2021 Toyota GR Yaris Pricing Revealed, Special Offers for Early Buyers

Toyota GR Yaris

The 2021 Toyota GR Yaris is a great choice for commuting in the city and offers loads of features that would keep your luxury quotient high on the road.

With a great fan following, the newest version of the vehicle got launched which will set you back by fifty grand. For those early buyers, at least the first 1000 people who choose to purchase the vehicle outright can get it for a great discount that is nearly $10k less, making it a sweet deal.

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Despite the slowdown that happened this year, Toyota confirmed that they are on par with their production cycle and are going to deliver multiple models in the next couple of months. There will be 250 sporty variants capable of delivering excellent performance on road and they will be made available in the first half of next year. The year 2021 is going to be an important one for most automobile manufacturers and the Toyota GR Yaris is one among the many models to receive some great variants within a short span of time.

In order to push sales at the initial stage, Toyota has some marketing strategies up its sleeve. The foremost one out of the lot is the inclusion of a $14,000 discount on the vehicle. People who have already made up their minds and looking forward to purchasing it will be pleasantly surprised that they can save so much by being one among the 1000 buyers. The official pricing is to be at $49,500 which includes further on-road costs whereas the first lot will get it for $39,950 making it an amazing deal for early buyers.

Discount to be Extended for a Couple of Months

In most cases, car manufacturers take a few months before they touch the first 1000 vehicles to be sold. Some cars often become too popular in a short span of time that they get sold out easily. Under the hood, the 2021 Toyota GR Yaris will be powered by a 1.6-liter turbocharged petrol three-cylinder engine. It is capable of producing 200kW of power combined with 370Nm of torque. The car can easily go from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 5.2 seconds.

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The powertrain is mated to a six-speed manual transmission and considering the pricing, this is one of the best variants available, combined with an assured level of performance and comfort. The car will be available in Australia in November and more countries before the end of the year.

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2020 Toyota Yaris Cross – We Know its Speculated Pricing and Specs Now

The compact crossover SUVs are uber-popular now and the Toyota Yaris ideally fills up the slots for customers in Japan, Australia and other target locations.

From what we have known so far, the car is priced at $23,000 in Japan but its Australian prices will be higher when it officially gets launched in 2020.

Amidst the changing business scenario, pricing vehicles right is important. However, for some reason, Toyota has decided to keep the pricing of their vehicle higher than its closest competitors. The Hyundai Venue and Mazda CX-3 are the closest models that would go head-on with the Yaris Cross when it gets launched. While these two models are priced at just $20,000, the new launch will most probably be around $25,000 and with the right kind of features, they just might be able to convince buyers to go for it.

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The new compact SUV from the popular brand has been designed on top of the TNGA-B platform. The improved platform has led to an increase in the cost of vehicle but the powertrain used in it and all the safety features remain untouched. The model will be available as both a front-drive system and an all-wheel-drive configuration. Much of the information is being derived from the Japanese edition of the car because it is going to be carried forward to the Australian launch in 2020.

New Specifications and Comfort Add-ons

Under the bonnet, the 2020 Toyota Yaris Cross will be powered by a 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine. Similar to the hatchback model, there will be a conventional engine combined with a smaller electric engine. It provides better fuel efficiency and improved power while being mated to the six-speed manual gearbox. Buyers can also opt for the automatic CVT transmissions in the higher variant as they are easier to drive in congested traffic conditions.

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In terms of an impressive line-up of features, the Yaris Cross will support heated and power-adjustable front seats. Apart from the heated steering wheel, it will also support a color HUD, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay support as part of the touchscreen infotainment system. According to the company’s sales manager Sean Hanley, the Yaris Cross will be a great value for money cars in this segment and they are looking forward to launching it in the region soon.

The launch price of the 2020 Toyota Yaris Cross is confirmed at this point but with the launch imminent, it won’t be long before it is officially revealed by the manufacturer in a launch event.

Stylish, More Powerful Toyota Yaris to Debut at 2017 Geneva Motor Show

Toyota Yaris is about to go next gen with more powerful engine, stylish exteriors and will be unveiled at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

The event is scheduled to place on 9th March and will continue till 19th of the same month. Being one of the longest auto expo events, all top automobile manufacturers are expected to showcase their best cars in here. The new Yaris WRC is set to leave its mark at the Monte Carlo Rally this month. Inspired by the rally car, Toyota is going to make a conventional model designed for buyers. It will sport some of the elements from the WRC car making it stand out from the crowd.

