Tesla Model X – A Ridiculously Fast SUV that Can Fit Seven People with Top Safety Features


Well, after all those speculations, rumors and reports, we finally get a first look at the Tesla Model X. The company has launched its first fully electric SUV and it is gorgeous.

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk started the presentation of the new SUV focusing on its safety features. As per Musk’s words, the Tesla Model X is the first SUV that scores five stars in every possible category of crash test. Musk explained that the reason is simple: unlike SUVs on gasoline engine, the Model X has no engine in the front of the vehicle. With the battery placed low, the company has eliminated the risk of rolling-over. Add in the “Bioweapon defense mode” that the Tesla Model X features and you also get protection against gases and bacteria.

But let’s start from the beginning and that is the design of the Model X. Many will criticize the exterior, saying that it is nothing special and it is too much for casual people to swallow. However, one cannot ignore the “Falcon Wings”, a signature design piece of the company’s first SUV. The doors are mounted on two joints and feature highly sensitive ultrasonic sensors that help the SUV detect objects that are nearby. During the presentation, Musk parked two cars next to the Model X, showing that the doors can be opened in tight spaces. Going further into the doors and innovation, the Tesla Model X even has a special feature for the driver’s door, as it opens when the driver approaches the car.

And if the exterior doesn’t impress you, the interior sure will. The Tesla Model X is an SUV that can fit up to seven passengers and their entire luggage. The towing capacity of the Model X is capped at 5,000 pounds. However, the last row of seats can be folded down, further improving the capacity of the vehicle.

Under the hood, Tesla will offer two powertrains. The entry model is a 90D model that can sprint to 60mph in 4.8 seconds, with an EPA rating of 257miles. The second model is a PD90, featuring a 295hp front electric motor and a motor with 503hp in the rear. The model can hit 60mph in 3.8 seconds or 3.2 if you add the Ludicrous package. The more powerful model has an EPA rating of 250 miles. Both models are available with all-wheel drive.

Some of the special features include air-suspension that has more than five settings, a hitch that can carry four bikes/six ski sets and an Autopilot parking system.

During the presentation of the SUV, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk gave the keys to the first buyers of the Model X. The first buyers bought the Signature Series that is priced at $132,000. The price for the base model is unknown at the moment, but Musk says it will cost only $5,000 more than a Model S.

Tesla Believes the Model X SUV Will be a Roaring Success, Invests in Production

CEO of Tesla, the electric car manufacturer, Elon Musk, said that the company has high hopes for the Model X SUV which is scheduled to reach the customers by next month.

In his earlier speech, Musk had said that he expects the SUV to be a blockbuster hit. In line with his speech, Tesla has already started making huge investments to setup new production units so as to cope up with the growing demand. According to recent reports, the manufacturer will invest a massive sum of $1.5 billion in the Gigafactory which will enable them to create more Model X vehicles in the shortest possible turnaround time.

The brand has already invested at least $800 million to produce fully electric vehicles and expand their line-up. However, it looks like even before an official launch, the new SUV has given them so much hope that Tesla decided to up their investment double the size in less than a year.

In their fiscal report, the manufacturer said, “Capital expenditures are being invested for capacity expansion related to Model X and other all-wheel drive vehicles. A part of the investment has also been allotted for the Gigafactory”.

Talking about the expansion, Musk revealed that the production line 1 had just 250 robots working on it, while production line 2 has a mammoth number of 542 robots working, all at once, to create eco-friendly electric vehicles. Initially, the production plants will be working primarily on producing more Model X cars and is expected to expand its line up to cover Model S in the near future.

The company is also busy working on their Gigafactory which is where the new and powerful batteries are being invented. Besides, once the factory is fully ready and operational, it is expected to produce $35K electric cars which Tesla believes will revolutionize the world of EVs forever.

Meanwhile, Tesla also blamed Apple that the company has lured some of their top engineers to their electric car research division with high salary figures. It is said to be another reason behind the Model X’s delay. However, everything is set and the buyers who pre-ordered the vehicle are busy customizing its parts and variants before production could commence. Once it launches, you could expect the internet to be flooded with reviews about this brand new electric SUV that has promised a mammoth 260 mile range on a single charge.

