PS4 Saves Sony from Going Bankrupt, Mobile Sales Decrease

Sony PS4

Sony has multiple divisions with a stronghold in the movies, smartphones and tablets, besides the gaming industry. In recent times, buyers’ interest in buying mobile phones has steadily decreased, which made it really difficult to sustain in the market.

In their financial call, reports confirmed that Sony is not doing well in most of their divisions except for a few. The company’s smartphone division is one area which is taking a huge blow year after year. Despite releasing some good devices including the flagship Z3+, their average sales has dropped by at least 16.3 percent in 2014. That’s a lot of market share to lose in such a short time.

While the company reported that it occurred mainly because of their lack of investment and strategic management, analysts confirmed it is caused by new entrants like One Plus, Huawei and Asus. These small time manufacturers have become huge in such a short period and sell flagship phones at one third of the price.

Obviously, buyers are interested in those flagship alternatives that are cheaper and can readily be exchanged when a new one is launched. Sony is not interested in focusing on budget phones but have a strong eye on the Z3+, among other flagship devices. The market has changed a lot in recent years, which the company refuses to accept. Due to repetitive losses, they sold off ‘Spiderman’, one of their biggest superhero licenses to Marvel.

While the reports sound negative in every aspect, Sony managed to make thrice the profit which is pegged at $665 million. The credit for this success goes to their gaming system, the Playstation 4 console that saved the day. The company has sold over three million units in 2015 and a total of 25.1 million units so far. It adds a major share to the total revenue earned by Sony in the last twelve months. While PS3 isn’t selling as fast as it used to, the last gen console helped make $160 million.

Sony reported that their Playstation 4 console is selling twice as fast as Microsoft’s Xbox One in Europe. The console has won the race despite the lack of exclusive titles and holds a strong lead against its competitor. The company’s imaging division sells sensors to some of the big players in the industry including Samsung and Apple. They have made $2 billion in profit which has triggered Sony to tie up with a Japanese robotic manufacturer to create drones, as they believe it will help boost their revenue.

Sony Won’t Sell Drones to Consumers, Will Focus on Integrated Data Services Instead

Sony Mobile Communication in association with ZMP Inc., a Japanese robotics manufacturer, recently announced that they are going to make drones by combining their best technologies.

The announcement, obviously, is unclear because when the news broke, most people assumed that Sony is going to sell drones. The industry is already dominated by companies like DJI and Parrot. Sony obviously knew that which is why they are not going to sell drones to consumers, a new report confirmed.

The company is going to have a strong focus on selling integrated data services which is probably going to be the best practical benefit for drones. While Amazon has been continuously experimenting on ways to use these compact, flying devices to deliver packages to people in the United States, Google, on the other hand, has been using it to expand their map services and regularly collects data.

Drones are also predominantly used in the entertainment industry by movie directors and television content producers. However, Sony opines that the robotic devices are best utilized when they are used to collect data. It is going to be the primary goal of AeroSense, a company that is the result of the Sony Mobile and ZMP partnership.

Speaking to a leading daily newspaper, a spokesperson from the company said, “We don’t have plans to manufacture drones and sell them to the public. Instead, the data gathered by using Sony’s telecommunication technology will be sold to companies.”

Sony Mobile is interested in entering the Internet of Things where cloud storage and data management are primary services. By creating a new wing, the company will now be able to provide better value to their enterprise clients and customers.

Instead of competing with GoPro or DJI, Sony Mobile Communication has made a wise move by focusing on a completely different sector, said experts. The future of drones may or may not be with delivering packages but they will definitely play a vital role in helping companies collect data without spending a lot on resources.

Moreover, companies may choose to assign the task to AeroSense Inc. which could assign a team of experts to collect data, statistics and geographical information according to specific requirements rather than doing it themselves. It is what Sony aims to achieve when they launch their services next year. We may have to wait for a couple of months to see how they excel in their new business.

Sony Mobile and ZMP Collaborate to Create Aerosense, a Drone Photography Company

Sony Mobile Communications has focused only on smartphones and tablets until now. The company is now associated with a robotics manufacturer from Japan, named ZMP.

With this new partnership, Sony aims to launch a series of drones that will allow companies to inspect new regions and acquire aerial photographs with relative ease. In this joint venture, ZMP will be in-charge of supplying robotics technology and automated driving while Sony’s mobile division will take care of the imaging along with the telecommunication requirements.

Aerosense Inc. will be launched in the month of August, which is hardly a week away. However, the company has confirmed that their products will not be available in the market until 2016. Apart from robotics technology, ZMP has also indulged in manufacturing land based vehicles that support automated driving.

In this collaborative venture, Sony Mobile will hold 51 percent of the share and ZMP will hold 49 percent of Aerosense. Sony has a stronghold in the imaging sensor division which has an integral role to play in smartphones and tablets. The technology is being used by some of the top players in the industry including Apple and Samsung.

By stepping into the manufacturing sector, Sony can now create drones which will be integrated with some of their best image sensors. It gives a viable opportunity for the company to showcase the prowess of their products which in turn will help them generate more revenue with the tech they own.

Drones have been getting really popular in recent times. However, most people consider it to be a toy. A lot of popular companies including Google and Amazon are actively involved in using drone cameras to their advantage. Amazon is trying to use them for instant delivery while Google utilizes drones to gather information for their maps service.

Apart from these companies, industry giants including DJI and Lockheed Martin are actively involved in producing professional drones. Sony will probably stay clear of this excessively competitive market and focus on using automated drones to boost the sale of their image sensor devices. It is a wise decision to make than competing with behemoths in the industry.

While it is confirmed that Aerosense will be manufacturing automated drones, there is no word on the type of industries that their products will cater to. DJI is already making drones which are primarily used for aerial photography by companies and in the entertainment industry. Sony Mobile’s sensor technology is expected to be its selling point when they enter the industry next year.