improve the horsepower exertion of the vehicle. Buyers can’t expect it to focus purely on smoothness but rather a mix of comfort and speed, all delivered in a single compact package.

Under the Hood – Assured Performance

Powered by a 4.0-liter V-8 powertrain, AMG is confident that its fine-tuned engine will outsmart most of its competition with its 603 horsepower engine. It is coupled with 627-pound feet of torque. Being a hybrid vehicle, it is also equipped with a 48-volt electrical system capable of delivering a measly 21 horsepower but the inclusion is to make it more energy-efficient. The car is not being promoted as a hybrid in any form as such models are still a long way from launch.

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In terms of raw performance, the 2021 Mercedes AMG GLE63 S Coupe can go from a static condition to 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds. The top speed despite being higher than the said number has been constrained to 174 mph for safety reasons. The powertrain offers multiple modes, a total of seven different modes including Sport, Race, Sand and Comfort so as to allow people on board to choose the best one to suit their travel requirement.

The launch price of $115,000 is lower than what was expected and makes it slightly more affordable with the 2021 variant.

Mercedes Benz Promises Autonomous Driving Cars by 2024 with Nvidia Chipsets

Mercedes Benz has partnered with Nvidia to help develop a chip that would make automobile driving easier than ever before.

For PC gamers, the brand named Nvidia is a familiar one as they develop some of the best graphics cards for gaming. The company also specializes in spending lots on research and development of the latest technologies which includes providing autonomous features for a car.

Nvidia is best at making excellent processors and chipsets that hold phenomenal power in a small package. Combining it with an AI assistant such as Siri or Google Assistant could do wonders for the world of automobiles. In the same lines as before, big brands like BMW, Mercedes Benz and Ford want to be ahead of everyone else. While Tesla is way ahead of them in terms of autonomous driving and electric vehicle implementation in all their models, the traditional manufacturers are still lagging behind.

Implementation in 2024

According to the latest update, Mercedes Benz will enable autonomous driving functionalities in their cars from 2024 onwards. While it may seem far fetched at this point, it won’t be too long as 5G connectivity and other technologies develop so as to enable vehicles to easily navigate the roads on its own. Nvidia will supply them with the chipset necessary to be integrated with future cars and they will help communicate with other compatible cars, connect to the internet and quickly process all the information including touch sensors, traffic among other details.

Nvidia Drive AGX Orin

Named as the Nvidia Drive AGX Orin platform, it is the newly developed processor by the team that makes use of the best AI available and continues to improvise based on how it learns from different aspects on road. Besides, the engineers have suggested that they will provide frequent updates so as to keep it optimal and more proactive as it is supposed to drive a car in congested traffic conditions.


“Every future car from Mercedes Benz will be equipped with Nvidia Drive system and we will constantly provide the support needed to keep enhancing the software AI. It will make life easier for everyone out there,” commented Jensen Huang, Nvidia’s Chief Executive. They are visibly thrilled about this excellent partnership as Mercedes has sold over 2.9 million vehicles worldwide in 2019.

The partnership already exists for the past five years but this is going to be huge because of AI, Autonomous driving implementation on Mercedes cars by 2024.

Mercedes Maybach G 650 Landaulet Limited Edition Offers the Best of Off-Road Luxury

Building on the tradition of Mercedes Maybach models, the new entrant is the G 650 Landaulet an extremely limited edition all-terrain vehicle scheduled to be launched at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

The new G-class model is expected to set a new benchmark in the segment. It has an amazing ground clearance which is nearly half meter above the ground and offers the best in-class comfort with posh interiors. The model can accommodate four passengers with ample seat spacing for them all. While the front seat has a closed roof, rear seat passengers can experience whole new level of luxury by opening the folding top at the push of a button. The rear can also be segregated with maximum privacy using a glass compartment.

The Mercedes Maybach is powered by a V12 bitturbo engine capable of delivering an amazing 630 horsepower combined with peak torque capacity of 1000 Newton meters. Being an all-road variant, it is obviously equipped with 4WD setup and has large wheelbase to match any type of terrain. The luxury quotient is pretty high in the interiors with two tone designo upholstery and customers have the freedom to choose from three different colors for the fabric top.