If the company could deliver as promised, they are probably going to rule the EV segment for a long time to come.

Tesla Model X Ready for Delivery to First Loyal Customers: Launch Date Set for September 29 

The much-awaited Tesla Model X, the electric sports utility vehicle from Tesla Motors, is ready to be delivered to the first batch of its loyal customers. The official launch date is set for September 29.

The launch event is to be held at the company’s factory in Fremont, California. Model X, Tesla’s third car, is a critical turning point for the company.  Model X is an attempt to prove to the automotive world that Tesla is capable of following up the huge success of its Model S sedan. Model X is perhaps the first step for Tesla to make a transition into marketing multiple vehicles in the EV market.

Both the date and location of the launch event was announced by the company’s CEO in early September, when Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, had tweeted that his company will begin to deliver the first batch of Model Xs on that date.

The car has been long in waiting since the company first showed it off more than 3 years ago. Tesla intends to increase the production of the new model in the fourth quarter of this year in an attempt to meet its target of delivering and shipping 50,000 to 55,000 cars (of both Model S and Model X) in 2015.

During the start of September, Tesla had invited the customers having ‘signature reservations’ to choose their car details including the color and size of the wheel. Production, it appears, started immediately thereafter so as to meet the self-imposed September 29 deadline. This event is a replica of how the first batch of Model S was launched and delivered.

According to tvnewsroom, as per recent company appraisals, the target price for Tesla’s shares has been increased to $365 a share. The website claims that this is backed by an analysis done on Tesla’s battery business. The analyst believes that the combined concept of Tesla’s electric vehicles with Uber’s philosophy of shared mobility is a sustainable transportation solution.

Jonas, the analyst, opines that Tesla and Uber are at the two opposite ends of the mobility business, which is estimated to be a $10 trillion industry. Tesla, in addition to manufacturing its own models, is also involved in designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing EV powertrain components to other manufacturers in the automotive segment.

The analyst is of the opinion that if the company can reach success with just the Model S sedan till now, the prospects in the coming decade is very positive as Tesla intends to sell 500,000 units annually with not more than four models.  The EV manufacturer reported an EPS of $0.60 for this quarter, beating the estimated $0.48 by $0.12.

The much-anticipated NextEV is estimated to make deep inroads into the EV market if it manages to make more stable and better-model cars than Tesla’s. Moreover, Porsche’s Mission-E concept EV which was showcased at Frankfurt Auto Show created a flutter among the car enthusiasts. However, in an attempt to tap the existing market opportunities for sustainable transportation, Tesla is expected to launch a shared mobility vehicle and a shared mobility service.

Tesla Model X Launch Date Delayed to Add 10 More Miles to the Electric SUV

Tesla is all set to launch their first ever Model X, the fully electric vehicle which is a spacious SUV that boasts of amazing interiors, cool falcon wing doors, great fuel economy and other impressive assets.

However, the company has been facing one issue or the other ever since they decided to make an electric SUV. Firstly, it is tough to make a huge vehicle as this one to run on electric engine as it demands more horsepower than a sedan. Besides, Tesla also wanted to include some first of its kind features including towing capacity, doors that open like a falcon wing and impressive mileage on a single charge.

While these are the practical difficulties, the manufacturer also witnessed a problem from an unexpected rival – Apple. In their quest to create an electric car, Apple created a team of 1000 employees, many of them lured from Tesla. They gave huge bonuses and unprecedented salary hikes that enticed some of the top engineers to switch companies which further delayed the Model X.

Recently, despite all the delays, the company confirmed that they will start shipping the vehicle to those who pre-ordered it. The firm sent an invitation to everyone asking them to visit their official website and customize its looks so that the team could start working on it. However, in the new page, it lists that the new Tesla Model X SUV offers 250 miles on a single charge which is 10 miles higher than the earlier 240 miles. It is unclear whether this will delay the P90D variant among other Model X variants, suggested a report from technewstoday.

