Takata Air Bag Issue Plagues 2016 Honda CR-V and Nissan Cars

The Takata air bag problems are well known by now to people because it didn’t create issues just for a single automobile manufacturer, but for everyone who used the bags from the company.

Due to quality issues, many air bags were recalled by Takata and the company is trying to do everything possible to rein the situation. But, it doesn’t seem to be under control. The latest car manufacturer who is affected by this issue is Honda, one of the biggest clients for Takata. Honda had to recall a bunch of select 2016 CR-V SUV crossovers. All of them used air bags from the brand. According to Honda, when they tested the quality of the bags in their test environment, almost every one of them smashed when deployed. It voids the purpose of using air bags during an accident in the first place.


Similar to many other bags available in the market, Takata uses ammonium nitrate to fill up the bags in case of an emergency. The issue arises because the type of air used to pump up the bags destabilizes as soon as the process is complete as a result of which they shatter. It doesn’t end there, because test results confirmed that when the air bags shatter, they burst and pelt shrapnel at the occupants which could lead to life threatening situations as all of them will be facing face first against these safety bags.

In their official statement, Honda said that it was not the type of air used, but the inflator propellant that caused the issue. When exposed to high temperature and absolutely humid conditions, the bags are unable to withstand, as a result of which they shatter. They have identified the problem in select cars, but not all of them. The 2016 Honda CR-V SUVs will be upgraded with latest propellant so as to avoid this and be delivered back to the customers.

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Meanwhile, Nissan has been facing the same and has decided to have a thorough inspection on tens of thousands of vehicles. Volkswagen is doing the same with their own cars. Takata may find it tough to win the good will after this fiasco.

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