All seats can be electrically adjusted to a fully reclined position and they can be heated or swiveled to a position of your choice. The exquisiteness doesn’t end there as the new G 650 Landaulet is also equipped with thermal cup holders on all seats. You can cool or heat beverages using these holders. There is a foldable table behind the front seat making it easier to read, eat or work on while on the move. The truck offers the best of comfort and is also made to keep the passengers entertained with two large 10-inch displays.

It is equipped with the G-Cockpit design and offers an individual entertainment system for passengers so that they view the content they like the most. Mercedes has been focusing on the Landaulet series since a very long time as the first 300 d was released in 1960 while the latest edition was launched in 2008.

The upcoming Mercedes Maybach G 650 Landaulet will be limited to just 99 units and is scheduled to be showcased at the Geneva Motor Show that takes place in March, this year. The open top four seatertruck is expected to go on sale immediately after the launch and it is going to be tough to grab hold of one due to extremely limited numbers.

Mercedes Benz-AMG Launch SLC RedArt and SL designo Edition in Europe

Aimed at people who love to enjoy the spring in open air, Mercedes Benz and AMG has launched their exclusive SLC RedArt and SL designo editions in Europe.

The company has added a couple of exclusive components and new additions to make these editions standout from the rest. With the new addition, buyers will now be able to choose between five different powertrains when going for the RedArt edition and there will be six different color choices. As the name suggests, the edition uses plenty of red color as Mercedes Benz and AMG designed it to be. The red front splitter is the beginning as it moves on to red and black fins, red trims, diamond radiator grille and the most important exclusive Edition badge found only on the SLC RedArt Edition model.

Designed to be a sports edition car, the new Mercedes SLC has large 18-inch AMG light alloy wheels, AMG designed front, rear apron, sports suspension, exhaust system and AMG branded floor mats. The interiors of the car is quite exquisite with silver pearl nappa leather with a touch of black, sports steering wheel and Dynamic Select selector level among other additions.

The long list of luxurious add-ons is carried forward with the SL designo edition that offers 19-inch or 20-inch AMG 10-spoke forged wheels. The wheels feature chrome flics that add a posh sense of exclusivity to it combined with many of the above said features in the interior. The Mercedes Benz AMG SL designo edition has the exclusive logo placed right in between the Chrome badges.

Passengers have complete control over the interior ambience. The car is equipped with ambient lighting, Direct Select selector level and exquisite piano lacquer champagne white trim finish combined with similar mats and edging. AirScarf neck level heating keeps the passengers comfortable in cold climate. A range of safety features including Distronic, active blind spot assist, lane keeping assist and many more functionalities are bundled in the car.

The top of the line SL 500 designo edition delivers about 455 horsepower and has a top speed of 250 kilometer per hour. It is priced at 137,088 euros. The SLC is available in wide range of models including SLC 180, 200, 250d, 300 and the AMG SLC 43. All these models are available as RedArt editions. The base model produces about 156 horsepower while the top end AMG edition delivers an insane 367 horsepower. The AMG version can go from 0 to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds. The Mercedes AMG SLC43 RedArt is priced at 62,207 euros.


2019 Mercedes Benz GLB Class Prototype Spotted in Spy Photos

Mercedes is planning to expand its lineup with more rugged models and the 2019 Mercedes Benz GLB Class is one among many models that are in its early production stage.

Going away from the traditional luxury car market, Mercedes is going to make some unconventional models including a SUV. The GLB Class belongs to the SUV and is not a crossover as anticipated earlier. The manufacturer has at least three luxury variants to be revealed in the near future including a A-Class Limousine, A-Class Cabriolet and the last one will be the GLB which has been spotted in this spy photo. The car will feature an all-wheel drive setup if we are to go by earlier rumors.

Inside the brand’s own development division, the SUV is codenamed as X 247. Engineers so far were testing how well they could build a SUV by using multiple components from the existing GLA X 156 model before they could create a concept body and fix the powertrain for this new model. From the spy photos, it is evident that the vehicle has lots of resemblance to the updated G-Class version which is also expected to be formally announced before the end of 2017.