The Tesla Model X is powered by a 90 kWh lithium ion battery. It has been exclusively manufactured by the company with specific features that allow it to charge faster and deliver increased mileage. While there are multiple variants of this upcoming SUV model from Tesla, the P90D is the luxurious one of them all. It comes with an extremely high price tag of $132,000, which may not be affordable by everyone, but those who do will experience the best the brand has to offer.

While other manufacturers are still producing hybrid vehicles which rely on an electric and a gasoline engine, Tesla took a daring step into the world of EVs and has tasted immense success in their path. Major brands like BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz and Porsche showcased their electric vehicles at the Frankfurt show, scheduled to launch in the coming years.

Tesla Model X – Still Tweaking, First Cars Arrive on September 29

Most people would assume that a company would not make changes just two weeks before the official release of a vehicle.

However, that is not true with the Tesla Model X, as fans are saying that there are changes and new tweaks on the SUV that is scheduled to arrive on September 29.

The deadline is approaching and Tesla is still not finished with the specs of the Model X. While most specs and performances are known, there are still mysteries clouding the air around the Tesla Model X.

One change that some fans noticed on the official website of the Model X is the increased mileage. A week ago, the specs on the reservation page showed that the SUV has EPA range of 240 miles. However, the mileage has now increased to 250 miles.

At the moment, only the Tesla Model X Signature Series is available for orders. The price starts at $132,000 for the basic trimming of the Signature Series and can go up. The ludicrous package, that improves the performance of the car, takes the Tesla Model X from 0 to 60mph in just 3.2 seconds. The price for the ludicrous package is $10,000. When the standard model of the SUV becomes available, Tesla claims it will cost just $5,000 more than a standard Tesla Model S.

Other information surfacing online about the Model X reveals the truck and the cargo capacity of the SUV. The third row of seats, apparently, can be folded down to increase the cargo capacity. The Tesla Model X is an SUV that can fit up to 7 passengers in its original form, but if the owners want more cargo, they can fold the third and last row of seats in favor of more truck space.

The Model X was first introduced in February 2012 and the company started taking orders soon after. The initial plan was for the Tesla Model X to start deliveries in early 2014, but the production was delayed by 18 months. The company believes it can deliver between 10,000 and 15,000 cars every year once the production and deliveries start.

Tesla officials continue to claim that the Model X will completely revolutionize the market and bring more women buyers into the market. The company’s goal is mass market electric vehicles and they are now hoping to capitalize on the increased popularity of SUVs.

Tesla Model X Release Date Confirmed as September 30 2015

Customers around the world have been waiting for the Tesla Model X for quite some time. Tesla made the announcement during the quarterly shareholder letter.

The Model X was first introduced in 2012 and customers have been waiting for the SUV to ship for two years by now.

Initially, Tesla started the pre-order process in 2013, allowing customers to make a down payment of $5,000 in order to secure a car. However, in 2014, the company announced that the Model X will not ship until early 2015, which, as it happens, was true.

Now, in a quarterly shareholder letter, Tesla has confirmed that the new SUV will reach the customers by September 30 or before the end of Q3. In the next few weeks, the customers can expect to see the interior, performance and the color of the vehicle on the website of the company.

For three years, though, customers were able to enjoy the Tesla Model S sedan. The Model X SUV is basically taller version of the sedan, with an added all-wheel drive system. The X has better suspension and coupled with the all-drive system, should make the vehicle the popular choice for drivers who go through rough roads and travel in inclement conditions. Another bonus of the Model X is the seven-seat system that makes the SUV, a popular choice for families.

CEO of the company, Elon Musk, has elaborated why the company has delayed the production and the release of the Model X. According to Musk, the vehicle is one of the most challenging in the world. The actual building of the car has many obstacles that the designers and developers had to overcome. A single mistake in supplies could have a ripple effect in the whole process.

And even though Musk guarantees a release before September 30, he is the first to admit that if the company hits a stumbling block, it will choose to delay the production again. In his words, in the dilemma whether to choose a great quality product and hitting the projected quarterly numbers, Tesla will always opt for quality.

Regarding pricing of the Model X, customers can expect a price similar to the Model S. At the moment, the sedan is priced at $50,000 for the basic version. Currently, more than 20,000 people in the world have placed an order and put a deposit for the Model X.