While it is confirmed that a more powerful, sleek Yaris will find its way to the Geneva motor show the automobile brand will also revamp the entire lineup. All the Yaris cars will undergone significant design changes both in the front and the rear end along with fully modernized interiors. We expect the models to sport an improved infotainment system with larger displays, connectivity options and features that make driving fun. Technical improvements made in the next generation cars will allow people to experience the best in-class handling and comfort.

Toyota has planned to make the car popular in the hybrid segment and as part of the initiative, they will soon launch the Yaris hybrid version. The particular hybrid variant has already acquired nearly 40 percent of the market share in the B segment sales in Europe. The auto brand’s primary goal is to acquire such significant numbers in US and UK regions besides other potential countries where there’s a growing market for hybrid powertrains.

At the moment, there is very little information available with regards to the Toyota Yaris 2017 edition. The company in their official blog has posted a picture but yet to reveal any teaser video or discuss its technical specifications. When the WRC event commences, we will be able to witness the sporty Yaris in action. However, it’s going to be a short wait until the Geneva show to know accurate details with regards to the road-going model.

Toyota Yaris Reveals Orange Edition To Add Vibrance To The Lineup

Toyota has officially unveiled the new Orange edition for their Yaris supermini car and it has a confirmed price tag attached to it.

Whenever there is a slowdown in overall sales or if there is a need to celebrate a milestone, auto manufacturers indulge in such launches. A color tone is a simple aspect but for a supermini car like the Yaris, it adds vibrance to the lineup and most importantly encourages buyers to go for it if they are brooding over the possibility of buying one.

The name Toyota Yaris Orange Edition is self-explanatory. The car features an Orange Twist with metallic paint which has been appropriately contrasted with black accents in the car. The black tones are used in the rear pillars of the car, its side sills and the door mirror casings. Additional components which are part of the special edition include 16-inch alloy wheels, panoramic roof and rear privacy glass.

The orange color tone is maintained throughout the model and the same can be found in the inside of the Toyota Yaris. The entire instrument panel is adorned in a matte black finish while the air vents, center console and the gear knob features a piano black finish. The designers did their job which is evident from the black carpets that are lined with orange stitching in the corners. Such minor things will be appreciated by buyers who seek a complete package that sticks to the badging.

In terms of features, Toyota has added some new ones to the Yaris to make it stand out of the crowd. It now sports a large touchscreen multimedia system, a rear view camera, LED daytime lights and cruise control system. The five-door model Yaris is available with a petrol and diesel powertrain options along with a hybrid variant as well. Buyers can choose to go for a manual transmission system or a CVT automatic system, based on their preference.

The Yaris Orange Edition is powered by a 1.33 liter VVT i-unit which comes with a sticker price of £15,795. The automatic gearbox version is a solid £1000 higher than the base model. The diesel version uses a 1.4-liter D-4D unit and is available only with a manual gearbox. The hybrid variant is priced at £17,995 which uses an automatic transmission system. With wide range of choices and an impressive color tone, the new Orange Edition Toyota Yaris might find some new owners when it hits stores.

Toyota Aygo and Toyota Yaris Get Premium Safety Features

After installing the new Safety Sense system for the Auris and Avensis, Toyota is bringing the premium safety features to the little league, as both the Toyota Aygo and the Toyota Yaris will get the system.

Toyota is determined to the goal that size should never dictate the safety of the car. The city cars will now also benefit from the advanced technology and safety features.

The Safety Sense feature will be offered as an optional feature for both the Yaris and the Aygo. The price for the Yaris will be $625, while Aygo drivers will need to pay $586 to get the system.

For the Aygo, the package includes pre-collision system, warning the driver for possible collisions. And while the system warns the driver, it also prims the brakes of the car in order to ensure maximum performance the moment the driver presses the pedal brake. For additional safety, the system reduces the speed of the vehicle and eventually stops it if the driver fails to press the pedal brake and stop the car. In other words, the Pre-collision system helps in two ways, stopping the car or allowing the driver to make the stop.

The system works only at speed between 10 mph and 86 mph, and in a situation when the relative speed difference between vehicle A and vehicle B is greater than 10 mph. The emergency braking works only on speed between 7 mph and 49 mph. Another feature in the Safety Sense system for the Toyota Aygo is “lane departure warning”. The feature provides both audio and visual warnings for the driver whenever he/she strays out of his respectable lane. The system works by monitoring lane markings and turns on when the car deviates and the turn indicators are not being used.

On top of all the mentioned safety features, the Toyota Yaris will get the Automatic High Beam. It is a technology that monitors the road and can switch between low and high beams automatically in order to ensure that the driver has maximum visibility.

With the new safety features added to the Aygo and the Yaris models, Toyota hopes to prevent accidents from happening and to reduce the severity when an impact occurs. All customers will be able to specify if they want the package with their new car or not.