Anyone would hardly agree that the SUV belongs to the Mercedes Benz which is known for its sleek, sporty looks. The vehicle has a boxy look with a much rugged and aggressive design which is a strikingly new route for Mercedes. They are staying true to the claim as it is being made to be an off-road rugged vehicle with 4×4 drive and has a much higher ground clearance. The length of the model will be no more than 4.60 meters with cargo capacity up to 500 liters and can comfortably seat up to seven passengers at once.

Powertrains already being used in the E-Class, possibly the 1.5-liter four cylinder diesel variant and similarly powerful petrol variants are expected to be used in the 2019 Mercedes Benz GLB Class. While there will be plenty of models available on launch including GLB 180, 200, 220 up until 220d, the top of the line flagship model will be the GLB 250 4MATIC. It will drive its power from M264 engine and can deliver up to 220 horsepower. Lower and mi-range variants in the GLB class will not feature all-wheel drive by default but they can be upgraded as an add-on package.

The spy photographs were taken with the GLB class mounted on a truck and it might be a while before we can see it being tested on the roads.

Image Source : Motori Online

2017 Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet Official Photographs Released

The first batch of official photos of the 2017 Mercedes E-Class has been released by the manufacturer along with the passenger ride.

It gives a good idea of how the luxury class drop top variant has shaped up and some of its unique features.

A convertible variant is always an anticipated version because of the style and substance it offers. The compact model is about to join the lineup of the Mercedes E-Class models which already has a saloon, estate and a coupe. The version revealed is powered by a four cylinder turbo engine with 4 Matic setup and can deliver up to 184 horsepower. There is also a rear wheel drive edition, the E220d that uses 2.0-liter four cylinder engine that renders a slightly higher 194 horsepower.  The top of the line is filled by two different models, E 300 and the E 400. The former has a 2.0-liter L4 turbo engine rendering up to 245 horsepower and the latter (E400) has an impressive 3.0-liter V6 engine that produces 333 horsepower.

The overall design of the car has been done in such a way that it offers great performance without compromising on the comfort level of the passengers. The overall height is reduced to 15 millimeters compared to the sedan but it makes the 2017 Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet more agile. The handling is predictable and easy to control because the E-Class is tuned with bit of headroom. However, the manufacturers has incorporated a Sport mode in the car and made sure it feels as sporty as possible in the corners.

Comfort is being given much importance with the Air Body Control suspension which is purely optional in the entry level variant. The standard feature on high end models allows passengers to experience utmost comfort even when there are nasty bumps on the roads by increasing the suppleness of the suspension whereas it becomes stiff in highways where the chances of bumps are much lesser.

The overall design of the 2017 Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet has changed a lot since its prototype version. The rear end is curvy and has large cargo space – 360 liters for long trips while the front dashboard is amply filled with the best connectivity making it extremely futuristic. Travels will be fun than it has ever been in this stylish Cabriolet that takes about 20 seconds for the top cover to be fully rolled back. The car uses Comand APS NTG5 Infotainment system and uses nine-speed 9G Tronic torque transmission system. A strikingly super Cabriolet that’s sure to impress most on launch.

2018 Mercedes AMG E 63 Pricing and Custom Specs Announced

The pricing and specifications for the 2018 Mercedes AMG E63 has been announced.

As with all AMG editions, the car is packed to the brim with new components, materials and will offer much better performance than the base model.

In their announcement, AMG has confirmed that they will roll out three different versions of the modified 2018 Mercedes AMG E 63 models. Each one of them will sport a different price tag, components and will offer an experience geared towards what exactly the buyer wants. The first in the lineup is the Mercedes AMG E 63 4MATIC+ priced at 109,837 euros. Next is the S edition priced at 121,618 euros and the last is the S variant with Edition 1 tag priced at 136,910 euros.

The new models will be available for purchase for at least a year since the original launch. Out of the three, the Edition 1 is the most important of them all as it will be exclusive and distinctive in terms of design. The special edition car will have a selenite grey magno paint finish while buyers do have the option to for a designo night black magno. The attention to detail continues with the dynamic stripes used along the sides combined with large 20-inch forged wheels in matt black and high gloss polished rim flange. Some of these components are part of the AMG night package and it enhances driving experience in the dark.

The 2018 Mercedes AMG E 63 models are equipped with the company’s Nappa leather seats that are accentuated with yellow stitching to push in that sporty mood. It also adds sports driving wheel, center console and dashboard with yellow tones to match the seats. The IWC design is integrated with the analog clock in the center and the AMG floor mats.

