Weight Loss Programs under Physicians’ Supervision Likely to be More Effective

Weight Loss Programs

A recent study conducted under the aegis of John Hopkins University claimed that weight loss programs under physician supervision is likely to be more effective than those without a doctor’s supervision.

Dr Wendy Bennet, assistant professor at John Hopkins and lead author for this study reports that their research highlights the importance of having doctors as part of any weight loss program for improved effect.

Managing weight is an unpleasant and abhorring task that many are forced by compulsion to undertake owing to the risks of obesity. Many follow extreme workouts or fad diets or sometimes even surgery to shave off the extra fat in their body to reach desirable body weight. This new study now claims that weight loss programs have a better chance at success when a doctor’s advice/supervision is taken.

The researchers studied data from 347 obese individuals collected over two years. The people under study were free to get physician help for weight loss. After two years, the patients were asked to fill up a survey form and give information regarding their relationship with doctors during the weight loss stint. The results of the study were published in Patient Education and Counseling Journal.

The report revealed that regular doctor visits helped obese patients lose up to 11 pounds on an average. The people who lost more weight with their doctor’s help and advice found their physicians very helpful.
The study also found that those who lost the lowest amount of weight gave the lowest ratings for their physicians.

Dr Bennett was also of the opinion that a successful doctor-patient relationship results in enhanced empathy, trust, collaboration and good interaction thereby improving the chances of weight loss immensely. This was because the patients are likely to be more honest and strictly adhere to their doctor’s prescriptions.

The scientists involved in the research study also opined that insurers ought to join in these weight loss measures by offering insurance plans. Then, obesity, which is a bane that is taking explosive proportions in the country, is bound to be controlled in a better way despite the fact that the health benefits associated with weight loss overshadow financial benefits.

New Website Prompts People to Indulge in Weight Loss Programs and Earn Cash

Losing weight has always been a difficult task for every person in the world. People tend to start a weight loss program, try to stick to a rigorous diet but within a few days, they get back to their regular lifestyle.

Jamie Rosen, the CEO of a website named DietBet.com wanted to change the way things are. The important thing that people miss is the motivation to keep going and there’s no better way to motivate them than using something that they love dearly.

DietBet is now a popular website which offers to pay you cash for losing those extra pounds. A new member has to sign up by providing their personal information along with their credit card details. Once you sign up, you start by committing to a new goal and pledging a small sum to it.

Anyone can sign up and pledge anywhere between $10 and $100. The ultimate goal is to make you stick to your schedule and lose the pounds without backing off. If you win the game, you will be paid extra. A person who failed to lose the proposed weight at the end of the term will receive a part of the sum but the rest will be shared with those who won.

“Being the mother of three children, it’s not easy to be on a diet, workout and spend time to tone my body. After giving birth to my third child, I just couldn’t lose those excessive pounds even though I ate healthy food all the time,” said Holly Smith who has managed to lose 20 pounds with DietBet’s weight loss program.

Speaking about the website and its unique “lose weight to get paid” program, Rosen said, “You can never get rich by shedding pounds every month. That’s not the idea we had for DietBet. Instead, it acts as a motivator to help keep you on track. We also use money to make people participate in the program and give it a shot. When they bet real cash on the line, many of them workout to get back what they have invested and more.”

Rosen adds that most people managed to lose weight not because they pledged money but because of the supportive community on their website.

Smith has earned about $60 after successfully completing her program. A similar app is already available on the iPhone that pays your money back only when you lose the proposed weight. However, DietBet has reached a lot of people after Holly Smith was featured in the KENS 5 channel news.