Taylor Swift Calvin Harris Decide to Cool off from Hot Whirlwind Romance

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris reportedly have decided to cool off from their hot whirlwind romance. Since early August, the two who have been very open till then about showing off affection for each other, have not been seen together and have avoided all public displays of affection.

There has been a lot of speculation in the media that the Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris relationship is in disarray. A source reportedly said to Yahoo News that the relationship between the Scottish DJ and the ‘Bad Blood’ singer zoomed from 0 to 60 in just a few weeks and hence the inevitable crash seems evident.

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Moreover, rumors about their marriage is seeming to freak them out as neither is ready for that kind of commitment, added the source. Calvin Harris appears to have been overwhelmed by the continuous talks and rumors regarding his relationship with Taylor Swift.

Consequently, it seems now that the two celebrities have decided to take at least a temporary break from their whirlwind romance, perhaps, hoping for the hype and speculation surrounding them to cool off before thinking of rebooting their relationship.

Another reason for the cooling off period doing the rumor rounds is that Taylor Swift was purportedly very upset by a photograph showing Calvin Harris coming out of a rather shady and cheap massage parlor in Sunset Boulevard. Reports mentioned that Harris spent about two hours at the Thai spa which cost him a mere $40 per hour.

The ‘Shake it off’ singer was purportedly livid at the news and felt humiliated that her boyfriend was seen coming out of a sleazy and shady place and told him that she wanted to break off immediately.

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Other sources are also reporting that Calvin Harris also has his share of complaints against Taylor Swift and her annoying habits, including spending too much time with her Girls’ squad. Calvin Harris was quite upset that her gal pals are always around them whenever they choose to hang out alone as a couple.

Apparently, both the celebrities now seem to think that it was a mistake to take their relationship to such intense levels and become public so soon. The couple seems to be going through a rough patch and fans and friends are hoping that they will pull through and be back together soon.

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