Under the hood, the car is powered by a 4.0-liter twin turbo V8 engine tuned by AMD. The S variant offers 612 horsepower while the lower end base E 63 delivers 571 horsepower. The car can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 3.4 seconds. The base model can do the same in 3.5 seconds which is hardly a difference in performance unless you an enthusiast and craves for minute numbers. There are four different drive programs including individual, comfort, sport and sport plus based on which the response of the engine will vary. The 2018 Mercedes AMG E 63 has great drifting capability because of its increased torque capacity and a dedicated drift mode.

Future Mercedes Cars to Get Digital Light Headlight Technology

After focusing on comfort and performance all these years, Mercedes is now interested in boosting car technology to the last detail. The latest in the loop is the digital light headlight technology.

As part of the initiative to bring in electric motors and autonomous driving, car companies are also focusing on ways to improve the driving experience. While Volvo is focusing on creating a lounge like interior where passengers could relax or work in a self-driving car, Mercedes has got into something auto brands would hardly take note of. The new digital light is fully automatic and is capable of adjusting its brightness level, focus area among other aspects according to the situation. The concept is similar to the one showcased on the F015 model.

Mercedes explained how the Digital Light works and the technology they have incorporated into it. These powerful lights are equipped with more than one million micromirrors per light. It allows them to produce the brightest possible output with great coverage area and minor adjustments on the go. The setup also houses radar sensors and cameras to detect the environment before altering the light capacity. An ideal practical application is whenever the car detects pedestrians on the road or another vehicle, it automatically changes it brightness level, high or mid based on the situation.

“Going after beam records is not something we are looking for. Instead, the Digital Light headlight technology was developed to offer optimum vision combined with maximum brightness. The biggest challenge in here is to keep the glare level at zero. It allows the driver and people on the road at night to avoid accidents. The best level of safety can be provided at night made possible by our innovation,” said Gunter Fischer, head of exterior body development and vehicle OS.

Everything that is revealed by Mercedes so far is innovative yet conventional as it aims to make driving easy. But, there is something about this concept that is surprisingly new. The digital light can actually be used as high definition projectors. They are capable of using sharp images on the surface of the road and with satellite navigation, the projector displays warnings and road signs on the surface to alert the driver.

When you drive to close to a car, it will automatically project a warning sign on the road. If you are driving through a narrow road, the lights can project two horizontal lines to indicate the size of the car and avoid bumping onto the sidewalk. And, pedestrian crossings are notified with projected zebra stripes. The possibilities are many.

Mercedes Maybach S650 Luxury Convertible Launched at LA with €300,000 Price Tag

The Mercedes Maybach luxury lineup of cars now has a new addition, the S650 convertible cabriolet priced at €300,000.

The brand confirmed that it will be available for purchase by Spring 2017.

Being an exquisite and expensive model, it will be built in limited numbers. Only 300 of these cars will be manufactured and sold to buyers. The S650 Cabriolet is priced close to its competitor the Rolls Royce Dawn. While the Dawn costs about £267,000, the Mercedes car should be close to £260,000 if we are to convert the European pricing. The car shares a lot of things and is very much a similar edition as the Mercedes AMG S65 Cabriolet.

Under the bonnet, there is a 6.0-liter twin turbo V12 engine powering the car producing up to 621 horsepower. The proportions of the car are same as the drop top version. However, in order to justify the Maybach brand, Mercedes has made a number of changes in the model. It includes large 20-inch forged chrome wheels with a brand new bumper, chrome trim on the sides and the stylish Maybach emblem. The badge shows everyone that you own an exclusive product. It is found on the wing and the puddle light projection.  The powertrain is mated to a seven speed automatic gearbox and has AIRMATIC adaptive suspension technology.

According to the auto brand, the Mercedes Maybach S650 cabriolet has an interior that is crafted to perfection. The inspiration for its design is acquired from luxury yachts. It sports a waterfall like leather trim with special diamond quilting on seat bolsters. Each buyer has complete control over their car as they customize the door, instrument panel, dashboard and various other aspects of the Cabriolet to make it as personal as possible.

The 3D effect on the hand finished special veneers make them stand out combined with deep pile floor mats and chrome painted number plaques. The Maybach logo is found in the center of the steering wheel. At least nine different interior color choices are offered from which you can choose the one you like and based on what the brand says, they might even allow you to use more than one color to brighten up the inside of the car.

Swarovski crystal headlamps are used in the model which when integrated with the additional kit brings in travel luggage set and diamond quilting on the car cover. Maximum comfort is delivered by the AIRSCARF neck heating system. Almost every customization option and kit available with the S-Class can be availed for the Mercedes Maybach S650 Cabriolet.

BMW Loses More Ground to Mercedes in Latest Sales Figures

BMW’s slump in the North American market seems to be continuing after the October sales figures showed that the company had fared 9% poorer than last year.

BMW are coming on the back of a record 2015, but the company has been facing falling interest in various markets across the world. North American, though, has been a key presence for the company. The German luxury automaker has numerous production facilities dedicated to its models. The sports activity line-up of the X series is now only saving grace for the company.

BMW have revealed that the band could only sell 24,017 models in October compared to 29,439 a year ago. However, there has been a 21% increase in the sales of the BMW X3, which continues to remain as one of the popular models in the BMW lineup. Competitive prices coupled with the recent refresh mean that the BMW X3 still manages to attract a lot of customers while the same cannot be said of the other X range of vehicles like the BMW X4 and BMW X6. Up until now, these models have had a free run in the segment which has now been limited by the arrival of equivalent Mercedes vehicles.

The biggest benefactor in the X line-up was the BMW X1, which had a whopping 350% increase in sales compared to last October. The model came up with numbers of 2710 over last year, but this huge increase is likely to be down to the lack of inventories last year. BMW recently updated the X1 line-up with a brand-new design and features. Aside from the sales figures of BMW models not reading well, the company’s Mini brand also seems to be suffering with general lack of interest amongst North American buyers.

BMW are likely to blame the lower gas prices as a reason behind the interest in the larger SUVs rather than smaller sedans and hatchbacks. Even then, the company expects a major interest coming their way following the launch of their new 2017 BMW 5-series. The model may be a slight refresh in terms of exterior design, but it comes with an array of tech which clearly make it one of the best executive sedans in the market today. The BMW also saw the introduction of the latest 7-series only recently.

Since BMW have a fresh list of sedans in most markets across the world, the company expect a turnaround in the next few months.

Mercedes Benz E63 AMG Arrives to Take on 2017 BMW M5

The latest generation Mercedes Benz E-class has been a huge hit amongst buyers and critics, as the way the vehicle manages to provide comfort and luxury has elevated it above its rivals like the BMW 5-series and the Audi A6.

The Mercedes Benz E-class may stand for refinement and comfort, but it does not stop the AMG division from enhancing the performance element of the vehicle. Petrol heads have always been a huge fan of the AMG powered vehicles from Mercedes and the upcoming Mercedes Benz E63 promises to satisfy the needs of every diving enthusiast. The Mercedes Benz E63 AMG comes with visual enhancements to improve the styling along with a twin-turbocharged engine.

Gone are the days when the Mercedes Benz AMG powered cars used to have huge 6.0 liter engines on-board. Instead, the Mercedes Benz E63 AMG comes with a 4.0-litre twin-turbo engine lineup in the V8 format. A whole host of AMG badges across the vehicle will be sufficient to give out that this vehicle has a monster under the hood. The standard version of the 4.0-litre twin-turbo enginedevelops a whopping 563 bhp. If this was not sufficient, customers can opt for the Mercedes Benz E63 S which delivers an astonishing 604 bhp.

The difference between the two figures may be substantial on paper, but the Mercedes Benz E63 S is only 0.1 seconds faster than the standard variant in acceleration figures from 0 to 60 mph. The standard car takes 3.5 seconds to do this run, thus making it one of the fastest sedans in the market today. It may be a small difference, but the Mercedes Benz E63 S is now faster than the AMG GT-R, which is the hard-core performance version of the AMG GT super-coupe.

As with every other German saloon, the Mercedes Benz E63 AMG is electronically limited to 155 mph but it can be removed by opting for the AMG drivers’ package. Now, the vehicle will be able to reach a top speed of 186 mph. Just like in the recent Mercedes vehicles, the Mercedes Benz E63 AMG uses a nine speed gear box which some find it one too many. In the past, performance vehicles from Mercedes have used a seven speed gearbox in order to stay in the power for longer. A highly intelligent 4MATIC+ system is used to distribute torque across the front and rear axles. The standard version will be priced around £75,000 in the United Kingdom with the S variant costing £8000 more.

Mercedes Benz X-Class Pickup Truck Models Unveiled at Sweden

Just a couple of days ago, Mercedes Benz revealed that they have a X-class pickup truck ready to hit dealership stores.

As promised, the company revealed those models at an event held in Sweden.

The truck revealed in the pictures are said to be a concept model. Mercedes did confirm that they are very close to the production version and may not undergo any major changes before it reaches its target audience. The pickup concept brought Sweden to the limelight and it looks as stylish as one would expect from the brand. They have confirmed that it will be available for purchase before the end of 2017. The auto brand is aiming to make is a versatile and a practical utility vehicle.

In terms of design, the car shares a lot with the Nissan Navara and the Mercedes AMG GT. The front fascia of the model is highly inspired by the AMG variant. And, the obvious Navara references come from the fact that Mercedes has signed a partnership deal with Nissan to build this pickup truck. Both companies will share their respective technologies in order to make it a possibility.

The chassis and the platform is nearly the same as the Navara. Benz uses its proprietary powertrain, features and the style factor is borrowed from different models that the company is known for. “I am really not a fan of having blank spaces in our portfolio. The decision to launch a pickup truck emerges from this fact. We don’t want to leave things untouched and this is the best timing to bring one. It will also be the fourth model to our list of vans available,” said Dieter Zetsche, cars chief at Mercedes Benz.

Under the hood, the car will be powered by a 3.0-liter Bluetec turbodiesel V-6 engine. It will be a six-cylinder engine and uses an all-wheel drive setup. Mercedes has proposed two different styling variants– the stylish explorer and the powerful adventures. As the name suggests, the former is all about looks and it has low profile tires, stylish wheel design, monochromatic exterior and has fancy LEDs. The powerful adventurer has a winch, stubby tires for rugged roads and has body cladding for additional production.

Mercedes will offer both models as a five-passenger crew cab which comprises of full-sized doors. They offer great interior space for the passengers and has a short truck bed. More details of the pickup truck will be available in the third quarter of 2017.

New Mercedes AMG C 63 Spotted Testing on the Roads

Mercedes AMG is building a more powerful C 63 version which was spotted testing on the roads.

The new hardcore version of the car is expected to be more powerful and is camouflaged heavily giving us very little idea of what the model looks like.

Recently, a test mule was spotted at the Nurburgring track and it was completely undisguised for the first time in many months. The car uses a large rear wing making it look extremely sporty and from the overall design, it is confirmed that the new Mercedes AMG C 63 is going against the BMW M4 GTS. It will also pose an equal competition to other models in the segment.

Going by the components used in the model, the car is obviously designed to offer the best of aerodynamics and should have an increased downforce. The front is dominated by a large splitter with winglets and you can also spot black bootlid in the back. Mercedes brand is trying out new body panels to confirm the one that best fits their requirement. A lot of carbon fiber material has been used to significantly reduce the weight of the car.

It is also expected that Mercedes will remove the rear seats as it will help them reduce the total weight. The car weighs 1,800 kilograms which will witness considerable reduction without the rear seats in place. Whenever there is a performance model from Mercedes, especially with AMG it is supposed to have the best tweaked version of the powertrain under the hood. The AMG C63 will feature a 4.0-liter twin turbo V8 engine capable of delivering 503 horsepower in the S model.

The GT R version already delivers about 577 horsepower and there is still room for improvement. We don’t have actual numbers but it will definitely be higher than the one already being rendered by the GT R edition. More improvements are expected to be found under the hood including stiffer springs, dampers and aggressive tires that stick to the ground giving complete control over the car even when driving at maximum speed.

With such special features, the more powerful version of the Mercedes AMG C 63 will be limited in numbers. The brand has not revealed the actual specifications of the car as they are still finalizing the engine and its overall horsepower. They have also not confirmed its pricing but being a hyper car it obviously will not have a cheap price tag.

Mercedes-Benz GLC Prices to Be Slashed Further In India

It has been just four months since Mercedes-Benz had launched its GLC luxury SUV in India.

The SUV has quickly become one of the bestselling models of the German luxury car maker in the Indian market.

To keep up with growing demand, Mercedes-Benz India has decided to start assembling the GLC at its Indian plant at Chakan, in the outskirts of Pune, Maharashtra, instead of importing the SUV as CBU (Completely Built Units) as it was doing till now. The CEO and the Executive Director, Operations, of Mercedes-Benz, India have rolled out the ‘Made in India GLC’ from its manufacturing unit in India.

With the local assembling of the Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV at its Indian plant, the German automaker can cope up with the major rise in demand for its SUV and will also help the company in reducing the price of the vehicle. If the SUV is imported as a CBU, it will attract a huge amount of tax and duties in India, which will, in turn, reflect on the high pricing of the automobile.

Details of the Power Train

Just like the other popular SUVs, the GLC from Mercedes-Benz is also available with both petrol and diesel optioned engines. Both the types of engines are capable of acquainting an automatic transmission with 9-speed amplitude. The GLC 300 is power driven by petrol motor which has a capacity of 1991cc and it is capable of whipping out a power of 245PS and 370 Nm. The GLC 220 runs on a diesel motor, which has a capacity of a good 2143cc unit and can yield a power of 170PS and 400 Nm.

Prices Slashed in Indian Market

Until now the Mercedes-Benz GLC which was being imported as a CBU had its petrol variant being priced at Rs. 50.7 lakh, whereas the SUV version powered by the diesel engine had its prices starting from Rs. 50.9 lakh. The prices are the ex-showroom rates at Pune, Maharashtra. However, now with the local assembling of the SUV, the Made in India version of the GLC will have a more competitive price badge of Rs. 47.90 lakh for the diesel variant and costs Rs. 51.90 lakh for the petrol variant. These prices are the ex-showroom rates at Delhi, India.

The Made in India GLC SUV, which is positioned in between the Mercedes-Benz GLA, the company’s entry level SUV, and the extra premium GLE from the German car maker, is all set to compete with the Audi Q5 and the BMW X3.

Mercedes Benz Launches Dedicated Brand to Manufacture Electric Cars

Mercedes Benz officially launched the Generation EQ brand at the Paris motor show.

The company’s new wing will be dedicated to building electric cars and research in making better EVs.

The 2016 Paris motor show is underway at the moment where all top brands have unveiled their own cars and new technologies. The expo, obviously was filled with so many concept cars and plenty of electric cars. Almost all companies promised that they will roll out autonomous technology in the next five years or so even though the concept is still in its nascent stage. The same cannot be said about the electric car segment.

Mercedes launching its new electric brand Generation EQ reveals that the automobile industry is ready to adopt the technology. Cars produced under the brand will be able to travel up to 300 miles or more made possible by two electric motors and large batteries. The first of many will be a SUV. The concept was launched at the expo which boasted of an all-wheel drive system, had 300-mile range and is a direct competitor to Tesla Model X.

The term EQ stands for Electric Intelligence, a Mercedes spokesperson clarified during the event. Speaking more about the launch, Dieter Zetsche, CEO and head of Mercedes Benz said, “the EQ brand will not only stop with making electric vehicles but will go way beyond the same by exploring into the world of technology, innovation and new services that could favor the crowd.”

A new architecture is under development on top of which all future electric vehicles from EQ, Mercedes brand will be built on. It has been specifically designed to be scalable, versatile and has enough space for the batteries to be mounted in. Besides, the architecture will be used for hatchbacks, SUVs and all sizes of vehicles. It will be a mix of carbon fiber, aluminum and steel balancing the overall weight of the model.

Similar improvements can be found in the interiors where Mercedes engineers plan to use large 24-inch floating touchscreen display, a fully digital dashboard and a touch friendly steering wheel. The driver will have total control over the infotainment system and all the functions can be done with a single touch.

The upcoming car will be a four seater equipped with speakers on the seats for immersive audio and large screen for enjoyable movie experience on the go. Generation EQ is off to a promising start.